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Thyroid Hormones For Fat Loss In Women




            A 40-year-old woman claimed to be active in the sport. She started to join swimming competition when she was a kid and eats healthily on organic foods. She, however, admitted her big appetite of eating after training is helpless. Also, she never really counts calories but fortunately, with the sports she does, she never has an issue with weight or body fat. As years pass by, she can’t keep off the fat and she took T4 wrongly. The overdosed of T4 has led her to bulk. The heart rate began to increase but the fat loss program is effective although it caused another trouble.

         And then she tried T3, but this time, with a proper dosage of 100 mcg/day. But another problem occurred as the heart rate affects her training and the fat loss program is no longer effective. She supported her training with fat loss supplement including thyroid hormone.

But another question comes to mind, is it effective? And what about the difference between T3 and T4?

           This woman’s case is a genetically gifted one. She is able to stay slim while having a big appetite. Not all people are able to maintain a lean body while eating a lot and only rely on training. At the age of 40, the case is different. Our body will experience a certain degrade and getting back a lean body might not be easy like when you are 20. Hence, calories are the things to avoid if you want to lose some fat.

Fat Loss Supplements:

           Fat loss supplements may be effective for some people. It works by reducing your appetite released by the chemical substance in the supplement. In return, it raises the metabolic rate and the process. This significant loss of appetite, causes an individual to eat less – and loss fat. The supplement products generally work like this. 

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  • The T3 Effect

          When you take T3, the food you consume has to ‘work’ to match the calorie burning rate. This way, you don’t lose fat.

  • The T4 Effect

           T4 is rather extreme or stronger than T3. And you will have fat loss.

Thyroid Hormones: Don’t Overdose it

thyroid hormones effects

             It is important to note that thyroid hormones must not be abused. Once overdose, it is hard to actually recover. The powder is not recommended, however, if an individual needs to take it, it must be in a very small dose and prescribed by a nutritionist if possible because there has to be an exact 100% of certainty.

       Some women have been reportedly gaining weight and it is a noticeable sign that they have overdosed on the thyroid. Even when they have struggled, they can’t figure out why. Thyroid impair is caused by the wrong dosage and it affects the slowing down of your rate.

The Recommended Intake of Thyroid Hormone:

  • The best dosage is less than 50 mcg/day for T3.  You need to divide it into 3 doses.
  • The best dosage T4 is less than 200 mcg/day.

T4 vs T3:

       T4 has a longer effect when used than T3. Hence, it is preferable to take T4. However, for some individuals, T3 is proven to be more effective. People find that T3 is more convenient in terms of conversion.

Thyroid Affects Most Women:

          There are many reasons why women have thyroid issues and here are some of the factors

  • Pregnancy
  • PMS
  • And per menopause

         The calorie intake must be well monitored. The dose of thyroid hormone needs to be a certain number allowed because it will affect the metabolic rate.

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