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Training Template by Lift Run Bang




This program is based on the Key Foundations of Weight Training.

Weight Training

( Lift Run Bang Training Template) Written By Trevor Kouritzin

Chemical Engineer, Human Nutrition MSc. Candidate

Coach Paul Carter

         It is my spin on Coach Paul Carter's Lift Run Bang (LRB) Training program. The LRB training template is one of the best hypertrophy templates ever developed. I like the principles of the program, but I feel that the program doesn't contain the proper delineation between training modalities for different types of physique display.

        For example, physique athletes, bodybuilders, and powerlifters want more muscle, but physique competitors need to approach training differently than bodybuilders and powerlifters.

        A physique competitor needs to make his primary focus keeping his waist tight and his physique aesthetic, whereas a powerlifter doesn't care what his form looks like as long as his strength increases.

          This program gives you the best of everything. I took the LRB training template and tweaked it for the goals of a men's physique athlete. If you have the physique goals of a male cover model, this is the program you need.

Training with too Big Weights:

  • Base your training around the big basic lifts: squats, deadlifts, overhead pressing, etc.
  • Have a progression plan.
  • Do some form of conditioning.
  • Believe in what you are doing.

       But also tailored specifically for a men's physique athlete with daily ab training, daily calf training, and programmed extra work to ensure the physique stays balanced and aesthetic.

The Lift Run Bang Recipe: 

The Lift Run Bang Recipe

  • A heavy Light System - You lift heavy for one workout and then lift for reps the next. People always argue whether progressive overload or blood volume training is the best stimulus for muscle hypertrophy. That would like asking which organ is more important; your liver or your heart? You would be dead without either. The LRB template focuses on progressive overload and blood volume training, so you get the best of everything.
  • Push / Pull / Legs – This is the most productive workout split for intermediate and advanced lifters. The push/pull/legs split allows you to train each muscle group twice per week, which maximizes muscle protein synthesis, but still allows for enough recovery time between workouts, so you don't overtrain.
  • Daily Ab Training – By training abs daily, you will constantly be depleting the glycogen muscles, promoting localized fat loss. New research shows that sport-specific training promotes localized fat loss by increasing blood flow to the area. Take the example of a carpenter who is using his forearms daily. Have you ever seen a carpenter who doesn't have super vascular and jacked forearms? I haven't. Daily ab training is something I have been experimenting with on my clients, and I can tell you anecdotally that it does work.
  • Daily Calf Training – Similar to above, calves are an extremely stubborn muscle group. Trying to get your calf muscles to grow is almost the equivalent of trying to get your jaw muscles to grow. If you haven't been blessed with genetically good calves, the only effective method I have found to get them to start growing is training them daily with high repetitions.

Heavy Days:

Growth Hormone and Weight Training

  • The heavy days are for strength progression and progressive overload. That means HEAVY weight and low reps. You should try to add weight to the bar each workout or get an extra rep with the same weight used in the previous session.
  • Rest between sets will be 2-3 minutes. The heavy days are all about moving as much weight as possible.
  • Train with an external focus on the heavy days. Focus on lifting the weight from A to B rather than the mind-muscle connection.

Light Days:

Method of Alternating Weights

  • The light days are for hypertrophy and strengthening the tendons. That means HIGH reps and forcing a lot of blood into the muscle. You are not trying to kill yourself on the light days. You are trying to strengthen the supportive area by forcing a lot of blood through those joints, tendons, and musculature. Reps are in the 15-30 range.
  • Rest between sets is minimal on light days. The goal is to achieve the most significant muscle pump possible to stretch the fascia of muscle cells to stimulate muscle growth.
  • Train with an internal focus on the light days. Focus on the mind-muscle contraction and mindfully contracting muscles to move the weight from A to B.

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So what is the Lift Run Bang method for getting into good condition? Easy. Steady-state cardio and interval training. It's the rave to overcomplicate conditioning with things like the sled and prowler. I think it's unnecessary.

Why? Because getting into shape is free. You walk outside for your steady-state and run out for your interval training.

Steady State:

       I recommend a steady-state first thing in the morning before eating. Sometimes I have to do it in the afternoons or later in the evening because of my schedule, but I find that doing it in the morning makes me feel "good" for the rest of the day. I also would argue that it has a more significant effect on fat loss.

        Now I know that the literature shows that timing your cardio does not affect weight loss. However, the literature indicates that cardio increases muscle insulin sensitivity and improves blood glucose management.

