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50 Workouts Routines for the New Year




           We forbid you from starting the new year without a solid plan. Your workout routine should be among your new year resolutions. Most importantly, you need to shed off a few pounds you may have added over the festive season. A workout plan is essential because it makes sure you don't kill yourself trying to achieve big results instantly. We have prepared 50 workouts routines for you to start the year on a high note.

Shoulder Workouts

           The Boulder shoulder you desire will not come overnight. There are killer workouts out there that you can use to acquire shoulder caps that will turn heads.

Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press Workout

         This exercise is perfect for building lateral, anterior, and posterior deltoid muscles. Lifting two separate dumbbells is more effective for building shoulder muscles than lifting a machine. The reason is that one side of your body is not working, thus helping you retain balance and fair distribution.

              Sit on a low-back bench and hold a dumbbell with each hand at the shoulder level. Keep your palms facing forward, your head straight up, then then lift the dumbbells overheard towards each other.

Hi-Def shoulder workouts

               In case you are suffering from sickly shoulders, you do not have any reason to worry further, for we have you covered. Enroll in a heavy start but still utilizing the multiple speeds to work out your strength, size, and, finally, an excellent muscle burn.

Samantha Leete's shoulder workouts

             A well-rounded physique is always determined by how strong, significant, and sculpted shoulders one has. For you to build better muscles, the fitness model Samantha Leete workout is best recommended for you.

Shoulder – gain workouts

             Many bodybuilders have ended up being disabled for overintricating shoulder training. Just keep it simple and more strategic with the IFBB pro-Jake Alvarez to build impressive and balanced shoulders.

High-Volume Shoulder Builder

         This workout method is recommended for you if you have a problem with your shoulder growth. Increase your training volume and frequency with this perfect muscle growth master plan.

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Legs Workouts for Women

       Lying a firm foundation is for your body is very critical. Check out these recommended workout collections for strong and good legs.

Strong muscular build fitness woman in sporty clothes doing jump training in the gym.

High-Frequency Legs Workouts:

         This workout is essential when your legs need some extra focus. It's a program dedicated to toning your legs 3 days per week.

Stronger Legs Workouts.

        Ashley Horner wants you out of your comfort zone and less weight than you have always been. Stronger women were made for leg day. Try this out and be amazed by the results.

Legs Workout for Men

Strong muscular build fitness woman in sporty clothes doing jump training in the gym.

           Instead of following a one-size-fits-all workout on leg day, let your goals constitute your routine. Most workouts start with the best lower-body movements with a variation of squats. Work with a solid overall mass-building plan.

Three workouts to build bigger and stronger legs

          With these double-duty workouts meant to deliver more muscle and exclusive strength, you will never wish to skip leg day again.  Perform these workouts by focusing one workout on quads and the other on the hamstring. You can as well choose to work out these routines together.    

Back workouts

          When you have a strong and powerful back, you are assured of a balanced and symmetrical physique.  There are a few explicit workouts that will help gain a great back while still maintaining it.

FST-7 back-and-abs workout

          For you to easily widen your lats and have an impressive look, the best-recommended workout routine is the epic FST-7 workouts from pro trainer Hamny Rambod and men's physique champ Jeremy Buendia.

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Optimum Back: Lat workout

             It is one of the most high-volume back workouts that will leave your back delts so pumped up that you may even end up having to walk sideways through the door.

Abel Albonetti's ultimate back workouts.

             You must always have an outright strong back for you to round out your delt physique. Just give a try to this earnest, very high-volume workout and increase in size and build a piled back.

Back-and-forth back workouts.

          This workout from Jim Stoppani's back-and-fourth programs includes about 8 row and pull-down variations. This workout routine will surely pull you exhausted and probably force your lats to grow big and strong.

Wide-back, boulder shoulder workout

             Chad Hollmer's killer back–and–shoulder routine workouts are popular among individuals who aim to build strengths and have an appealing V-taper.

 Arm Workouts

-Forearms are not so small as it is considered

           These workouts are recommended to help grow your arms bigger and take them to another level. They go beyond the regular dumbbell curls and triceps extensions.

