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How To Win The War Against Body Fat



How To Win The War Against Body Fat

If you are looking for ways to get rid of those extra pounds that cause you headaches then you came to the right place. Burn them out using the info shared below and enjoy the body you worked so hard to obtain. Fighting against body fat means, first of all, finding a diet you can stick with and enjoy it. As long as you are not happy with what you eat and are always thinking about how to get some sugar-spiked treats or fatty snacks then you will not be able to follow it for too long.

The second rules of losing fat are to eat fewer calories than you burn. So, your diet has to consist of enough nutrients, protein, carbs, and fats to feed your body and give energy, but still, burn calories from fat deposits. To set up a proper calorie-restricted diet you have to count the number of calories you are ingesting daily.

Once you know it you will be able to adjust the calories number to your actual needs without damaging your muscles. Because when the body has no sources to take energy from, it begins to turn muscle into energy and then you lose not only fat but also muscle mass too.

What Macronutrients should a Fat Loss Diet include?

fat burning foodsProtein, Fats, and Carbs - these are the basics of any diet either you are cutting or bulking. In our case watch the proportions and make sure they don’t exceed 1-2 gr of protein per pound of muscle mass every day,  up to 1 gr of healthy fats and the others are carbs.

Our goal is not only to burn fat but also to maintain muscle mass you already have. Adding some more is impossible when being on a calorie deficit diet. Therefore, if you manage to burn fat and keep on the muscle mass be happy with your results.

To make such a diet more appealing you can apply the rule of 80:10:10. Where 80 percentage of nutrients and vitamins come from good foods, 10% from foods you usually don’t like but know they are good for you, and 10 %  from cheat foods. This will keep you motivated and cause you no frustrations for your food escapes.

Cycling carbs might be a good idea - cutting back on some days and returning to normal dosage in others - as it keeps away from reaching a fat burning plateau and keeps quite active your metabolism. Give it a try to see how things work out.

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Are Supplements Needed during a Fat Loss Diet?

Supplements and steroids: what to choose?

We talked about supplements not once on our blog but never mention about them when following a cutting diet. Since the number of calorie intake is limited to taking some supplements like multivitamins and essential fatty acids is a good idea.

The last ones not only improve recovery but also helps with digestion. Adding some protein shakes to your diet is gonna prevent muscle damage.

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Move the Fat Battle in the Gym too!

Peers In The Gym

Along with diet, resistance training is what you need to melt away fat. Why is not cardio as important? It’s it and including some cardio to your resistance training will only benefit your body. But, be cautious, as during cardio body enter into catabolic stage “eating” your muscle.

On the other hand, resistance training including basic exercises -deadlift, squat, bench - helps to burn calories and cause enough muscle stimulation.


Don’t run into difficult training routines. Whatever you choose- 5x5, supersets, drop sets- make sure you make progress through every training session you pass. Pushing a little more weights with every workout is the goal to follow a steady progression leads to fat loss and help you keep on muscle mass.

Bottom line:

Fighting fat needs strong motivation, a feeling that nothing would stop you. To be so set an end goal like an important event you have to be ready for. This can be a contest, a photo shooting session,  summer vacation or anything else. Keep a close eyes on what you eat, but be permissive with yourself from time to time.

Remember the rule of 80/10/10 and eat less than you burn. Workout hard in the gym. More resistance training, less cardio and increase weight with every workout.  Remember to allow enough time for recovery. Supplementing with protein shakes, essential fatty acids and vitamins will only bring more benefits.  A proper mix of all these ingredients will definitely take you to the end goal faster than you may even plan.


Building muscle mass is what I like to talk about. If your aim is to build a solid body, then my posts would be very beneficial to you. I always want to know your opinion, so don't hesitate to drop a line below or contact me.

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