        I think doing cardio first thing in the morning before eating will promote better blood glucose management throughout the day and improve body composition better than doing cardio later in the day.

 Suppose you can't finish it in the morning, that's fine. Just get it in 3-5 times a week.

        I generally have some black coffee and then head out for a 25-45 minutes fast-paced walk. I recommend doing this 3-5 times a week. Steady-state is excellent for recovery and improving blood pressure, heart, and joint health. Walking is also great for the mind and overall stress relief.

Interval Training:

      I like hill running and 30-40 yard sprints at about 60-70% speed for interval work. I generally do a short warm-up, perform the intervals, a quick cool down, and then some ab work.

   Generally, I do hard conditioning twice a week. One day I will make 30-40 yard sprints. The other day I will run the hills. I recommend 10-12 intervals per session.

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Training Template:

At the end of every workout:

  • Daily ab swelling – 100 lying leg raises and 100 bodyweight crunches
  • Daily calf swelling – 100 standing calf raises

Day #1 - Pressing (Chest, Shoulders, Triceps) – Heavy:

Overhead Work - Barbell Variation - Pick One

Standing Press / Seated Press / Press Behind Neck / Push Press - 3 sets of 5 @ same weight

Bench Press – 7 sets @ 5,4,3,2,1,1,1

Assistance Work for shoulders - Pick one
Upright Rows / Db Cleans / Hang Pulls - 5 sets of 8-10

Assistance Work for Triceps - Pick one
Pushdowns / Overhead Extensions / Bench Dips - 5 sets of 15-20

Day #2 - Legs – Heavy:

Squats – 7 sets @ 5,4,3,2,1,1,1

Hacks / Machine Squats - 4 sets @ 6-10

Leg Press - 4 sets @ 10+

Single-Leg Work - 1-legged leg press / 1-legged squats / lunges (any kind) - 4 sets @ 10-20

Standing calf raises/ leg press calf raises - 4 sets @ 10-20

Day #3 - Back - Hamstrings - Biceps - LIGHT:

Pick one - Romanian Stiff Legs / Cleans (hang or power) / Dynamic Romanian Shrugs - 3 sets @ 5 (use the same weight for each set)

Dynamic Romanian Shrugs are when you do a Romanian deadlift, then explode upwards onto the toes into a shrug.

 - Lat Pulldowns / Cable Rows / Hammer Row or Machine Rows / Db Rows  - 5 sets @ 12-20

 - Hyperextensions / Glute Ham Raises / Leg Curls (seated, 1 legged, lying, etc) - 4 sets @ 15-20

 - Machine or Db Curls - 3 sets @ 10-15 to a top set

Day #4 - Interval Training and Abs:

5-10 minute warm-up walking at a moderate pace.

Ten sprints (or treadmill sprints). Pick a destination 30-40 yards away. Sprint as fast as you can to the goal. Walk back. Repeat ten times. If making treadmill sprints, walk for 1 minute, Sprint all out for 30 seconds. Repeat ten times.

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After the ten intervals, do 5-10 minutes of walking at a moderate pace for a cool down.

Next up is the ab circuit:

3 rounds of tri-set #1 – machine crunch @ 20 reps / cable wood chop @ 10 reps per side / hanging leg raise @ 10

Three rounds of tri-set #2 – weighted plank @ 1 minute / Side oblique v-ups @ 10 reps per side / decline bench lying leg raise @ 20

3 rounds of tri-set #3 – decline bench weighted crunch X 15 / landmine 180s @ 10 per side / barbell ab roll out @ 10 reps

Day #5 - Pressing - Light:

Pick One - Seated Db Press / Standing Db Press / Machine Press - 3 sets @ 12-20 reps

Pick One - Incline Press / Decline Press / Machine Press - 2-3 sets @ 12-20 reps

Shoulder - Side or Bent Laterals - 5-6 sets @ 15-20

Tricep - Pullovers or Pushdowns - 5-6 [email protected] 15-20

Day #6 - Legs Light:

Front Squats / Pause Squats – 7 sets @ 5,4,3,2,1,1,1

Leg Extension - 4-5 sets @ 20-30

Adductor/Abductor machine superset - 4-5 sets @ 15-20

1-Legged Movement - Lunges / Speed Skater Squats / 1-Legged Squats - 4 sets @ 20

Seated calf raises- 4 sets @ 20-30

Day #7 - Back HEAVY:

Deadlifts/ From Floor / Blocks / Rack / Elevated / Stiff Legged / Banded – 7 sets @ 5,4,3,2,1,1,1

Pick One - T-Bars / Weighted Chins / Barbell Rows - 5x6-8 to a top set

Good Mornings - 3-4 sets @ 5 (moderate weight) OR...
Leg Curls - 4 sets of 20-30

Some form of a bicep curl - 4-5 sets @ 10-20

Day #8 - Interval Training and Abs:

5-10 minute warm-up walking at a moderate pace.

