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Top 9 Tips Of Lifting Safety




Bodybuilding is about building muscle mass through lifting weights. It is a great way to improve body appearance and get a hot look. It was proved that people with nice physique are more self-confident and thus having bigger chances to succeed. The number of those who enjoy weight training is quite big. In their attempt to build up the body they dreamed of so long time, most of bodybuilders admit of mistakes that put in danger their health. The aim to build a massive body is normal, but you have to stay realistic and follow basic safety rules. Otherwise, you do not take advantage of precious time spend with training and push your body to injuries with every workout.

Among many other types of sports, bodybuilding is the one which provide with great result in muscle growth within months. Adding to training some supplementation and a rich diet than you are just in the right way to success. Despite it might seem simple-just lifting some weights- there is a whole strategy behind it. Beginning with the number of training per week, number of reps and sets, training duration, types of used exercises and ending with diet, recovery and supplementation the bodybuilding takes not only time for exercising but also for educating yourself toward best practices in this field.

Once you decide to go to the gym two or three times a week than among other precious information that you gather, the one referred to your safeness while training. Since no result can compensate a serious injury, you have to pay a big attention not only to how to build massive muscle mass, but also how to stay safe while training. Only being healthy you can enjoy your results, otherwise you will also be sorry for the price you paid for such gains in muscle mass. And the key to all this is your ignorance.

So, here are top 9 safety tips to follow while training:

1. Choose the right weight to train with. One of the main rule in bodybuilding is to begin your training with small weights and increase them gradually until your reach big ones. This flow comes in years, thus you do not have to expect over a year to be able to training with pretty big weights. A sharp increase of weight you use during training can cause serious injuries of your back. Going with big weights have to be one after you've trained your spinal muscle and you're sure they will support it. In all other cases, training with big weights, and more than this, using a big number of reps always end up with spine injuries. And this means several weeks even months of recovery and soft training when you are back.

2.Give preference to free weight exercises instead of machine exercises. Free weights exercises are performed using your own body weight or such items as dumbbells, barbell and others. During these exercises, also called basic exercises, are worked the largest group of body muscle and risk of injury is almost zero.

3. Adapt your training duration to your body characteristics. As beginner you can't afford to train for more 30 minutes two or three times per week. A longer training session can lead to overtraining and injuries. Despite it may seem the more you train, the bigger muscle become, do not forget that your muscle grow during recovery time. So, make it as important as training itself.

4. Always warm-up. Going straight to training by missing up warm up process is one of the prior causes of injuries. The role of warmup is to prepare your body for further weight trainings. It should take no more than 10-15 minutes and include cardio exercises.

5.Wear comfortable clothes. Nothing is more dangerous than too tight or too large clothes on you while you work out. Wear clothes that is perfect for training and will allow you to exercise safely. Despite it may seem comfortable, a too large clothes can always hang out on devices you train and cause you lose balance. Such a situation might turn into serious trouble if you lifting barbell, for example. So, be wise and choose the right wear for training.

6. When using barbell, make sure the plates are properly fixed. The same is available for machine exercises. Carefully check before your exercises if the device is properly secured. Spending few seconds on it, will keep you safe for many times ahead. Follow the principle of twice checking and you will never get wrong.

7. Ask the help. There is nothing wrong or shameful in asking for help. Anytime you are not sure about how to do something ask the opinion of people more experienced than you. Also, if you are not sure about your power, ask someone to assist while doing pushups. It is natural and even recommended to want someone near you when you train with more than average weight.

8. Pay attention to your body signs. Needless to say, that if you feel that you have to take a pause, then take it. A few seconds pause between sets is very beneficial for you. ALso, discontinue the exercise if you feel pain. This is not normal and if you continue to train than you just aggravate a health problem that it is already. Take a pause of few days, if pain persists is time to get for doctor advice.

9. Use a safe lifting speed. It may seem that exercising with a greater speed would have more benefits for your muscle growth. It may be so when you are experienced bodybuilder already. While beginners are always at risk to get injury if decide to train at high speed. Aside of this main drawback, following a high speed of exercise execution do not allow everyone to stick to proper exercise technique. And where the technique is milead, chances to make your training effec tive are quite few.

Lifting weights is a fast way to pack on muscle mass. Bodybuilding is not a type of sport that carry on many risks. If you are aware of above shared tips about how to stay safe while training than you can enjoy great results in muscle growth in short time. Regardless of all other aspects, the safeness is the one everybody is concerned of. Nothing is more important than your health. And nobody want to achieve a great appearance while losing health.


Building muscle mass is what I like to talk about. If your aim is to build a solid body, then my posts would be very beneficial to you. I always want to know your opinion, so don't hesitate to drop a line below or contact me.

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