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What To Do When An Illness Interrupts A Steroid Cycle



What To Do When An Illness Interrupts A Steroid Cycle

         It is a common issue that someone gets sick during a steroid cycle. It will become a problem because one cannot train well – the way they use to. And the energy might not be full as when they are healthy. There will be questions arise, such as, should you cut the cycle? Or should you continue instead? What about lowering the dose? You need a quick fix because you have to stick to the plan. What should you do then?

Change Or Not To Change:

           Although many people are eager to change their plan, it is best to stick to it. An illness condition might occur for days and even weeks so it actually depends on the body’s condition. If it is just a fever, that should go on its course after a few days and you should not change the plans. However, if you experience a rather serious illness that needs treatments for more than a week, then the case is different.

End The Steroid Cycle, Start Another Earlier:

          This is the trait. When you end a cycle, you can start another cycle earlier. It will compensate the schedule you have lost. Of course, this is again for you because you will have another program soon to replace the week off that you have lost. It is a loss when you still insist on continuing your cycle while you are in a sick condition. It does no good to your body. Hence, this plan is not a setback. It is a progress actually.

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Check On The Testosterone Hormone Level:


        If your testosterone shows a good condition before you started the cycle, then the recovery can be done by using PCT – a typical SERM that you can use after a short cycle length like 7 weeks or 5 weeks or less.

          There are several options of SERM such as Nolvadex or Clomid.

        These are safe to use. However, you should strictly monitor your progress, if your testosterone is not recovering quickly; naturally, you need to take the low dose like HCG.

          The dosage normally ranges 50 to 100 mg per week. Do not take too much dose because it would affect the immune system because of the drop in testosterone level.

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clomid use

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Intermediate Steroid Doses:

            You need to choose to be on the recovery or stick to the on cycle. The steroid loses is quite a waste and the muscle loss while you are sick, will be regained after. The steroid use that you start earlier will be an effective thing to do instead of avoiding what you lose.

Choose To Optimize The Usage:

           The anabolic steroid might be effective but when you are in an ill condition, it is not wise to take it. You are not in a good condition to train and this will not optimize its usage. You will only waste it.

           There are numbers of recommendation to use after you recover your health and would like to take a cycle of steroid once more. Many experts have been explaining this issue and there are numbers of factors that determine if you should take a lower or higher dosage of steroids. To conclude this matter, it is essential to evaluate everything from your testosterone to your health condition.


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