Ten hill sprints (or treadmill sprints on an incline). If making hill sprints, sprint up the hill and then walk down the mountain. Repeat ten times. If making treadmill sprints, set the treadmill to a 10% incline. Walk for 1 minute, Sprint all out for 30 seconds. Repeat ten times.

After the ten intervals, do 5-10 minutes of walking at a moderate pace for a cool down.

Next Up is The Ab Circuit:

        A. 3 round of tri-set #1 – TRX knee tuck-ins @ 20 / kneeling cable crunch @ 20 reps / land mine 180s @ 10 per side

     B. 3 rounds of tri-set #2 – Hanging leg raises @ 10 reps / weighted decline bench crunch @ 15 reps / side plank with leg raises @ 15 reps

      C. 3 rounds of tri-set #3 – Barbell ab rollout @ ten reps/decline bench lying leg raise @ 20 reps / 4-way front to back, side to side medicine ball twists @ 20 reps

Thanks to: Coach Paul Carter and Trevor for such an excellent article.




New Arrival Workout Equipment on Amazon for The Disabled





               Different types of workout equipment are designed to help people with restricted mobility carry out their activities usually. These workout equipment allow people with limited mobility to experience more independence and freedom, ensuring they live physically. Amazon's latest arrivals for people with disability have various options, which are of good quality and very affordable.

           Amazon's equipment for the disabled has been tried and tested before leaving their stores, making them dependable and of good quality. Each product also comes with a warranty in case it breaks down prematurely or doesn't meet the customer's expectations in some way.

ELENKER Upright Walker Workout Equipment

         Stand Up Folding Rollator Walker With 10 Front Wheels, Backrest Seat, and Padded Armrests.

           This walker currently costs $193.99 without the shipping or import fees. It is back straight and remains active. The walker keeps your forearms at a natural level and relieves painful stress on your shoulders and back. It's foldable and convenient, which makes it easy to assemble, there is no need for any tool, and it has a compact size for storage. The walker is usually in perfect condition before leaving the factory, ensuring its quality. It should assist the person exercising to have their back upright when standing or walking. It is ideal for people with neck or back surgery, the elderly, or any other disorders in their support structure.

REVEX Ice Pack Wrap for The Knee

             This gel ice pack wrap for knees usually relieves pain, leg injuries, swelling, and knee replacement surgery. It also helps in therapy for arthritis, meniscus tear, and ACL. It's now newly designed with a soft plush cover that is much better than towel wrapping. It prevents the condensed water from dripping after freezing. This cold wrap relieves swelling, sprains, and inflammation and speeds up the healing time. It's a reusable and durable, multifunctional ice wrap for the knee.

Leg Activator- The Seated Leg Exerciser and Physiotherapy Machine

             Seniors and the elderly use the leg activator machine to improve their health and blood circulation while sitting down. Additionally, it comes with ERGO-THERAPY in mind, where its movements are precise, continuous, and without vibrations; this will keep your legs moving continuously, improving your blood circulation. It is elementary to use; you plug in, place your feet's and just set your speed. Its current cost is $ 199.00. The leg activator helps to improve and change people's lives in a good way.

Sunny health and fitness magnetic under desk elliptical machine foot pedal exerciser fully assembled.

This pedal exerciser goes for $124.73, excluding shipping and import fees. It has a digital monitor that tracks time and speed calories and uses the central digital monitor. The workout equipment has a belt drive magnetic resistance and eight resistance levels. Anyone, including those with obesity, can use this pedal since it can measure one's calories.

FAN WER Toilet Aids Tool, Long Reach Comfort wipe

This answer extends your reach over 15 grips of toilet paper or pre-moistened wipes. It's currently costing $9.99, excluding the shipping and import fees, which are relatively low and a fair price, affordable to anyone. It helps those people bend, turn and reach. It's durable as it's made using a combination of solid plastic and rubber to provide long-term strength and use. It promotes self-sufficiency for the disabled and is relatively very easy to use. The toilet aid tool also helps older adults who cannot bend, people with back pains, and anyone with those similar issues.

