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Winstrol Cycle- The Guide for Body Builders



winstrol steroid

If you are new to the world of body building and if you wish to achieve the body that you’ve always dreamed off, don’t you wish there was a handbook for that? The ultimate guide to achieve your desired biceps or triceps.

Well the not so secret formula is not just slaving yourself in the gym for hours and hours. The cuts will not just come from lifting at least not all.

New to This?

If your new to this and wants a steady and solid tissue and muscle gain minus water retention, then Winstrol may just be the one for you.

Winstrol effects whatsteroids.comBe On the Loop!

Before starting out any fitness or in this case fitness aid regimen, make sure to equip yourself with enough information. Do not just listen to hearsay or testimonials. Do your research and make educated choices.

Like in any drugs, there will be side effects. It is better to use compounds that has a short active life. This is to make sure that the steroids are off your system fast should you decide to stop the cycle.

Ester Who?

Ester is used to delay the release of testosterone into the system. Some steroids with ester are Enanthate, Cypionate and Propionate. These have slow release effect and has an active life of ~two weeks.

Testosterone is very effective in quick strength and muscle gains. So if you’re a neophyte, going slow may just be the way to go.

Win with Winny!

Winstrol or commonly called Winny is an oral steroid which brings steady gains in muscle mass compared to other steroids. It is very popular in the market and said to be produce in various underground laboratories in 10mg and 50mg tablets. While it is also available in injections, many newbies prefer the tablet forms. It does not matter as to what time you take it as long as you take it before a mean to avoid any tummy upset. Most body builders use Winny to preserve muscle tissue and reduce body fats hence the ‘cut’.

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Cocktails Anyone?

To achieve the ‘cut’, most body builders use Winstrol to help them retain lean muscles and reduce fat, if you wish to heighten the anabolic effect of the cycle, they may stack it with testosterone. Stacking it with a drug called Trenbolone will help the user to get very hard and defined appearance at the same time reducing body fat with the aid of good old cardio and a proper diet.


When taking in something artificial such as hormones, it may take a while for the body to again produce these hormones naturally. It’s like the body taking a break or a vacation when the hormones is in full force action. The body needs to know that it needs to produce the hormones again. Hence, the PCT.

Sidetrack the Side Effects

Like in anything, make sure to take this with a grain of salt. There are side effects. The liver might take a beating with Winstrol so make sure not to use this drugs excessively. Do not drink alcoholic beverages during the time that you are on Winstrol, this is not a very brilliant idea. Of course, taking Winstrol with a medical condition is also not a very brilliant idea.

Winstrol for Newbie:

Here is an ideal guide in taking in Winstrol if you are new to this.

Week 1 50mg daily
Week 2 50mg daily
Week 3 50mg daily
Week 4 50mg daily
Week 5 50mg daily
Week 6 PCT
Week 7 PCT
Week 8 PCT

Common Winstrol steroid cycles for both cutting and bulking effect:

Winstrol Cycles 1

Winstrol Cycles

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