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Three Most Useful Exercises in Bodybuilding



Three Most Useful Exercises in Bodybuilding

There are three exercises in bodybuilding, members of the "big three" considered the most effective for muscle growth. In this article, we will talk about each of them and also will find out why isolation exercises have a minimum influence on building muscle mass.

First of all, let’s see the main disadvantages of isolation exercises.

One of the most frequent questions regarding basic programs is why it does not include exercises for biceps, triceps, calves and other small muscle? The answer is quite simple:  the muscles grow not due to exercises themselves, they grow because of hormonal changes associated with them.

If this was not this way, then any skin man just performing exercises for biceps and triceps, could get hands while the whole body remains skin. There are no chances that you have ever seen something like this!

In order to answer the question why muscles grow, have been done a research which lasted ten weeks, and investigated 43 men aged between 19-40 years old. Two groups were injected weekly with 600 mg of testosterone, another two by dummy placebo. Two groups exercised, while the other two doesn’t.

In the final, it was observed that those who administered testosterone and do not exercise at all get greater lean body mass compared with those who exercised but did not receive additional testosterone. The conclusion is quite simple - muscles don’t grow as a result of training, but due to hormones.

So, What are those “Big Three” Exercises?

As a result of numerous studies, it was proved that three exercises have a maximum impact on the production of testosterone and growth hormone. Here they are:

- squat,
-power clean.

To this list can be added, due to its high impact on muscle growth, such exercise as triple bench press, but it less affects the production of the above-mentioned hormones. Various lifts for biceps and almost all the exercises in the gym have no effect on hormones, and hence on muscles growth.

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Deadlift is considered number one exercises for muscle growth. If you're not going to do any other exercises, but only the deadlift, the results in the muscle growth will be observed anyway. You have to know that grow even those muscles that are not involved in the work.

Additionally, deadlift develops lungs and cardiovascular system. To convince yourself try to perform five technically correct repetitions with bigger weight, and you'll see what we mean by this. The body receives a powerful shock in all respects.

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Despite the high effect on our body, there are not many bodybuilders who get involved in performing deadlift exercises. Why does this happen? First of all, many frightened free weights. Secondly, it is a really difficult exercise that requires a lot of effort and full commitment.

In fact, it is easier to perform during training 10-12 isolation exercises for 12-15 reps than 4 full approach deadlift for 5 reps per set. But pay attention to the fact that a light workout has a minimal impact on muscle growth.

As you know the high impact on muscle growth is given not by a number of sets you do for each exercise, but the correctness of execution of each of them. Thus, further, we will talk about the right way to perform deadlifts.

Classical deadlift is performed with the normal/narrow position of foot near the location of the bar to the lower leg. Stress is transferred to the muscles of the back, the legs are included in the work only in the initial phase of recovery.

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There is a variation when the legs are situated apart as widely as possible and deadlift exercises are performed on straight legs.

Deadlift and the Risk of Injury

The most traumatic type of deadlift is considered that type performed on straight legs, in which the spine and the back are exposed to heavy load at each weight lifting from the floor. Additionally, it becomes almost impossible to keep your back straight.

Another common mistake while doing deadlifts is the use of straps to secure rod and lift more weight. Remember, these traps are used only by professional sportsmen, and the newcomers risk too much to get injured by using them. Deadlifts are also usually associated with the injuries of the back. That’s why is very important to know what you have to do to avoid such issues.

Deformation of your back during exercise is a right way for getting your back injured. Remember that back have to be in the straight position, and during the run-time try to reduce the shoulder blades together. Also, do not take your shoulders too far back.

In addition, newcomers are strictly prohibited to use more weight. Be sure to start with the appropriate weights, a small number of repetitions (no more than 5-7 per set) and work out the right technique. To perform a proper deadlift exercise bar must be as close to the shins, hands holding the bar at shoulder width. Newcomers better use a straight grip with both hands (palms facing down), advanced - reverse.

The movement should be started quickly, but not a jerk, or an increased risk of injury. Remember that the movement is performed by the legs rather than your back. So always keep your back straight and make sure that it was not included in the work.

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As you see squat, deadlifts, and power clean exercises have a great impact on muscle growth of the whole body than any isolation exercises. You can achieve great results performing one of this type of exercises, and the most useful of them was proved to be deadlifts. Hopefully, this article helps you in endless ways!

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