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Worst HGH Side Effects in The Long Run




Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Side Effects:

       The pituitary gland produces this protein, and different hormones control its production levels. Injuries, exercise, and sleep patterns also affect its production in the body. GH's role in children and teenagers is significant as it controls the growth rate of cartilage and bone. It also promotes protein synthesis, fat utilization process, and IGF-1 levels in the blood.

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HGH as Medicine:


        It is available as a drug or medicine, and doctors recommend its injections with proper dose patterns if a person is diagnosed with GH deficiency.

        This hormone provides additional strength against fractures, causes an increase in muscle mass, and energy level, and minimizes heart disease risks. Results show that it is not without side effects, such as fluid retention, muscle and joint pain, and its long-term use causes high sugar levels.

Athletic Performance:


      Athletes use this hormone to get strength and muscle mass to improve their performance. It reverses the process of aging, so actors and models also use it to look young and gorgeous. GH's adverse side effects are carpal tunnel disorder, fluid retention, breast enlargement, and joint pain; moreover, it increases the cancer risk.

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HGH /Exercise/ Patterns:


       Research shows that GH is not safe and effective, but proper exercise and diet with heavy protein will increase the positive results. The hormone increases exercising power, bone density, and muscle mass growth and strength. Therefore athletes use it sometimes single and as stacks with other steroids.

     It has to play mandatory bodily functions, such as enhancing metabolism and reversing aging. It treats kidney diseases, weak children, Prader-Willi disorder, HGH insufficiency, and Turner syndrome.

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HGH Forms:


        HGH is a natural hormone that is mandatory for growth and cell multiplication. It says that it boosts the production of testosterone. Scientific studies have not proven its potential benefits, and it is not recommended for use due to its associated side effects. It is available in injection form for intramuscular and as subcutaneous injections.

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The Positive Site of HGH Use:

           Its use has been increasing since the 1980s; initially, it was used to treat children.   In 1985, cadaver-GH was used for medical use, but it caused CJD brain disorder in patients that resulted in paralysis, dementia, incontinence, slurred speech, coma, blindness, and even death.

         In 1981, the corpse re with HGH, and till now, it is used to treat HGH deficiency and for other purposes.  GH deficiency causes significant health problems such as cardiovascular disease, weight gain, cholesterol issues, fatigue, arthritis, high insulin resistance, hair loss, osteoporosis, diabetes, and sarcopenia, and HGH therapy is thus beneficial for GH-deficient persons. HGH side effects remained under control at recommended small dosages, while large dosages and long-term use are harmful. The “Endocrinology and Metabolism” journal has a ten-year HGH experimental study that has summarized all benefits of HGH.

Side Effects:


  • HGH Inflated levels cause numerous problems. HGH use has many side effects that include:
  • Carpal tunnel disorder: It causes fluid retention. In this disorder, the user feels intense pain in his hands, wrists, and fingers.
  • Nerve and joints pain: Body joints and nerves feel high pressure and resistance that cause pain.
  • Fluid retention problem causes legs and arms swelling, and pain.
  • It causes an increase in cholesterol levels in the body
  • Dead and itchy skin: Although HGH reverses aging effects its irregular and massive use negatively affect the skin.
  • It increases high diabetes and heart diseases risk
  • Its continual use gives rise to cancerous tumors in the body.
  • Causes fatigue, mood swings, and withdrawal problem.
  • Decreases blood sugar level
  • Gives rise to liver problems
  • Gynecomastia: In men, it gives rise to female features such as enlarged breasts and others.
  • Acromegaly: In this disorder, head, hands, feet, nose, and jaw and other facial features or body parts excessively grow, moreover, internal organs can also enlarge in size. You can see bloated and bulging abdomens in bodybuilders.
  • HGH artificially enhances the body’s capabilities. Long-term HGH use increases cancer risk. The IGH-1 promotes cell growth and prevents cell death, and in this way, burst cell growth increases the cancer risk.

Fun Facts:

  • Synthetic HGH is FDA-approved for medical uses to treat adults and children. However, the use of HGH hormone is banned by the International Committee of Olympics, World ADA Agency, and other sport holding international organizations.
  • A research was conducted in California to assess GH use levels by athletes. Young, lean, and physically healthy individuals were evaluated, and 303 volunteers give GH injections. After 20 days of inspection, GH increased body mass, fluid mass, and fatigue than the volunteers who did not receive any such drug.
  • SeroVital is a dietary supplement that can naturally enhance HGH levels. It has amino acid structure and works like the HGH hormone for anti-aging, muscle mass strength, and body fat reduction.

     SeroVital that is an alternative substitute of HGH also has side effects that are less intensive as compared to amino acids that include stomach pain, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, bloating, asthma symptoms, gout, constipation, low BP, heartburn, and allergic reaction.

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Search well and consult with a specialist before going for HGH use.

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