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How To Train For Endurance




How to train for endurance

Most of bodybuilders consider training for endurance something that they do not need. Or in better case is one of the last things to think of. This is a wrong approach, and you will see in this article how improving body endurance is important for you and how to train it to become stronger, hardened, and sturdy.

Endurance training is nothing more than the hypertrophy of mitochondria and the body's ability to use metabolic products, especially lactic acid, since they cause a failure when working in the aerobic mode.
Mitochondria is the energetic station of cells. Here happens the oxidation of organic matter for producing the energy, especially oil, as the most energy-intensive material. Endurance training is namely training of mitochondria. If in case of anaerobic loads we are working on the microtrauma that is, hypertrophy of myofibrils, in the aerobic mode is trained mitochondria.

In more simple words, endurance is the ability of human body to carry out an action for a long period of time, requiring high energy costs. Endurance doesn’t come from nowhere, it is necessary to develop it through a long, exhausting and systematic trainings.

Endurance training is achieved through aerobic loads. This can be pumping or running. Pumping is the training with loads with many reps. It is especially useful for getting shredded.
This means that our task is to train our body to recycle products of metabolism and make mitochondria more powerful for a more intense oxidation of glucose and fat. Namely this is the whole secret of endurance training.

Let’s take for example running. You can run for  long period of time and monotonous, or you can run faster and harder. In fact, when you run quickly and intensely when you stop, in the body happens so-called return of oxygen debt. In other words this means that your mitochondria is active during rest time too. After this, when continue running this process is already triggered, and you just keep it going. Thus, in this type of training you continuously train mitochondria, while training the body for utilization of lactic acid.

Another example of endurance training more appropriate for bodybuilders is the following one. It include squats, push-ups, sit-ups, push-ups and so on. Push-ups, the most effective exercise for the chest, triceps and shoulders forward deltas. Squats are great for building leg muscles and lumbar muscles. Begin such a training with squats without weights. After this do some pushups and return to squats.

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Breaks between sets should be reduced to minimum. Following such a rhythm, you will get the maximum point in ten minutes. Namely in a such mitochondria is trained in a great way, and endurance training gives the most benefits.
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A great advice when it comes to endurance training is to add rest days to your workout program. Such approach will help to recover better both physically and mentally. Such a workout program should not be longer than 2 weeks. It may happens that bodybuilders felt the need to take a pause more often than once in fourteen days. In this case, recovery training ( small weights and reduced time), has to be included in the workout program every fourth or fifth week.  Thereby, recovery day, during which training has a low intensity, had to be alternated to heavy training days.

There are many ways to recover faster. One of them is massage, which is very effective. It relieve pain and muscle tension. the best would be to do one of your hobby, which gives you pleasure and relax you. This way you recover faster, and come back to gym with bigger efforts.
Do not ignore the importance of sleep as well. Since endurance training is very tiring, you need to sleep 8-10 hours per day.

In case of endurance training a key importance has warming up and cooling down. Warming up can be different for each athlete. The main goals of warm up process is to raise the heart rate and oxygen consumption, increase blood flow to the muscles and connective tissues that are directly involved in the main work.
These pre workout movements increase the temperature of muscle tissue and contribute to a greater mobility of the joints, as well as the elasticity of the muscles. Warm-up should not exceed 15 minutes. Its effects last for  45 minutes. Then, if necessary, you can repeat the same exercise.

Despite it may seem worthless, cool down has the same importance as warm up. Be aware of this, and make it a routine of your workouts. It is used to recover and prepare the body for the next training session. Low intensity aerobic exercise, such as light jogging, or cycling at a moderate pace, it is very effective to get rid of lactic acid derivatives and, accordingly, reduce the heavy feeling of pain in the muscles.

For a more effective endurance training increase weekly the volume or the length of the training. But not more than 10% per week. To be more clear let’s take an example. For a bodybuilder who use to train 16 hours per week, the next week should work out 17,5 hours.
Such an approach will help you to keep your muscle grow, avoiding reaching a plateau. Contrary, if you choose to increase the weight higher than 10%, you risk to get overtrained. And this means that you will have to stay out of the gym for a longer time.

Diet during endurance training
Be sure to pay attention to your daily diet, it is one of the most important factors. Otherwise, the wrong food will cause lower stamina, you will not only be able to make progress in this area, and will simply stagnate, if not worse the level. Fruits, nuts, vegetables, grains, and plenty of dairy products - eat as much fibers as you can. All of these products quickly and well digested, so be sure to have on the body is very positive impact. Also do not overlook a variety of vitamins.

Give up the high calorie foods that can provide the body with energy only for a short time, especially candy, cookies, soda, sweet tea, white bread and potato chips.

Along with this try to get satisfaction and pleasure from the process. Scientists have proved that if you do all the exercises in a good mood and smiling the impact and effectiveness of endurance training will be higher.

Summarizing the above, can be said that training endurance is very important, as it increase the body abilities to exercise longer and with heavier weights. This is a long process, and you need patience and persistence to continue training regardless of impediments.
Keep training until you will be able to run 3 km and then perform power bar exercises. If you do it with no issues, than you can switch to training twice  a day- in the morning and evening. This will learn the body to endure the load over the day and face new tasks.
You will need for this a strong motivation.
When you get in a dead point think about how you dreamed to look like, and how hard you want it. This should serve as a strong stimulant, determining you to continue your endurance training.

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