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How to Deal With Overtraining




Overtraining represents the imbalance between training and recovery. It is a complex response of the body to the excessive training load, usually in combination with insufficient time for recovery. Overtraining shut down the progress, it may reduce the muscle mass and decrease the strength. Despite the fatigue, many bodybuilders continue intensive training, which leads to overtraining. Also, overtraining occurs when the athlete begins to train too soon after an illness.

A great importance for avoiding overtraining has the proper diet. Bodybuilders who include in their diet more carbohydrates, ignoring vitamin and calories are more likely to get overtrained.

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Overtraining is associated with a large number of infectious diseases and injuries. The immune system is disturbed. There are problems of the musculoskeletal system: reduces the elasticity of the muscles and ligaments elasticity. Disrupt the antagonist muscle and, therefore, coordination, compromise the reaction and attention, which may explain the incidence of injuries.

As you see to get over overtraining you have to allow you, first of all, more time for resting. Decrease the intensity of your workout, improve your diet with proteins and more calories. Keep in mind that in vain you are trying to gain muscle mass while overtrained. Do not ignore signs that talk you to take a pause. Do it and come back to the gym when you feel better.

What Causes Overtraining?

What Causes Overtraining?

The most frequent causes of overtraining among beginners are training with heavy loads, while their body is not prepared for this. More experienced bodybuilders decide to increase load just to avoid plateau stage and to continue to build muscle mass. But this choice can be totally wrong, and take to a stage where no progress happens.

Many bodybuilders tend to believe the greater is the load they work with, the higher will be the results in muscle growth.  But it is not this way. You have to prepare your body for bigger weights, and keep your body in full harmony with physiology.

A more recent cause of training is considered to be the dependence of bodybuilders of the sport. After training, bodybuilders experience a kind of euphoria and get depended on this feeling. They come back to the gym to get this feeling again, and when doing too often they get overtrained.

Among other reasons for overtraining occurrence can be mentioned disease, impaired sewage regime, fatigue at work, poor nutrition, or the use of heavy loads especially during the drying cycle. When we talk about overtraining is very important to learn the signs that talk about its occurrence. This way you will be able to stop on time, allowing you body to fully recover.

So, Be Very Careful to These Signs:

  • Lack of training progress or regress training
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of motivation
  • Depression
  • Irritability
  • Loss of appetite
  • Tachycardia
  • Hypolymphemia
  • Decreased immune
  • Constant muscle pain
  • Collaps of muscle force

Because of the lack of recovery occurs the feeling of constant fatigue, which is often accompanied by painful sensations in the muscles. During heavy training, cycle bodybuilder has to put more and more efforts into doing it, while the performance decrease. This is a characteristic sign of overtraining.

Athlete constantly feels tired, he/she sleeps badly and often wakes up. Sleep is restless, shallow and is accompanied by nightmares. Overtraining can often be accompanied by disturbances in the emotional sphere - lethargy, apathy, reluctance to exercise, in some cases the opposite - serious attitude to training, humorous or irritability.


In many cases, overtraining is also associated with an irregular heartbeat, pain, and discomfort in the area of the heart. When resting can often be observed with high blood pressure and tachycardia. Often there is a decrease in appetite, tongue coated white, if put out of his mouth, you can determine its tremor (shaking).

Often there is a decrease in body weight. These signs are designed to indicate the bodybuilder need to adjust the training process in general and develop a program of recovery able to prevent aggravation of this disease.

Not all the bodybuilders experience all these symptoms of overtraining, even their body is already overtrained. They only reach a plateau, and the results are only getting worse. If you see these symptoms of overtraining, you need to take immediate action to prevent the condition.

Please be aware of the fact that many of these signs can be associated with other diseases. That’s why make a visit to your doctor, and let him put the right diagnose.

What to Do if You Get Overtrained?

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First of all- REST! This is the most important and most effective way to get you back in the good shape and mood.
For this reduce the number of training, sleep 10 hours per day, follow a rich diet.  Also, very useful would be a deep muscle massage and cryo-and thermotherapy.

The sooner you identify the symptoms of overtraining, the better because the time needed for a full recovery is much longer than the time during which the athlete is in a given state. The most effective treatment is to change the practice by reducing their time and volume.

You also need to avoid high intensity and long training, designed for endurance development. In severe overtraining you have to take a break of 1-3 weeks, to appoint an active vacation with a gradual return to sports mode.

You should begin with a general physical preparation at low load, and only with the improvement in the general condition bodybuilder may choose a special training method.  A slow returning to the old training program is a good advice that have to be followed.

Prevention of Overtraining

Treatment of overtraining is a last resort, so try to avoid the development of this condition. This way you would achieve great results in less time. In order to prevent its occurrence, try to sleep eight hours per day, set up an optimal frequency of workouts, and follow a rich diet in vitamins.

Pay a big attention to vitamins. Take them since they regulate metabolism, contribute to the creation of today enzymes involved in the chemical conversion of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. Practice shows that these drugs are best used in combination with adaptogens of plant and animal origin, which increases efficiency and resistance to adverse factors.

There is no a special group of bodybuilders who face often or less the destructive effects of overtraining. It can both affect beginners or more experienced bodybuilders, who train hard in the gym and more than 3-4 times a week.

Preventive detection of this disease will help you to return sooner in the gym, than in case of severe overtraining (when you will be back for training even after 3-4 weeks). That’s why to treat this subject seriously, and takes notes about what to do when get overtraining.

We will not bother to repeat it all the time: rest enough-at least 8 hours per day, reduce the frequency of your workouts or choose to do only some basic exercises. Follow rich in vitamins diet and, since your body needs fuel to overcome this stage.

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