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Preacher Bench Curls For Working Biceps




A preacher bench is an isolation exercise for working biceps muscle. It is also known as Scott -curls, as it is performed using Scott weigh machine. During preacher curls work middle and bottom parts of the biceps muscle. Thus through this exercise is lengthened the bottom part and increased the peak of the biceps. This exercise allows you to isolate the maximum load on the biceps and is usually used for getting bicep muscle defined.

Preacher benches can be done using the barbell, dumbbell, EZ bar, triceps bar or cable. This helps to alternate weights, and change the load which falls on the biceps muscle. But, all of them follow the same technique of execution. As you know proper execution is the key factor for reaching best results. Overwise, all will be in vain.

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That’s why further you will find out step-by-step how to do preacher bench curls, or if you like it more Scott curls. This kind of exercise can be performed both sitting or in a standing position. The most important is to adjust the height of the platform, as that during lifting the barbell the lower body stay in a straight position, while the torso is in an upright and stable position.

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After adjusting the platform, grasp the barbell using an underhand grip, and press firmly upper arms (triceps) to the arm pad. Lower the bar and slightly bend your elbows. During all preacher bench movement, elbows have to have to be on the arm pad, closer to the bottom, and must always remain motionless.

Take a deep breath and hold your breath. Squeeze your biceps and slowly begin to lift the bar upward.

In the top position of the movement take a short pause to put even more tense on biceps.

After this, slowly lower the bar in a controlled manner until the hand is almost completely straightened.

Take a short break and repeat the motion for the desired number of reps.

As we said, as the weight you can use dumbbells, barbell or EZ bar. A bit different is cable Scott curls.

For this, you have to put a preacher bench in front of a low pulley machine. Make sure you adapted the arm pad height to your necessities: your armpits are stick to the upper edge of the pad.

Grab the bar and put the back of your arms on the pad. Inhale while grasping the bar, and exhale while reaching the top point.

Keep doing as many reps as you programmed.

Advice on Performing Preacher Bench Curls


There is a list of important advice, that will help you to do preacher curls in a proper manner. So, here they are;

  • First of all, make sure that throughout all the movement the back of the upper arms is always stick to the arm pad. This will remove the load from the elbow and flow it all to the biceps.
  • In order to keep your elbow joints safe, make sure that, while straightening arms, you not rub elbows on the joints and it is stuck to the arm pad tight enough.
  • At the bottom point of the movement do not unbend your hands until the end. Overwise you risk getting injured not only your elbows, biceps, and ligaments as well.
  • Hold your breath while lifting the rod. This helps to keep a good posture and allows to develop a more powerful force biceps.
  • The body should always be in a stable and immobile stage. Uncomfortable and/or unstable situation, not only reduces the effectiveness of exercise but also fraught with injuries.
  • To put the maximum load on your biceps follow this trick: take a few seconds pause in the top of the movement (when the elbow formed a right angle). Further strain biceps and continue to lift weight upward as long as the forearm get a vertical position.

Who can do Preacher Bench Curls?

Who can do Preacher Bench Curls?

Preacher bench curls are not designed for beginner bodybuilders. It best fits the best mid-level and advanced bodybuilders. This is because it is an isolation exercise, especially used for getting biceps muscle defined. So, you have to focus first of all on basic exercises for increasing overall muscle mass, and then take this exercise into consideration.

If you are on steroid and seek to get shredded than preacher bench curls has to be a part of your biceps workout.
For best result, perform this kind of exercise in the middle of the biceps workout. Also, is important, to begin with the with preacher bench curls with barbell or EZ bar, then use dumbbells and in the end do cable preacher bench.
Regarding the number of sets and reps for Scott curls exercises, it is about  3-4 sets of 6-10 repetition for each of them.

Standard preacher benches keep the upper arm in a 45 angle position. New models of preacher benches allow changing the angle, between 35 and 90 degrees. If you do preacher bench curls in a lower angle than more load gets the lower part of the biceps. While performing this exercise on a higher angle, develops the upper part of the biceps muscle. Also, a higher angle of execution allows to build biceps peak too, which is very important for each bodybuilder.

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If you are looking to answer the question which type of preacher bench curls provide with best results- dumbbell, EZ bar, triceps bar or cable- then there is no one clear answer. It is largely one of the personal preferences. All of them require to use the lighter weight than in case of standard curls. Alternating them during the workout is considered to be the best option as it put a different load on biceps and thus prevent muscle stagnation.

Are Preacher Bench Curls Safe Exercises?

Are Preacher Bench Curls Safe Exercises?

The answer is definitely yes. Preacher bench curls are considered to be safer than more another exercise for building and strengthening biceps muscle. Injuries may occur only if you use big weights and use to jerk the weight upward.  Such errors may turn your biceps, and keep you out of the gym for a long period of time.

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Summarizing the above can be said that preacher bench curls are isolation exercises for working biceps. They help to lengthen the bottom part of the biceps muscle and increase its peak size. Also, they are great for getting biceps muscle defined.

Preacher bench curls can be done using the different weight like EZ bar, dumbbells, cable or triceps bar. The best is to alternate them during a workout for putting a different load on biceps and to void muscle stagnation. Being a safe exercise, Scott curls have to be performed in a number of 3-4 sets of 6-10 reps.

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