Hand Extension Exerciser

This hand extension exerciser costs $29.99, excluding the shipping and import costs. It's an ANWAN brand that serves as a finger strengthener. It is for rehabilitation training for people with hand injuries, kids, and others prone to hand fatigue. It is safe and durable since it has excellent elasticity silicon. This finger exerciser is very portable since it's lightweight and it's small enough to fit a gym bag.

Sock Aid Tool and Pants Assist

This sock aid tool assists the elderly, disabled pregnant moms, and people with diabetes who have trouble bending over. It costs $13.99, making it very affordable to buy. The fast and easier way to put your socks on and take them off, place your stocking on the slider kit, and slide your foot in. We match every socking tool with a clip and pull dressing aid strap.

VAUNN Medical Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser with Electronic Display for Legs and Arms Workout.

This leg exerciser costs $39.99, excluding the shipping and import fees. It's a new model with a broader base and heavy-duty frame for increased stability and support during the cycle. It helps you with toned muscles and improves blood circulation strengthening your shoulders, arms, and legs. This leg exercise can be delightful as you combine your favorite activities with your workout routine. Training can be entertaining if you want it to be.

Leg Health Exerciser With 7 Display Touchscreen Recovery Cycle for Handicapped Disabled and Stroke Survivors

This leg exerciser helps to stimulate muscle movements, increase joint activity and reduce paralysis. It also helps to restore the walking ability of a person who is not walking by enhancing the coordination of the limbs. It is also beneficial as it can carry out rehabilitation training on both the upper and the lower limbs simultaneously, which is more conducive to enhancing the coordination ability of the limbs.

 Marcy-Pro Recumbent Workout Equipment/ Exerciser Bike

This marc pro workout equipment recumbent bike costs $349.99. It includes handles bars that move back and forth, much like an elliptical. Using this bike helps one to burn as many calories as possible during our ride. The seat is adjustable to fit the user's needs best. The sliding track used to adjust the seat is chrome. It makes changing the headquarters as easy and smooth as possible. It also helps you track your progress with the LCD computer display that shows the time, speed, distance, calories, and odometer.

Vive Transfer Sling Workout Equipment

This padded assist gait belt is used for mobility, standing, and lifting aid for disabled, elderly seniors, and injured people to safely move them from the bed to the wheelchair car and commode. The price of this belt is $37.99. It has an optional waist belt for greater security. The transfer sling is lined with a non-slip material to prevent the sling from riding up, slipping, or brunching. It has a 60 days guarantee, so you can easily purchase this belt without doubt or worry.

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Workout Equipment: Vive Transfer Blankets With Handles

It is a bed positioning pad and straps. It's a reusable, washable patient lifting device for body lifting, turning to slide, or moving. It safely assists patients and loved ones sitting up, turning over, or transferring with the vive transfer blanket. The reinforced waterproof blanket also has unique pockets for securing a backboard in the blanket for more significant support when moving patients. This blanket makes it easier for the family members to assist the person in need. It can support a person up to 300 pounds and has a one-year guarantee which makes it very dependable and durable. It currently costs $34.99.

Reacher grabber tool, 32 foldable grabbers for elderly

This foldable grabber costs 12.99, not including the shipping or import cost. It is extra lightweight due to the lightweight aluminum alloy material for easy grabbing. We use it to pick up items easily, help reduce labor intensity, and make our work more accessible. It picks up trash, reaches under furniture and bed, and picks up things like the newspaper. And also broken glass pieces and other things. People who have to bend over problems are the ones who usually benefit the most from this—the elderly, maternity moms, people with back pains, etc.

KIKIGOAL Convalescent feeding cup Working Equipment

It is a drinking cup with a straw for disabled patient maternity. It will also help people with drinking aid of water, porridge, or soup. The cup's current cost is $19.99, and it has a capacity of 350ml. It has a double-wall vacuum designed to keep the warm water longer. The mug also has a rotatable spout lid for different angles of use. This cup is beneficial for anyone with decreased hand strength. Or also talents, such as a disabled person or the elderly


Having a mobility limitation does not take away your freedom to exercise. Amazon has a variety of workout equipment to help its customers overcome. Or also at least be able to deal with the challenge that life throws at them.

