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Lift Harder By Improving your Intensity And Mental Focus




              You are building muscle as a result of hard work you put in each training sessions. Miss out to hit gym few times and you are thrown away from the results you wanted so desperately to achieve. On the other side, randomly lifting weights without a plan and goal in mind is less likely to get you to the point where you want to get.  Unless you are a lucky one and naturally gifted you with the best genres ever. To work harder in the gym you have to be totally dedicated to what you do and push your limits with every workout.

              Muscles don’t grow if don’t get stimulated enough. Increasing the stress level gradually is a good way to blast out amazing results with every training session. Reaching such level of productivity is almost impossible without strong intensity and willing to succeed. If there’s one element that set apart a champion from an ordinary bodybuilder then this is the drive for working out. Boost your workout intensity using the below-mentioned tips and get most of your gym time.

1. Set Clear Goals For Each Day

Diversify your HIIT to Gain Muscle and don’t get Overtrained Lift

          Before entering the gym make sure you know what you have to achieve today. Whether this is the number of sets, reps or the weight to lift, it’s always easier to get something done when you already have a goal.

2. Watch The Clock

Watch The Clock Lift

          A study shows that short, intense workout brings much better results than long ones. Therefore, instead of 60 minutes of exercising limit to 35-40 minutes and get at least 1-2 rest days between training session.

            The time between sets has also to be shortened since it proved to increase the workout effectiveness when limited to 60 seconds. Have your bottle of water next to you and avoid chatting. This will surely help you to have all your exercises done within 35 minutes of training.

3. Warm Up


          You might know that warming up is crucial for not getting injured.  Besides this, an 8-10 minutes warm-up is great for getting you in the mood for exercising. The pass toward hard lifting is smoother when you start with warming and you don’t feel the high pressure.

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4. Stick to Free-Weight Exercises


        Workouts done on machines can improve your resistance training, but more productive are bodyweight or free-weight exercises. You will constantly increase the size and this will motivate enough to keep training. This especially important for those who easily get discouraged and lose interest if a long time is needed to see first results.

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           For a newcomer, this is the way to go and stay on the track. An advanced bodybuilder already achieved enough for allowing to spend the time of isolation exercises.

5. Get a Coach Or Partner

A Coach Lift

            Not all of us can work great alone. If it’s your case don’t hesitate to take a coach or partner to assist you or work together. While a coach is quite simple, finding a partner in which strength is similar to yours is more difficult, but definitely not impossible. Training with someone causes you to compete, to want to get more which is a great stimulator.

6. Eat More

What is Wrong with a Dirty Bulk Diet? Lift

          After a while of hard training, you may feel exhausted and lack energy. It’s normal to be so since you upgraded to a new level. Therefore your body has to be fueled enough to be able to cope with the new load and build muscle. Exclude fast food or any other type of poor nutrition. You invested so much effort in your workout that’s really sad to misuse this advantage this way.

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7. Take a Look on Other Peers In The Gym Lift

Peers In The Gym Lift

          This may be a good exercise to get you motivated to move further. When you see other individuals working hard next to you and releasing such great build body you will want to be a part of them. Go back to work and make others envy you!

8. Change Things To Make Your Training More Interesting


          Performing exercises in the same order for a long time can be very boring. In order to diversify your training, allow yourself to play a bit with exercises and change their order as you feel.

         Don’t come to the gym just because you need to be there. Find ways to like what you do, diversify, modify, implement new tactics and enjoy what you do.


           Always try to get all out of your lift workout and make each training a bit harder than the last one was.  Keep yourself motivated and focused by using the above-mentioned tips. Train at you best and soon the results will be seen.


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