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How to Bench Press Properly?



How to Bench Press Properly?

Any bodybuilder knows that bench press is one of the basic exercises in this kind of sport. But how to bench press in order to get maximum results, and do not hinder the chest and shoulder muscles growth is a fact that everybody needs to have knowledge about it.

In this article, we will explain the how to do this exercise correctly, and the ways to perform it for strength and volume. The bench press is a quite popular exercise. That's why we will briefly describe it. The athlete lies on a flat bench, holding the barbell above the breast.

The barbell should be lowered to the chest, then lifting to the initial position. In most cases, there is a partner who helps you to take the bar from the racks. Also, the presence of a partner is required for avoiding getting injured.

According to the grip of the bar, there are three variants of this type of exercise. It’s about wide grip bench press, narrow grip bench press and reverses grip bench press. Each of the best fit a different type of bodies. For example, the wide-grip bench press is best suited for tall people, while narrow grip for short person.

Wide-grip reduces the trajectory the barbell should pass. The maximum width of grip recommended is about 80-85 cm. In case of wide grip mostly are worked chest and shoulder muscles. Since in this position bodybuilders are able to lift more in this position, they will choose it only from this point of view.

In case of narrow grip maximum width allowed is about 60-65 cm, and basically, are worked triceps and deltoids muscles. Also, narrow grip bench press usually put a greater load on your wrists. That’s why, if you have wrists problems is better to avoid this type of grip. Based on your body type, you will be able now to choose bench press grip that fits you perfectly.

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Also, according to the type of bench used can be worked the different type of muscles. It is about incline, decline or standard bench. It was observed that incline bench press put more stress to the upper pectorals, while decline allows you to lift more weights using the same group of muscles as in case of standard bench press.

Type of weights is another variation that has to be taken into consideration when we talk about bench press. Along with bar, can be used dumbbells. They are considered safer since partner is not required and they can be dropped to the side every time you feel no power to do more reps. Thus, risks of injuries are much lower than in case of bar use.

In order to get maximum results from this type of exercise is very important to follow the right position of body, hands, and barbell during the exercise. Firstly, let’s see how the body should be positioned. In order to perform this type of exercise head, body, and buttocks should be positioned on the bench away from its racks.

You have to try to bend your back as much as more possible while keeping shoulders, and buttocks stick to the bench. Exercising in this position is very important since it reduces the trajectory of the press. Also, it allows by straining legs to keep your shoulders tightly stick to a bench for more power.

As you see the position of feet is very important for a great execution of bench press. Its very important feet to be positioned on the floor, as much as possible wider from each other. They form a solid foundation for a great execution of bench press.

The position of the hands during the bench press is largely associated with the use of open or close grip. The closed grip is when you thumb is wrapped around the bar, while in case of open grip it is not. The use of open grip during a bench press is quite dangerous since there is a big risk that barbell can crash into your nose. An open grip is specific for experienced bodybuilders, with a long time spent in the gym. That’s why use close grip, it is safer and can help you to build your triceps.

There are many people who are not sure about the use of belt during the bench press exercise. The truth is that belt is useless in case of bench press. It has to be used for exercise where to keep your back upright is absolutely necessary. For example, squats or deadlifts exercises. So, keep in mind the use of the belt is absolutely prohibited during exercise that includes the incline of your back.

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Bench Press for Gaining Strength and Mass

Bench Press for Gaining Strength and Mass

To gain strength through bench press exercise you need to lower the bench strictly horizontal, the grip should be wide to reduce the amplitude of the lift. Elbows close to your body, to increase the influence on the triceps muscles.

During the lifting, you should detach the lower back of the bench and form an arch between the bench and back. This will facilitate the lifting rods. The growth of the muscles in the chest area is not observed. Therefore, for the beauty of pectoral muscles better to bench correctly.

As you know muscle growth is stimulated by the duration of extreme reduction in muscle. In this process, any violent movement is useless, as it is produced by the instant effort. Your muscles are tense to limit, but only for a short moment, but it is not enough to trigger the growth mechanism.

And so, the first thing to do to increase muscle grow this to select the optimal weight for so that you can perform between 3 sets of 8 - 10 repetitions. When performing a bench press with the optimal weight you must control a high degree of tension in the muscles. To do this, in this exercise you have to move slowly, as the lifts up and lowered it down. In this case, at the top do not keep it at the arm's length, as the load moves from the muscle to bone.

The second thing that will help to gain muscle mass is a small pause of 2 seconds at the time of peak muscle tension. Then start the other way around. At the expense of increasing the total pause time of muscle contraction, which is an added incentive for growth.

The success of any type of exercise is directly influenced by the correct execution. That’s why further we will mention most common errors that are inefficient or have a high risk of injuries.

-Lifting the bar with bent arms.

One of the common mistake among newcomers in the gym.  Arms are much more powerful when your elbows are blocked. If you ignore this fact, you just risk that barbell can crash into your nose.

-Upper back and glutes detached from the bench.

Keep them stick to the bench, as they ensure more stable, which is very important especially in case of heavyweights.

-Rebound the bar from your chest.

Despite many people who talk about it, you will continue to see in the gym newcomers who allow it yet. Along with the high risk of rib cage injuries, this movement will not help you to increase chest muscles. T avoid it, try to use less weight for the beginning, and make a 2-second pause at the bottom of every repetition.

-Moving your feet.

As we mentioned above, your feet during bench press exercise have to be as much as possible apart from each other, and tightly stick to the floor. This will help you to be stronger, and perform a larger number of reps.

-Wrong position of the elbows.

You have to know that too high may damage your shoulders, while too low is less efficient. That’s why the recommended position is to keep elbows at the level of torso muscles.

-Press with force the head into the bench.

If you neck muscles are not very strong, then you risk getting injured every time you do this. Pay attention to this detail, and just try to keep your head lied on the bench without using it as an impulse point.

-Use of bend for wrists.

This is not recommended as it may cause pain. Just wrap the bar with fingers, as close to you writs and grip the bar strongly.

-Do not perform the motion at the full range.

Make sure you lift the bar at maximum point and lowered at the level of your chest. By not lifting to the maximum, and lowering to the minimum you will not be able to get what you want.

For a beginner is always hard to understand what are the right weights to start from to do bench presses, how many sets and reps. If training with a barbell is heavy for you then you can opt for dumbbells. You can begin with 3 sets of 12 reps with barbell or broomstick.

Practice this workout program until you feel read for more weights. Then, add more weights gradually. If you are going to make bench presses fro strength than you have to get to the level to do up to 5x5 exercise program. As you see, bench presses can help you to work pectoral, triceps, and shoulders muscles in a very good way.

Being a very effective exercise, bench presses are widely used, but in many cases improperly. They give no results and even may cause serious injuries. That’s why to be wise and learn from other’s mistakes. Keep in mind most common bench presses mistakes mentioned above and do not walk into the same trap twice!

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