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What Over Exercising can do to You?




         People who are workout freaks and exercise for more than 2+ hours. Exercising is, in reality, destroying their health instead profiting from it. All of us wish to have a fantastic body and health. Also, often we are so indulged in doing so that we forget. Our true meaning of keeping our body healthy behind our exercise sessions and making it our passion and craze.

        As we all know that excess of everything is wrong and harmful, same goes for exercise; when you work out every day for more than the prescribed time, you are not giving your body the time to heal the minor damages and the stress that happens during the sessions like tearing of small muscles.

           Your body stays permanently tired because it is constantly damaged and has no time to heal itself. In return for your excessive exercises, your body gives you some symptoms to tell you (or beg you) to stop torturing it and rest.

          Some of those symptoms we are going to discuss here so that you will know when to stop overdosing on your body with exercises.

6 Side Effects of Over-Exercising:

          There is a wide range of the most prominent and easily visible effects that are caused by over-exercising, which the fitness and health industries would not let you know about. 6 of those dangerous health hazards are:

1. Mentally Weak:

        Exercising daily with heavyweights and difficult machinery can give you your dream body but at the terrible price of your mental health.  Some researchers told us that an ‘overtraining syndrome’ triggers precisely the same chemical reactions in the brain during the clinical depression. Both these things make the person suffer from insomnia, irritability, fatigue, and low self-motivation. Of these four things mentioned (insomnia, irritability, fatigue, and low self-motivation), insomnia and fatigue are the most dangerous. Insomnia is when your mind is overloaded with stressed thoughts, leading to sleepless nights. Fatigue is caused when you feel physical or mental dizziness without a real reason. It happens when you have overtrained excessively.

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2. A Distorting Immune System:

       Our immune system depends on a hormone, i.e., cortisol. The adrenal gland emits this hormone during physical stress; it increases glucose production, breaks down protein in the muscles, and is good if it stays in balance.  But, when we overtrain, our cortisol level goes up because of the work stress (which your body is supposed to fight). However, because your body is unable to recover from doing the intense pieces of training, your immune system has to bear its price.
It is also related to the change of your urine color to a red or darker shade; it happens when the tissues of your muscle leak some substance into your blood (the process is called rhabdomyolysis), which can also lead to kidney issues.

3. Pains and Aches:

            Initially, when you start to work out, you feel pain in your muscles because they are stretched the first time like this, but when you work out nonstop for 7.5 hours a week, your muscles and joints start to give in, resulting in constant pain and soreness. Overtraining can lead to numerous pains like back pain, shoulder pain, calf pain, headache, etc. these pains don’t develop in a day or two but rather when your body is overly worked out. It can also cause our bones to become extremely weak as they start to lose their density, leading to arthritis and osteoporosis. Our body is like a machine; just like you can use the machine without giving it a break, you can’t use it without a break; your body needs time to restore its energy and heal itself.

4. Disrupted Heartbeats:

           People who exercise more than 6 times a week can develop heart problems when they reach their 50s. When we are working- out, all we can think is that exercise is good for us and can never harm us, but we are wrong. One more disadvantage of over-exercising is that it can cause permanent damage to the structure of our heart, which many doctors describe as ‘cardiotoxic. Because of the stress, your heart has to work much more complicated and get old before its supposed time. An easy way to determine whether you are excessively stressing your heart is to measure your heartbeats. If the heartbeat is 50- 65 per minute, you need to give it a break.

5. Less Efficient Performance:

             Performance covers everything, from daily getting out of bed to going back to sleep and everything in between. If you always feel tired and sloppy even after working out so intensely that you should realize that working out is making you ill rather healthy. It is your body’s way of telling you that it needs rest, and you should at least give it. A week to heal all the internal damages caused by extreme workouts.

6. Gaining Fat:

           It comes as a shock when you start to gain weight or body fat instead of losing weight through exercise. When you have lost all your appetite and seldom eat properly (this also happens because of overexercising). This is your body’s way of warning you to stop overstressing it. The body starts to release stress hormones and cortisol, leading to increased storage of adipose tissues. The adipose tissues increase muscle mass and weight. This weight gain and loss can lead to bad mood swings like depression. Being angry and sad for no reason, emotionally unstable, irritable, etc.

           If you ever notice any of these symptoms in your body, you should put on hold. Your workout sessions and let your body rest and heal. You can also eat lots of fruit and vegetables. Sleep properly for 8 hours to keep your body healthy and happy.


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