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The Use of Drop-Set Method As a Great Way to Increase Muscle Mass




There are many people who have heard about drop sets but do not understand what is this about. In this article, we give an essential explanation of what are drop sets, why they are so important for muscle growth, and how to manage to achieve them as quickly as possible? Also, you will see the main advantage and disadvantages of drop-sets, and the right way to perform them.

The main purpose of drop-sets is to cause maximum stress and micro damages in the muscle, then to be activated during the recovery process of tissues. In fact, they make the muscles grow and grow.

Before proceeding to describe the technique of drop-sets, it should be noted that the constant use of this technique easily can cause overtraining. It is important to alternate workout with drop-sets, and do not use them all the time.

How Quickly Can The Point of Muscular Failure Be Reached?

In the result of many types of research and experiments, it was shown that it is not required to perform many repetitions for achieving muscular failure point. It is quite possible to achieve a point of failure by performing only one set by involving the majority of the muscle fibers, thus causing the whole growth of muscle mass.

This stage is fraught of micro-breaks of muscle tissue. Namely, the recovery process after such breaks causes muscle growth of connective tissue, which leads to increased muscle as a whole.

So, Why Drop-Sets are So Important?

In order to understand the importance of drop-sets in building muscle, you have to pay attention to some important moments. The first thing you should always remember is the fact that it is strictly prohibited to perform drop-sets on unwarmed muscles, as this can easily cause them to break. Drop-sets should be performed only after a workout or several operational approaches.

The second important point you have to bear in mind is related to the periodicity of drop-sets. You have to use drop-sets only occasionally, not more than once every two weeks for each muscle group, or you will very quickly get overtraining, and you will have to take few weeks pause for recovery. Such a break in your training system cannot give you benefits.

A big percent of the success of the exercises is given by the right way of execution. Like in cases of other exercises, you have to follow the rules about right performing of drop-sets.
So, a “how to” answer for right done drop-sets.

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The easiest way to reach the muscle failure in the drop-sets is to make use of “pyramid” technique.  It is about starting the exercise with more weight and gradually decreases it. You just should not have force after the last repetition.

Once you reached the described point of muscle failure, it makes no sense to carry out one more drop-set and a set with a normal or low weight. You have reached your goal - forced the muscle to run at 100%, activated the recovery process after exercise, encouraged the growth of muscle.

Can be Drop-sets Used Different Muscle Groups?

If you do lift weights for biceps, the point of muscle failure in this exercise comes when there is no power to perform repetition, and even raise your hand without any weight. If you work on your back or chest, to achieve this moment of total muscle failure is a bit more complicated.

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Large muscle groups are divided into autonomous divisions, and for each group of muscles needs a drop-set. For example, you can do for chest bench press, bench press and then in the slope (the upper part of the breast), and complete information on the blocks.

Drop-set is a great way to quickly reach the point of muscle failure, thus to start the process of muscle growth. But you must remember that drop-sets have not be performed on cold muscles. Also, despite their great effect on muscle growth, you have not to get too enthusiastic and use them more than once every two weeks.

If you decided to challenge your body in order to get your muscle mass increased visibly, then drop-sets is that unusual method that can give you great results. It is not easy to perform, instead get better results than working hard with another less useful type of exercises.

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