Why Harm Reduction is a Nightmare for Anti-Doping Crusaders

Steroids are synthetic compound which can help our body to keep protein and gain body mass and strength. Steroids can be used in many sports, they are very popular in bodybuilding, but often they are prohibited. It’s illegal to use them to increase your abilities over natural boundaries. That’s why there exists an anti-doping control to make sure that all athletes have achieved their results on their own.

загруженноеWhat is anti-doping?

Every country has their anti-doping agency and there is also World anti-doping agency (WADA). They have regulative, statutes, codes, strategies for keeping every competition in a professional rank and a fair play. It’s never possible to test all athletes at some competition, so they are chosen randomly. If they refuse to go and give their blood for analyses, they risk of being banned out from the competition and getting a prohibition that can last for years. They also risk taking away all their medals and achievements from them.

Harm reduction:what it is?

Harm reduction is a way to reduce negative and harmful effects of different medicines that people use. Harm reduction is used to reduce drug effects like heroin. So, it’s obviously that harm reduction isn’t always something that’s legal. Harm minimization is also used to reduce many side effects that steroids can have.

Different objectives

So, now it’s obvious why people from anti-doping agency are against harm reduction policies. Harm reduction policies are there so they can reduce many negative effects steroids and drug use can have. Many people think just a little in advance, they don’t look at long term consequences steroid usage can have. Harm reduction is trying to protect all athletes from consequences they can experience. But harm reduction policy is not protecting them from health issues they can have later in life, just only from legal punishments they can have if it’s revealed that they have used some sort of prohibited medicine. Anti-doping exist only to make sure that you haven’t used any medicine that is not allowed. They also won’t tell you that steroid usage is harmful for your organism.

Anabolic steroids and PEDs

Anabolic steroids are synthetic compound that help you gain body mass and strength. Anabolic steroids are type of steroid that is used in many challenging sports where strength is a relevant part of the game. PEDs are performance-enhancing drugs that can make you more persistent during some competition. Performance enhancing drugs can also have positive health benefits besides negative effects they have. After all, PEDs are drugs just like any other.

images (4)Harm reduction and PEDs

Many people consider this as a very dangerous combination because harm reduction will cause performance enhancing drugs without side effects or ‘’safe’’ steroids. This is actually the objective that harm reduction is trying to achieve. Many people disagree if this is moral or not, but only thing that’s sure is that people from anti-doping agencies don’t like this. This is something like their bad dream.


Why are anti-doping agencies against safe steroids?

Main problem is that people don’t want to project their life far away in the future and as a result, they all think only in a sort term. Not all athletes are stimulated to take steroids. Some of them don’t think twice when they take them. And some of them take deeply conversation with themselves before they decide to take steroids. Many side effects that steroids produce are why some people decide not to take them. There are simply too many health risks, short term and long term looking. Safe steroids and PEDs without any side effect may encourage many people to start taking these drugs. Because, when they no longer have any influence on our health, there are no obstacles for us to take them. And long term looking, this will encourage many young people and athletes in the future to use steroids and PEDs to make them look better. This is actually the answer for this articles title, this is why harm reduction is a nightmare for anti-doping crusaders.

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