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Top 9 Habits Of Effective Lifters That You Have To Follow




              What is the difference between a good lifter and a great one? Both categories says that they train hard, eat well, rest enough, but the success comes only to some of them. The answer is effective habits. We all work out, but have different approach to it. In this post you will find best habits that link great lifters together and set them apart of crowd.

Successful lifters, lift, no excuses.

             Great lifters don’t just train for the sake of training. They set clear goals before every workout and know exactly what they have to achieve. Such individuals never miss a workout because they felt tired or pain. Instead laying on the bed like many do, they stubbornly come in the gym and do the best they can.

             Great lifters build life around trainings, while good ones build trainings around life. Most of those who achieve awesome results in bodybuilding a self made careers, who dedicated time and financial resources to make trainings prossibile. They are gym owner, coaches and all their life runs around gym and workouts. Almost impossible for people with other professions, whose energy is almost totally consumed by their daily activity.

              To switch from good to better and the best level you have to invest precious time in your workouts and not only. As you know, muscles grow while you recover, taking a nap throughout the day is a recommendation that most lifters follow. Does your work schedule allow you for a short nap at noon? I’m pretty sure that no, so that your chances to build muscles faster are already reduced.

            Surely there are exceptions, but for most of those who lift weights to build muscles this is a rule. Unless you are a lucky one who nicely manage to mix trainings with a career in other domain, very few succeed in this, being determined to do a prioritization in favor one or another purpose.

Treat the warm-up, workout and recovery time as an entire.

            Taking the workout as the single most important part for building muscle mass fast is one of the most common mistake encountered in middle lifters. Warm-up is as important as training itself, as only being well warmed you can train to your full aptitude and get the most from it. By jumping into trainings without getting your body prepared to the followed stress is most likely to cause serious injuries which would keep you out of the gym for weeks ahead. Do you really want to take the risks? I’M pretty sure that your answer is no.

               Recovery has not be neglected too. The more qualitative is rest time, the faster your body recover and you are ready to return to gym. Just remember the more you emphasis recovery, the stronger you become.

Compounds exercises with several sets for each training

           It’s more effective to perform up to 6 sets of exercises of 8-10 reps rather than a higher number of sets. More than this, compound exercises are the ones you are advised to use if your aim is to build massive muscle mass fast. Forget about isolation movements, or return to them when you satisfied with your look and time comes to take things easier.

             Deadlifts, squats, pull-ups and push-ups should lie on the basis of your workout program. Make use of their variations in order to diversify your exercise program.

Use load periodization.

            Periodization suppose the organization of training in blocks by changing different variable like load, volume, intensity for achieving desired effect. By cycling your training you get continuous progress in the results within much shorter time.

             Smart use of load periodization is a great tool to prevent you from hitting plateaus- a stage when no muscle growth are signaled. It helps you diversify the stress you put in your body and keep it highly responsive to it. The more challenged the workout is, the greater are the gains you made.

Keep a training journal

             Highly effective lifters write down a detailed exercise program assigned by days and stick to it. They do nothing randomly, and all their actions are previously planned. The same is available for diet: they count the calorie intake, food amount amount and how it should be spread throughout the day.

            If you don’t have it yet, its time to start a diary now. There are many application that help you with this task but a very popular one is Google’s qBodybuilding & Fitness Diary. Find this application here.

Make use of last repeat technique

             The last repeat technique is considered by many lifters a great way to build muscle fast. It is about performing a final repetition over your physical capacity. Read our post The last repeat – the key to success in bodybuilding to find more details about this way of increasing body mass and strength.

Learn from others mistake

           Don’t wait to fall into the same traps as many do and be smart enough to observe these mistakes on others. Those with a strong feel of attention “steal” from successful individuals and apply into their system of work. Sometime such a method of action can bring unbelievable results, but don’t take it as encouragement to take things as they are, without questioning.

Are open to constructive criticism

             They accept to be criticized when valid and well-reasoned opinions are said. But don’t listen to just everybody has to say about it. Listen to authorities opinions and try to pick up the ideas that would really make you better.

Effective lifters know their bodies well enough to be able to say when is the case to push through discomfort or when to hold back.

            They simply listen to their body and know better than anybody else what is better to do. Learn from their example, and put that bold end point when you feel the time arrived. Maximise the benefits you get from time spend in the gym by mastering above mentioned habits. It’s time to train smarter and stop being a simple lifter. It’s time for you to become a great lifter.


Building muscle mass is what I like to talk about. If your aim is to build a solid body, then my posts would be very beneficial to you. I always want to know your opinion, so don't hesitate to drop a line below or contact me.

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