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Training clothing: Marvel-Inspired Clothing on Amazon in 2023





Marvel is one of the biggest film franchises of the 21st century. Lately, the American giant has spread its wings to other sectors, such as clothing. Virtually everybody has a Marvel superhero they admire. You can identify these superheroes from several unique attributes, including their clothes. You have probably dreamed of wearing the same clothes as your hero. Marvel is well aware of this and has come up with superhero clothing you can buy. Most of the wear is sold on Amazon at incredibly affordable prices. This article will look at some Marvel clothing you can use for training on Amazon. 

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Marvel Men's Comic Full Zip-Up Hoodie

First on our list is this $44.95 full zip-up hoodie. It has a hooded neck and a soft brushed lining fabric for comfort. Notably, the smooth non-pilling outer layer gives the hoodie a classic design. It is blue and yellow, with an X symbol patched on the top-left chest, the X-men emblem on the sleeve, and the words 'Xavier Institute' printed on the back. The product is officially licensed by Marvel Apparel and is designed for the cosplay of the X-men. Additionally, the hoodie is multipurpose; it has two large pockets at the front to keep your hands warm, adjustable drawcords, a cuff and hem, a built-in hold, and an elastic band. It is the ultimate training clothing you should consider buying for comfort and versatility. 

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Two-Pocket Iron Man Leggings

You will get these iron man leggings for as little as $19.99 on Amazon. The product is made with safe material comprising 88% polyester and 12% spandex. Notably, the training leggings are ultra-soft and lightweight, allowing for natural movement as you run, cycle, or work out at the gym. It also provides quick air circulation, cools in the summer, and retains considerable heat during the cold season. Iron man leggings have an abrasive fabric to ensure good elasticity and durability. Finally, these leggings have left and right size 3*5" pockets to keep your items or tuck in your hands. 

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Shogun Fight Compression T-Shirt

For $54.00, the Shogun fight compression workout T-shirt is beautifully designed beyond comprehension. Its most notable feature is the full-color Samurai art at the front. The back also has dye-sublimated printing you cannot resist. Apart from the beautiful design, the T also has a premium rashguard. Finally, the Shogun compression T-shirt has a full-color wrap to ensure it does not crack or peel off over time. It is the ultimate training clothing every bodybuilder should have in their closet. 

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Iron Addict Bodybuilding T-shirt

You will get this beautifully decorated T-shirt for a mere $17.99 on Amazon. The iron addict. The bodybuilding T-shirt comes in solid colors. It is 100% cotton: Heather grey, 90% cotton, 10% polyester; All other teachers; 50% cotton and 50% polyester. The product is not only lightweight, but it is also a classic fit with a double-needle sleeve and bottom hem. Per the manufacturer's instructions, the T is machine was and at low heat. 

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Men's Women's Hooded Jacket 

This is the perfect hoodie if you're afraid of sunburns while training outdoors. The hooded jacket costs $25.97 on Amazon and has thumb holes to keep the sleeves in place. The jacket's safety is also guaranteed as it is made of 87% polyester and 13% spandex. Its silky fabric also gives ultimate comfort, thanks to state-of-the-art knitting technology. Comfort in this training clothing is further ensured by its soft-textured feel that is perfect for outdoor activities. Finally, the hoodie has two zippered pockets at the front. Here you can put keys, phones, and every other essential item you want to carry along. 

Spider-Man Vintage Top Tank 

For $25.99, this classic top is fully and officially licensed by Marvel Apparel. Its most essential feature is an expert double-needle sleeve and bottom hem knitting. Additionally, the T is a classic fit and lightweight. Black is the primary color, with seven more colors adding to its beautifully decorated appearance. Moreover, it is of solid colors: 100% cotton: Heather grey; 90% cotton, and 10% polyester; All other heathers; 50% cotton and 50% polyester. Place an order for this top today, and you might just become the spiderman of your gym. 

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Red Plume 3D Men's Muscle T-shirt

Do you want to show off that beautiful physique in a superhero manner? Well, the Red Plume Muscle T-shirt will do the job just fine. For as little as $9.90, this classic training clothing allows free natural motion while working out. Additionally, the soft material is unexplainably comfortable for a bodybuilder who wants to stretch out without limitation. You can don this outfit for virtually every season, be it soccer, cycling, hiking, basketball, tennis, baseball, and more. Lastly, the T-shirt is sweat-wicking to ensure comfort and dryness. 

