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CrossFit Workout – 8 Things to Know Before Your First




What is CrossFit?

              CrossFit is a comprehensive activity, whereby various movements from different sports are used in order to help you achieve the best possible fitness results. In fact weightlifting, powerlifting, rowing and gymnastics, are just a few of the sports activities which have made their way in CrossFit. The idea behind it is to maximize the amount of work that the individual could manage to perform within a set time. This helps one to move better as well as boost fitness levels. CrossFit Workout is thus all about carrying out a series of movements and activities at high intensity levels.

What happens during a CrossFit class?

            If you never attended a CrossFit class, you may be interested to learn what happens. Typically a CrossFit class is divided in three parts: the warming up, the skill or strength component, and the workout for that day.

              The warmup is tailored so as to be suitable for the subsequent skill or strength component. Skilled workouts are generally designed to improve one’s ability to carry out certain exercises such as the jumprope double-under. Strength workouts, on the other hand are aimed towards the strength goals. So, just as their name implies, they are intended to increase one’s strength.

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           The workout of the day, or WOD in short, includes a specific set of exercises. These need to be carried out in a specific amount of time. In most cases these are devised to be total body workouts which take between 8 and 16 minutes. More intense ones last around 3 minutes only.

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              Now that you are a bit more knowledgeable about CrossFit, we would like to list the most important things to bear in mind before you give it a go. This will help you to be more well prepared and thus manage to achieve better results.

The top 8 things to keep in mind before your first CrossFit workout.

 1. Do not be too competitive – start slowly and increase gradually

You aren’t tracking your Progress           When you start out you may be excited to do really well and manage to achieve great results. However you cannot expect to be awesome right from the very beginning. It takes time to achieve good results, and it is important that you start slowly and avoid being too competitive as you check out what others who are more experienced than you are managing to do. So, make it a point to be realistic and start off with beginner friendly workouts. These may seem too simple, but it is best to start off slowly and add new exercises at higher intensity levels as you get used to it. Being able to manage your expectations is actually a key part of the success.

 2. Safety Considerations

          Every type of exercise comes with some level of risk, and CrossFit is not an exception. However, generally speaking, as long as you are careful in choosing what types of exercises to do in relation to your experience level, you should not worry. CrossFit is in fact considered to be a fairly safe type of training.

            According to research, it was found that CrossFit participants who trained less that three times per week were more likely to suffer from some sort of injury. This is because the more consistent one is, the better he or she will get at it, and chances of injuries will consequently diminish considerably. The more you exercise, the more you will become familiar with the movements required for the exercises.

           On the same note, it is worth mentioning that having a hands-on coach to help you through the CrossFit movements is a big plus. It will also reduce the chances of injuries substantially. This is because coaches will be aware of the movement quality and the respective safety.

             What one needs to be really careful of is Rhabdomyolysis. This is a condition that is often linked to CrossFit. One could end up suffering from this condition if he or she overdoes it and pushes way too hard. There could be a risk of muscle tissue break down, as well as the possibility of release of waste into the bloodstream. Such waste is kidney-damaging and thus quite serious.

 3. Ideal for everyone

            One of the best things about CrossFit is the fact that it can be tailored according to one’s experience level. Even an elderly person, for example, could do some CrossFit exercises as long as the load and intensity is suitable for them.


             In reality the workout can be customized, and moreover, it is scalable according to the person’s skill level or condition. Once one gets more strong and experienced at it, changes can be introduced accordingly in a gradual manner.

 4. CrossFit Classes

          CrossFit classes are generally structured in such a way that they can be chosen according to the individual’s experience level. Generally there are introduction classes which are ideal for beginners and for those who never tried out CrossFit. Basic body weight movement workouts and an overview of beginner level workouts will make up such sessions.

             Then there will be more intensive workouts whereby the foundational movements of CrossFit will be tackled. There are the regular classes which generally last around three quarters of an hour to an hour. There will be a warm up, generally consisting of exercises such as lunges, squats, jumps and jumping jacks. Then there will be the skill or strength focus, followed by the workout for the day. The class will finish up with cooling down and stretching out.

 5. Choosing a reputable CrossFit gym

            Now that you have a clearer idea of what CrossFit classes entail, it is important to say something about the importance of finding a CrossFit gym that will offer you the best service. Avoid the temptation of simply picking the gym that is located closer to you, or the one which is offering the cheapest prices. There are a number of things you should consider carefully before choosing a gym as at the end of the day this will have a considerable impact on how CrossFit will work out for you. You want to get the best possible experience, both in terms of quality and reliability, as well as in terms of safety.

