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Increase Your Workout Effectiveness With These Tips




             If you feel that you are not getting all out of your workout and they could be more effective than are, time is to revise your training principles and look for improvements. Regardless of what you want to achieve- strength, get linear, lose fat or simply build a body shape that everybody will envy- most probably you do not want to stack in the gym for hours lifting weights. If you want to keep it short while enjoying good results, than following tips will help you with it.

            To be ready to apply all these tips you have to be in a good form, first of all.  A newbie is invited to focus on building basic endurance and form and switch to strength training after couples of months. In other case you may end up with injuries or overtraining.

          If you have been working out for at least half of year you can manage to become super effective following a 30 minutes exercise program for just 2-3 times a week, and this entire if you maximize your workout.

Make your workout 30-40 minutes length.

            You have teached if you want to get big, then spending a lot of time in the gym is required. Forget this rule and choose to act differently. First half an hour is the most effective for building muscle, especially if a high intensity line was followed. With every minute you go beyond this limit, body begin to release cortisol hormone responsible for catabolic process.

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             During it more muscle is destroyed then build. Aside of this, after forty minutes of training intensity lowers too, meaning that you just lose your time. To pack on muscle mass you have to work out at highest intensity and you can keep the best for first 30 minutes of training.

High-Intensity workout

           With the risk to repeat my self, i will once time again mentions the importance of working out with highest intensity. To be able to work this way a basic physical preparedness is needed, otherwise you just put your health at risk.

          There are many ways to step up the intensity you work with, but whatever you choose, what really matters is just do it. Don’t accept half of measures and give all of you in every training session.  The time you increase your workout, its effectiveness will greatly improve too, so that you will how you get out it the maximum you can.

Stay well hydrated

            Don’t underestimate the role water has in gaining muscle mass. Our body consists of 75% water and we lose a big part of it through sweating. Make sure you drink enough water throughout the entire day and especially before training.

Drink More Water

           Water speeds up metabolism. If you intend to lose fat, then make sure you have water always at hand. In average 2 liters of water per day represent the minimum every individual has to drink, but make sure you go for more to maintain your body well hydrated all the time.

Good diet rich in protein

            Diet goes hand in hand with training for an effective workout. Especially important is protein intake, at least one gram for each body weight. You need protein to help your muscle tissue rebuild and get bigger. A low in protein don’t advantage you, whether you are working out for strength or weight loss.

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        Right after protein carbs are of high importance, being the main source of fuel for body. For maximizing your workout, make sure you eat enough carbs. Take some protein and carbs shake before and after workout to ensure the needed feed muscles and promote a quicker recovery. The minutes after you finished training are decisive for muscle building, since namely in this moment cortisol level increases and can be lowered by using carbs.

Read our post "Right food before and after workout" to find out what to eat to enhace muscle building process.

Use progressive weight lifting technique

           Begin with lower weights and step them up with every week. By doing so, muscles are in a continuous stimulation because of different stress level put on them. Such approach greatly reduces the chances to hit a plateau and keep your muscle growing. Go with heavier weights and lights one would not promote the gains you want. All this, after you build a base that allow you to lift more and stay healthy.

Focus on compound exercises

           You need to work out the biggest group of muscle and you have just 30 minutes at disposal. During performing compound exercises are involved in work the largest muscles, while small ones too. So, if you want to catch too two rabbits at the same time, include in your workout more general exercises like deadlifts, push ups, pull ups,squats, military press, bench presses, dips, rows and others.

Add some cardio to your workout

            Even you are looking to add strength, is not the case to avoid cardio training at all. You can choose to do some cardio before your workout or to do some cardio exercise in off training days. As long as you stick to some cardio you are closer to your muscle building goal. Choose a form of cardio that you like since over time it will be a real pleasure to perform it.

Use circuit training

            It’s time to rethink what you know about time between sets. If you use to do several sets in a row without breaks between in, than muscle don’t have enough time to recovery, minimizing the efficiency of your workout.  You can choose to perform one set and take a pause, but this is not the most convenient way to work out.

High-Intensity Cardio Exercises:

           Move on to a new way of training: perform multiple exercises without pause between them but targeting other group each time. For example, do a set of exercises for a group of muscle of lower body part and the next set of a upper body part and so one.

              Do you look for ideal training? You will not find such one and don’t believe those who claim to have it. Take some time and test on your own body best exercises and select the ones that really work for you. Make sure you change the workout routine once in a while to keep muscle active. Eat well, workout hard, rest enough and you already have the ideal formula for gaining muscle mass fast.


Building muscle mass is what I like to talk about. If your aim is to build a solid body, then my posts would be very beneficial to you. I always want to know your opinion, so don't hesitate to drop a line below or contact me.

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