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Guardians of the Galaxy Tank Top 

Officially licensed by Marvel Apparel, this $25.99 top tank is all you need for a stylish workout look. The outfit is lightweight and classic, with a double-needle sleeve and bottom hem. This feature makes it durable, without mentioning the stretching part. The cloth comes in solid colors: 100% cotton: Heather grey; 90% cotton, 10% polyester; All other teachers; 50% cotton and 50% polyester. It is white with three more colors to add to its magnificent appearance. 

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HOOLAZA Avengers Superheroes T-Shirt

This is men's only training clothing inspired by Marvel's Avengers. It goes for $13.99, a very affordable price for anyone looking for quality. Talking of quality, the T is made with a professional compression stretch fabric that is perfect for any workout. Additionally, it is breathable and with an excellent moisture transport system. If you want to display that ripped body to the world, this is just the perfect T-shirt for the job. It will outline all your delicate features, thanks to its skin-hugging design. However, the top still gives freedom of movement as you work out. You can wear this outfit while cycling, running, yoga, soccer training, basketball, tennis, and more. 

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Superhero Captain Compression T-shirt Training Clothing 

Last on our list of Marvel-inspired training is this $16.99, 100% polyester compression T-shirt. The T comes in many sizes, so you must refer to the size chart to find one that fits you well. Notably, the outfit is elastic and short-sleeved to protect your hands from harsh weather. Its comfort is enhanced further by an ergonomic design that makes it both lightweight and stylish. The T-shirt is designed to hug your muscles, thus showing your perfect figure underneath. It doesn't cause any friction whatsoever, even though it grabs tightly. Finally, you could use it for various outdoor activities and sports,, such as running, cycling, hiking, and more. 

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Take Away 

Marvel continues to fill our lives with its entertainment. We appreciate their excellent work and feel obligated to return the favor. With this training clothing, we can show the world that bodybuilders are superheroes in their own right. Notably, the Marvel-inspired outfits are a great source of motivation for every bodybuilder who wants to achieve the impossible. Don't forget to pass by our shop to grab quality steroid products and supplements for your bodybuilding needs.

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10 Transgender Bodybuilders Who Are Killing It At the Gym





Transgender people are men and women who have discovered their true identities long after birth. Being transgender and a bodybuilder at the same time is not easy. Society hasn't embraced them, and some take a lot of time before coming out and enjoying life like everyone else. However, some exemplary individuals have overcome this obstacle and are living their best lives. In this article, we will highlight ten transgender bodybuilders who have conquered the sport to the bewilderment of everyone.

Rese Weaver

Rese Weaver is a renowned activist for the LGBT community and the Black Lives Matter movement. After transitioning and taking hormone replacement therapy, Weaver embarks on a journey to change her physical appearance. He wanted to look like the ripped guys in the magazines but didn't know where to start. Fortunately, his friend introduced him to a gym, and he has never looked back. Like many other trans bodybuilders, Rese has the International Association of Trans Bodybuilders (IATB) to thank for his success. The organization has helped trans bodybuilders overcome the stigma at the gym and outside. However, Rese is unique in that he doesn't relate bodybuilding to identity, unlike most transgender people. His diet includes lots of protein and fewer calories. Rese also prefers deadlifts, squats, cardio, and bench press twice weekly. He hopes to break as many strongman records as possible shortly.

Bucky Motter

You have probably heard of the infamous Bucky Motter through her website or another platform. Motter has since retired from active bodybuilding but runs a facility that caters to people who share her story transgenders. The veteran bodybuilder who doubles up as a singer and guitar teacher discovered her person in the late 80s. She competed in her first powerlifting contest at the age of 19. In 2000, she took part in the gay games held in Chicago. Motter would later compete in her first international contest in 2005 at the NPC Atlanta bodybuilding contest. Motter has Coffe's Gym to thank for her breakthrough in bodybuilding. Her coach at the facility, going by the name of John, was instrumental in helping her discover her passion.

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Alex Tilinca

Tilinca started transitioning at the age of 13. He never really accepted his body and always wanted to change it. Tilinca was one of the lucky trans people who got their top surgery at a relatively young age. He had his at 16 and the hormone-blocking therapy and testosterone after that. Talinca worked his way up the ladder to become one of the most successful transgender bodybuilders and a coach. He won a significant first major competition while in college as a freshman.

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Additionally, he won his first teen classic physique title at 18. Tilinca runs an 8-week fitness course for trans men at his facility. He discovered a shortage of methods to prepare them for what lies ahead regarding transgender bodybuilding.