Differences Between Free Weights and Machines

               For starters you need to make sure that you will find competent, helpful and experienced coaches at the gym you choose. Try to find some information about the coaches, such as their certifications and how many years they have been teaching CrossFit. You do not want to end up with a coach who does not have much experience in CrossFit, or is not even certified. You need to be careful as the demand for CrossFit is quite high and this led to many gyms offering CrossFit classes, often with coaches who are not that experienced.

            Most CrossFit gyms will offer the first lesson for free. Try to attend such a session at a couple of gyms so as to get an actual idea of what they can offer. This will help you to compare and contrast different gyms and their coaches.

Importatnt Factor for Crossfit Workout

              Another important factor with choosing a CrossFit gym is the community feeling it offers. You need to place importance on choosing a gym that complements your needs. You should feel comfortable with the way they do things, and that everything fits your personality and personal situation. Communal camaraderie plays a significant part on the CrossFit Workout experience. A supportive community can go a long way in making you feel better about it all.

             Last but not least, you will need to make sure that the gym you choose has the equipment required for certain exercises. Kettlebells, bumper plates, full quat racks, are just a few of the items you will be needing.

 6. Clothes

           Whenever you engage in an exercise routine you may end up focusing too much on the exercise itself. However an important part of the success lies on the need to wear suitable clothes.

          While it is important that you are comfortable, clothes also have an impact on your safety too. Tank tops and crop tops are preferred by women. Some of the best options include the Mippo, and the icyzone workout tank tops.

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          Shorts that are not too tight are generally preferred for CrossFit, particularly by men. Hyperflex shorts are ideal for cross training, as well as for lifting and gym workouts. Anthem Athletics, Brokig and Silkworld are good brands for shorts. Workout leggings are coupled up with padded sports bras help to offer good comfort to younger women during a CrossFit workout. Drakon, icyzone and Reebok offer various good options

           Be careful on the materials these clothes are made from. A lightweight material is important. You want a relaxed feeling while exercising.

 7. CrossFit Equipment and Supplies

           Certain exercises will require you to use specific equipment. Battle ropes, resistance bands, gymnastic rings, and kettlebells are practically a must. However, besides such equipment, you will also need to be careful on certain requirements. Such as a mat with a tailbone protector, knee support braces, hand grips, and back supports, which are sometimes ignored. In truth these are extremely important to help you carry out certain CrossFit exercises properly and safely.

           The gym where you will be exercising should offer good quality equipment and the coach should help to explain how to make use of the equipment during the particular exercises, so as to ensure you are doing this safely and correctly.

      Some of the best brands offering high quality CrossFit equipment and supplies include Fitbit, Champion, Nike, Under Armour and Amazon.

 8. Supplements

           Supplements that boost your power and recovery are considered to be of the essence, especially if you are working out very seriously and have certain goals in mind. There are a whole range of supplements that you can choose from. It is critical to choose wisely as not all supplements can be trusted, or deliver the results or effects that they claim to offer.

             A quick overview of different supplements, and checking out reviews posted by those who tried them out will set you off on the right track to choose well. You cannot trust an advert blindly as at the end of the day any product manufacturer will claim that his product is the best on the market.

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           When it comes to supplements you will need to consider their ingredients, as all natural is always the best option. There are supplements which focus more on the pre-workout endurance, while others focus more on the energy stimulation and recovery. Check out any side effects that might have been mentioned by users, and do carry out some research so as to verify the reputability of the particular brand.

            Omega 3 fish oil supplements are often recommended. Prospera supplements are also very much acclaimed, as they help with muscle recovery and joint mobility. The format of the supplements may also affect your choice. Some prefer to stick to capsules while others find it better to buy chewable supplements. Other alternative formats are also available.



              If you never tried out CrossFit, it is surely an enticing option. You may be a beginner in fitness and workouts, and in that case CrossFit is a really great way to start off. If on the other hand you already engage in certain workout exercises but never gave CrossFit a go. Make sure to try it out as it can offer a very interesting fitness experience, coupled up with several benefits.

           CrossFit is a very versatile sport, which introduced many people to weightlifting. It is encouraged several others to built mental toughness as well as find a great outlet for competition in sports. CrossFit can also help you to build up a great physique, which is surely something anyone would love to have. It also helps to build improved muscular endurance.

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