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Using Steroids To Prepare For A Drug-Tested Physical Performance Evaluation At Work




                 The physical test is necessary when you want to apply for a job. Some people have to undergo a basic drug test, however, for some people with a constant training at the gym, it may not be easy because they still need to maintain the muscle and improving their work out session but still needs to boost the test performance.

          For instance, strength and endurance are necessary for the test. Wanting to optimize the performance, taking a break would only mean starting all over again and this physical test can be grueling because you need to be very fit for it – also for the drug test.

              The issue above has been a ghost for some of the employees who train well in the gym and use steroids but also want to pass the drug test for the sake of their future career. So what to do when you come across this problem?

Anabolic Steroids:

legal-steroids Drug test

           Anabolic steroids can actually solve this basic problem. However, the anabolic steroids may not improve the post cycle endurance. But when you add mass to muscles, you can improve it by weightlifting only with light masses.

         The testosterone can become low – which is not something you want. After strong weeks of supporting your work out, this is not the situation you want about this hormone.

            Anabolic steroids can improve the recovery during your weeks of training. The accumulated microtrauma might, however, hold you back.

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Good Recommendation:

Good Recommendation for Drug test

           The 4 weeks of testosterone is a good way to start. The 4-5 week is the best time with a dose of 500 mg/week. And then you can lower down the dosage prior to the test, for example, take only 200 mg/week for a week before your test.

  • HCG at 500 IU 3x/week until the test
  • Along with human growth hormone or HGH at 2 IU/day.

        This method will give a good support for the training without falling off because the testosterone hormone level is easily shifted without a shock. Though this is not a guarantee to pass the drug test, it should lower down the level. HCG or HGH is not a common type to be drug tested so the testosterone is the only thing you should be worrying about.

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Drug test

Your Training will Affect The Overall Drug Test:

             As much as you worry about the test, it is also suggested that you focus on your physical training – especially when the test due date is approaching. Stick to the above steroid cycle and hopefully, it makes a great difference.

Why Employers are Concerned About Steroid Use?

Why Employers are Concerned About Steroid Use? Drug test

            Although this type of steroid is produced naturally in our body, some individuals consume this prescribed treatment for several conditions. But most issues are the misuse of this steroid. Muscle building or enhancing physical appearance are two of the most common use of anabolic steroid but with improper dosage, it could lead to many side effects.

              It could also disrupt the safety at work when an individual takes an anabolic steroid along with other drugs without precaution. It potentially results from numerous side effects. This is why many employers have their employees tested, to ensure they are completely fitted for their job. Excessive use of steroid can make a potential employee loses his or her job. Some work like drivers have a certain recommendation of a standard and might fail when the result exceeds.

Steroids Use Signs:

Steroids Use Signs Drug test

          Sometimes there's no need for a medical check-up to catch you on taking steroids. Here is a list of physical signs that indicate on steroids. We have listed them in our previous post How to identify if someone is on steroids where you will find also steroids use signals in women.

  • Severe acne on chest, back, and face. This happens because of the high level of hormone in the body, which can be caused by other factors too. But if the person you know is suddenly experiencing acne abnormalities while increasing muscle mass. Then the more probably he is taken steroids.
  • Reddish glow skin. This is a result of high blood pressure, which increases because of water retention steroid use side effects. That’s why if you notice such a skin color in someone then be sure that muscle gains were not done naturally.
  • Bloated gut. Of course do not confuse it with just fat guys, whose chances to be on steroids are quite a few. But if you see a muscular body with the bloated stomach, then this person is more probably a steroid user.
  • Irregular muscle development. In case of steroid users, muscles of the upper part of the body- shoulders, deltoids, trapezius - are obviously much more developed than the lower part. If you see a strange difference in the muscles development of lower and upper body part than you can consider this person a “juicer”.
  • Gynecomastia, or beach tits. This is the most feared side effects of steroids users since it causes a very in echestetic appearance that can be removed only surgically.
  • The gain of muscle mass with no fat is another sign that a person is on steroids. Naturally, bodybuilding doesn’t allow you to gain an impressive amount of muscle mass with no fat, while through steroids such an effect can be easily achieved. So, greatly increasing muscle mass with no fat is in most cases a result of steroid use.
  • Baldness. It cause high amounts of testosterone in the body, which usually steroids do. But even normal bodybuilders can cause early baldness because weightlifting elevates testosterone level. This situation is worse when the bodybuilder is prone to baldness.
  • An increase in trap size. Steroids cause a quick increase of neck muscle. If someone managed to increase the neck muscle size dramatically in a short period of time than this is due to steroids. In a naturally way neck muscles are not easy to develop and require a long life of special training.

         From a social point of view, steroids users are more secretive, spend more time alone, in the bathroom or other places where steroids can be injected. Also, they can be less communicative, suffer from sudden mood changes, being depressive and poor decision makers peoples.

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          Stick to moderate use of steroids. Not only that you will add steady muscle mass, but also there's no risk for health damage and occurrence of one of the side effects described above.


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