Janae Marie Kroc

Janae Marie Kroc was born Matthew Raymond, but she didn't like her identity and was determined to change it. Marie was a troubled child growing up; she struggled through humiliation because of her identity. It was not until 2015 that Marie decided to transition. However, she used to compete in the men's category before the transition and still does. Marie identifies as gender-fluid; the powerlifter uses female pronouns but competes in the men's category. She won the Arnold Classic WPO powerlifting championship in 2006. Importantly, Marie Kroc set a world record when she did 2551 pounds of total lift, a form yet to be broken. One of her dreams was always to pursue an IFBB pro card in the men's category.

Ajay Holbrook

Ajay Holbrook is another example of transgender bodybuilders concurring the world. It is Holbrook's routine to start daily training with his favorite music. The music not only entertains but also gives him the motivation to achieve the day's goals. He came out as trans at the age of 13. Before then, he didn't like doing his hair or wearing dresses, which troubled his mother, Holly.

After transitioning, Holbrook embarked on taking testosterone to get bigger and stronger. Notably, he trained hard and reached a milestone of 145 pounds. His goal was to get to 200 pounds with the help of a high-protein diet and rigorous training. He worked so hard to achieve this that he felt nobody could treat him like a girl anymore. Holbrook stood up to his father once, stuck his chest, and looked him in the eye. His father, who has always viewed him differently, obliged and walked away. Ajay Holbrook has a huge Instagram following where he entertains and educates on matters touching transgender bodybuilders. You might want to follow him and learn more about his incredible journey to freedom.

Josey Lynn Davis

She is a 45-year-old transgender bodybuilder who competed as a man in 15 national competitions. She, however, took a 10-year hiatus from bodybuilding for reasons best known to her. Davis emerged as a transgender woman in 2017; she was scared of how people would view her hence the delay. Like many trans bodybuilders like her, she found refuge in the IATB. The organization gave Davis the support needed to forge ahead and realize her dreams. She was the first transgender woman to compete and won a title under this organization's umbrella. She now lives and enjoys her life in Tenn near Knoxville.

Laurell Hubbard

Laurell Hubbard is a transgender bodybuilder from New Zealand with quite a reputation. First, she is the first trans bodybuilder to compete in the Olympics. Additionally, Hubbard was the heaviest woman in the Australian International and Australian Open 90kg+ category. She also won in the 123kg snatch and 145kg clean & jerk types. Hubbard transitioned to a woman in 2012 and began hormone replacement therapy afterward. One of her latest achievements is winning the women's +87kg gold medal at the 2020 World Cup in Rome, Italy.

Charles Bennett

Although he didn't transition until 56, Charles Bennett's career spans over two decades. It was not until the age of 63 that he started competing as a man. Bennett is one of the pioneers of the World Transgender Bodybuilding Competition, which began in 2014. And for the first time, Bennett was proud to compete without a top. He enjoys immense support from his wife of 31 years, Erica Grace. Since transitioning to a man, Bennett has acted more as a coach than a competitor. He helps transgender bodybuilders who are struggling to find their space.

Neo Sandja

The story of Neo Sandja as a transgender person is rather sad. Growing up, he got so much stress that his identity crisis drove him to attempt suicide. Sandja jumped onto the road in front of an oncoming car. As fate would have it, the car screeched to a halt, which is how he survived. The stress did not end there; he used to drink a lot, but that could not solve the problem. He somehow found the courage and wrote a coming-out email that got mixed reactions. Sandja has since launched a blog called FTM Fit Con to help others with the same predicament as him.

Praveen Nath

Last on our list is this brave trans bodybuilder from Kerala, India. He had a rough transition from a girl to a boy, but he won the battle anyway. Initially, Nath struggled to break into a major competition until his couch vouched for him. He subsequently got a spot at Kerala State Bodybuilding Association. While there, his coach, Vinu, asked him not to reveal his identity to gym mates yet. It was not until he won the Mr. Thrissur title that his identity got revealed. Nath is an LGBTQIA+ activist and advocacy coordinator in Sahayatrika. Finally, he follows a strict diet that takes a toll on his finances to maintain his newfound job.


Bodybuilding, unlike some times back, has been diversified to accommodate all groups of people. The new kids on the block are transgender bodybuilders who are not leaving anything to chance. We have highlighted only a handful of others who are pushing their limits to write their names among the greatest. Explore our blog for more informational and motivating articles.

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