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Different Types of Steroids:

Everyone knows that there are steroids which are excellent for gaining muscle mass and strength. However, the professional bodybuilders and steroid consumers heard about bulking cycles.

A bulking cycle is a period in which you take steroids to gain muscle mass, weight and strength. During this period, you will also get fat, and if you can’t control your fat body, then you will have to take steroids which are designed for the fat burning.

Remember that even if you want to start losing weight by using steroids, you will still have to work out or even to follow a strict diet; otherwise you won’t burn any calorie.

The First Mistake:


Those who have a bit of knowledge about steroids are making one of the biggest mistakes. They consider that Clenbuterol and Cytomel are weight-loss steroids, when they are HGH, which means Human Growth Hormones. However, these hormones are providing a better fat losing process than the steroids.

As an example, Cytomel is a synthetic T3 hormone which is having the effect of requesting a greater energy for your body to work. It means that you will do a higher effort with everything you do and this way you will start losing fat.

Those are just hormones, but there are also steroids which are helping you a lot to get rid of extra kilos. One of the best examples will be Winstrol.


Steroids Which are Helping You to Lose Fat

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One of the most popular steroids which are designed for fat loss is Winstrol. This steroid is particularly use for cutting a bulking cycle, when the results are not very good.

However, even if you take Winstrol or any other hormones for losing fat, you will still have to work out in order to get rid of the kilos.

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Where you can find these Steroids and Hormones?

A lot of people are really considering cutting off their bulking cycle, because the results are unpleasant. Some of them are getting fat, instead of getting muscles, because they followed the right treatment with steroids, but the workout didn’t work as they expected. When a cycle is not offering the desired result, then they will have to start losing weight, using another set of steroids and hormones.

Some doctors might not recommend something like that, because it could be harmful for the body, but when someone wants to gain muscle mass fast, and then he or she will certainly want to lose the fat fast. There are a lot of places in which you can find steroids and hormones.

As an example, Clenbuterol, Cytomel and Winstrol are very popular for losing weight, and they could be purchased from a lot of website stores without a medical prescription.

The proper approach to buying steroids online is a MUST to read article if you want to avoid scammers and stay safe while  purchasing.

How Healthy are the HGH and Steroids?


human-growth-hormoneUsually people are considering that the steroids and HGHs are very damaging for the human body. Yes, they actually are if you are not taking them according to a strict advice.

It’s always a good idea to visit a doctor, a gym trainer or a bodybuilder before starting a bulking cycle or before stopping a cycle.

These products are not that harmful, especially if they are original, because on the black market you can easily get cheated and you can purchase fake steroids made from low-quality substances.

The best example to prove that the steroids are not harmful is the fact that they will not produce any muscle or they will not eliminate any fat from your body unless you’re not working out.

They are just helping the human body to get in the point that everyone wants but they are not replacing the training or the diet.

We never get bored to repeat that caution is needed when steroids are used. Here are the what steroids effects on human body. Keep this image in mind every time you think about increasing the  dosage or cycle length. steroids-graphic




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