Biceps and triceps workout- a triple threat arm assault

           The trisect workout will pump up your biceps and thresh your triceps. If you desire to have bigger arms, then this is the best workout for you.

AAA Workout: excellent Abs and Arms

            For you to have unique arms and abs, follow and implement actress Alicia Ziegler’s training tips and workouts routines, and the outcomes will surely surprise you.

Chris Thompson's total arm workout

         According to Chris Thompson, a workout of 30 minutes guarantees you a complete set of biceps, triceps, and cardio. You are only required to have a pair of dumbbells and an adjustable bench.

Sun's out/ guns out critical arm workouts

            When the exciting summer sun is high in the sky, consider this the best time to work out. If you still need to gain more biceps and sharpen your triceps. Adhere to these foolproof tips and follow up with workouts for jacked arms.

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Chest Workouts

Develop Both Pec Minor and Pec Major

             If I am not mistaken, I am confident that you desire to have a great set of pecs. Well, having the pecs is not an issue. Then, you must be ready to try these workouts for a remarkable result.

Steve Cook's chest building workouts.

            To build a better and credible chest, you need to think beyond your typical bench press. Choose to pre-hard exhaust your chest with some isolation sets before moving to laborious exercise. Finish with a blood-pumping circuit to pump up your muscle fibers.

Jason Wheat's robust MVP Chest Workout

           Every MVP's workout list has to build a muscular and big chest always at the top list. Following Jason Wheat's extensive, pyramid-driven chest workouts will be of very much help.

Big Bench, Bigger Chest Workouts

            Possessing a great body is fantastic. Mark Bell will teach you how to maintain an incredible physique that you can also use to lift big weights,

Chest workouts for show and go

            If you can survive the onslaught, the superset-driven workouts of Abel and Kizzito Ejam will fix your chest for show and no go.

Glute Workouts

           To build a booty that will always rock, here are five workouts to embrace,

Nicole Wilkin's butt and hip workouts

            Although squats and lunges are fantastic, they are not enough for your butt to reach its full muscular potential, and you need the all-around workout from Olympic champion Nicole Wilkin.

Ashley Kaltwasser’s Iron buns workouts

          For firm and rounder behind, reigning bikini Olympic queen Ashley Kaltwasser has some amazing bodybuilding secrets to share.

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Some of the home-workouts that you should consider

           To get fit, you do not need to work in the gym at all times. You can have a great workout session in the comfort of your home and still yield good results.

  • 4 effective at-home weight-loss workouts.
  • In the initial stage, the beginner at-home workout program focuses on getting the form down pat.
  • Intermediate at-home workout plan; increase your workout intensity. These routines will include about two workouts weekly.
  • Advanced at-home exercises; you will now have to increase your muscles' stress to the total capacity.
  • Efficient at-home cardio workouts; make sure you continually exercise these routines and only rest when very necessary.
  • Lais Deleon's at-home perfect booty workouts.
    • Use your couch for a minimum of 20 minutes to get a more robust and better behind.
  • The ideal partner bodyweight workout
    • Together with your training partner, you can start a challenge that will help you grow and overcome even the more advanced moves.
  • Fitness-model bodyweight workout.

           Hitting the gym is not very necessary. Just consider following the fitness model Jen Jewell's tips for a fantastic bodyweight workout session.

Full-body Workouts

           These workouts are recommended if you don't have the time to train different muscles at a time.

The no-excuses full-body workout

          Try this tremendous full-body workout from former WBFF champ Chady, and your body will get into your most desired shape.

Bodyweight bodybuilding; the mass building calisthenic workout

           Join the workout movements with the suitable scheme and build up your muscles like a bodybuilder or martial athlete.


            At the end of the day, ensure your workout plan is within your limits. Most importantly, sit down at the end of each day and analyze your whole workout for that day. Did you meet the desired goals? If not, what needs to be done to make sure your training is beneficial. But if a certain goal seems unrealistic, you’re allowed to revisit it, even if it means reducing training time. Don’t be afraid to take baby steps; the greatest men and women in bodybuilding started there.

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