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The Differences Between Antiestrogens, Anti-aromatases and Estrogen Antagonists




             You may be wondering and asking yourself questions about steroids. If you are into bodybuilding, definitely, some of these questions must have popped out and wondered whether or not to use the steroids. But come to think of it, the Anti-Estrogens, Anti-Aromatases, the Estrogen Antagonists… what are they? What does it mean if somebody is using one of them? How much of a benefit are they to the body? Or still, how do they help in bodybuilding? All are a question that you must be trying to find answers to. Just hang on tight because I shall be taking you through a comprehensive tour on these steroids.

What The Anti-Estrogens, Anti-Aromatases and Estrogen Antagonists Mean?



         Anti-Estrogens! Just as the name suggests, they are the drugs that once taken, they tend to reduce the estrogenic activities in the body.

         The anti-estrogens can be classified into two classes, basically, there are the naturally occurring or the herbs and still, there are the synthesized estrogens and all work to achieve the same objective.



      Anti-Aromatases, on the other hand, refer to the drugs that are responsible for suppressing the aromatase from being produced, and thus, this helps in reducing the estrogen from being produced.

Estrogen Antagonists:


         Estrogen Antagonist is a compound that has a tissue-selective action. Generally, what they do to the body is they produce beneficial estrogenic actions in certain specific tissues.

         So basically, all these have one purpose, reducing or ultimately preventing the estrogenic from being produced in the body.

Understanding What Competitive Inhibitors are:

     To understand these compounds better, we need to be familiar with this concept- competitive inhibitors. They are a group of enzymes belonging to the Aromatases inhibitors, and their effectiveness in bodybuilding is that they can decrease the amount of the normal substrate increase.

           They play quite a significant role in the body in that they can cause the production of less estrogen, and therefore, this means that you will be able to maintain higher levels of testosterone.

        Consequently, you will hear bodybuilders talking about things like anti-aromatases supplements. Generally, these are meant to reduce or suppress the aromatases and thus prevent more estrogen from being productive. Which I think is the significant side effect in men who are experiencing too much estrogen.

           These inhibitors include cytadren, Arimidex, and Proviron. Basically, they bind to the same binding site on the aromatase enzyme which testosterone does. What usually happens is that they allow less testosterone to bind to the aromatases. As a result, less testosterone is converted to estrogen.

Aromatases Inhibitors and Their Significance:


          If there are more testosterone molecules in the body, or in the binding site, with some similar binding strength, the aromatase enzyme will most likely bind to the testosterone. What is more, it will most like be working to produce more estrogen. Therefore, this means that to achieve more significant results in less production of testosterone, more inhibitors will have to be present.

To Be Effective, Then it Would Mean That;

  • The inhibitors would have to be present in the higher concentration or,
  • They must have the ability to bind more tightly than the normal substrate.

         Now, with that in mind, consider an inhibitor such as the cytadren or the proviron. It takes more of the inhibitor to out-to-high testosterone levels. However, if you take another inhibitor like Arimidex, only a small dosage is sufficient because, unlike the other inhibitors, it bonds quite strongly.

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Estrogen Receptor Antagonism:


          This is another inhibitor that we have to consider as much as these inhibitors are considered. But what do we mean by receptor antagonist? It is a compound molecule that binds strongly to a hormone receptor, and instead of making it responsive, it makes it unresponsive.

        The receptors that follow this behavior include Clomid and tamoxifen. Structurally, these drugs are very much similar, and they are generally non-steroids. They only differ by a very small percentage, but they very much affect drug metabolism.

        In the context of estrogenic or anti-estrogenic compounds, both the clomid and tamoxifen are said to be metabolized to these compounds. However, you have to be aware that tamoxifen tends to be particularly prone to acting as an estrogen.

High or Low Estrogen Levels in The Body?

         You may wonder how you tell if you have high estrogen levels in your body. The following are some noticeable symptoms;

  • Increased abdominal fat.
  • Depression, emotional detachments.
  • Low libido.
  • Loss of muscle mass.

Low Estrogen Levels

  • Low blood pressure.
  • Excessive urination.
  • Joint cracking.
  • Adrenal glands are weakening.

       So, if you have been experiencing some of these signs in your body, it is a sure sign of high or low estrogen levels, depending on what you are experiencing.

Causes of High Estrogen Levels:

        There are some causative factors of high estrogen in the body. Some of these include;

  • Too much fat.
  • Getting old.
  • Testosterone replacement therapy.
  • Xenoestrogens

        These are the causative factors of the high estrogen in the body.

For Effective Estrogen Suppression:

        There is no specific intake of the dosage recommended. However, it all depends on the dose of Anabolic/Androgenic Steroids. With some of the AAS like Primobolan or even trenbolone, there is no need for anti-estrogen or anti-aromatases.

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        If you consider something else, say nandrolone, getting an aromatase inhibitor will be completely useless; however, a more minor amount of estrogen receptor will do magic for you. If you have a situation where you are dealing with testosterone, maybe using the aromatase and the estrogen receptor antagonist in combination will give you superb results.

           If you are still experiencing lower testosterone doses, using lesser antiestrogens can become useful.

Final Verdict:

         The usage and the intake of some of these drugs need to be taken with precision; otherwise, making a mistake may cause you a significant cost. Again, you need to be aware that these drugs are only to be taken where there are need and necessity.

          You don’t just take them for the sake. Moreover, you should know what drug works where and even how to use it. Make no mistake; you may use a drug only to find the opposite. Lastly, you need to know in what proportion you should take the drug.


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