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Do You Find It Difficult To Lose Fat? 7 Key Moments For Fast Fat Loss




             Are you struggling to get rid of extra fat and get a ripped look but regardless of what you the pounds are still there? If you answer is yes, then this article is what you need to Lose fat and let the muscle mass get visible.

             Further in this post you will find listed some of the most common errors individuals admit in their attempt to burn fat quickly. What you have to know right from the start is that burning fat has to be a slow process, as the faster you get rid of fat, the bigger chance to regain it after a while.

1. Your diet contains too many calories

           The most important factor for losing fat is diet. Nothing has greater relevance than it. Likewise, to burn fat you have to reduce the calorie count to your actual needs. A 2000 calorie per day diet is not easy to follow and is quite challenging, but it allows you to be able to work out while melting away extra fat.

What Kind of Diet is Most Advisable to Follow during Shredded State?

         Every time you get stuck at a certain weight and find difficult to lose more, revising your calorie number helps a lot. Eat less, but definitely not starving is the best piece of advice you can get so that make sure you follow it.

2. Too many carbs


           And not any kind of carbs, but namely starchy carbs like  potatoes, legumes and beans, cereals, rice, grains, and breads. Eating too much of these carbs require more training to burn out extra calories. This is a rule that few of those who look to get ripped are following. Make sure you eat as much starchy calories as you need to feel energized and able to work out in the gym effectively. Going beyond this limit will prevent you from losing fat.

3. Too much fats

           Fats contain 9 calories per gram which is pretty much for a person struggling to burn fat. If you are eating more than you manage to burn throughout the day then it’s become clear why fat is still on waist.


            We don’t urge you dive into a low fat diet because this is wrong too. To stay healthy while losing fat, minimum 20 % of calories should come from good fats sources like eggs, nuts, fish and others. The problem is that following this limit is quite hard and you can easily get overboard with it. To ease this task keep a handle of daily calorie intake and make you don’t exceed it.

4. Too many protein/carbs shakes

Make Use of Supplements

             Chewing is proved to be every effective when trying to cut off fat. While processing solid food, body use more energy, hence more calories are burnt. Competitive bodybuilders avoid to drink shakes few weeks before competition to get ripped fast. Apply this rule to you too and soon you will see how fat deposits begin to disappear.

5. Too less cardio training

           Along with calorie deficit, make sure you do enough cardio which is best for weight lose. But as a bodybuilder you need not only to lose fat but also to preserve the muscle mass you already have. That’s why mixing your cardio with strength workout is the ideal recipe for fat lose as long as you manage to stack them carefully. Too much cardio may increase cortisol level; hence a greater catabolic process can be triggered. Too much strength workout will leads to more muscles but they will continue to be covered by fat layer.

Read this article to find Best cardio and weight exercises to lose weight.

6. Too much stress in your life

Stress increases cortisol level causing fat storage. The more stressful you are, the less effective diet and training program is. To burn fat effectively, stress factor has to be kept under control. Try to destress, pay less attention to problems that worry you, smile often and have fun.

7 Too little sleep

          Sleep deprivation cause insulin level to decrease while cortisol goes up. This leads not only to poor fat lose but also keep lowers the level of Growth hormone, responsible for muscle growth. Generally, getting enough sleep has a tremendous importance for overall health in general being you ticket toward a healthy life.

Check our post  The importance of sleep for bodybuilders to better understand how sleep deprivation may affect you.

        Losing fat is about dieting first of all. Just reduce the amount of calories and you will begin to melt away fat. If you aim not only to lose fat but also preserve the  muscle mass than keeping in mind the above mentioned mistakes would be  very beneficial.


Building muscle mass is what I like to talk about. If your aim is to build a solid body, then my posts would be very beneficial to you. I always want to know your opinion, so don't hesitate to drop a line below or contact me.

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