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Dumbbells: How to Choose Them




There are many kinds of sports equipment used by bodybuilders to build muscles. In this article, we will talk about dumbbells since they are most commonly used among athletes, are easy to use, and do not take much space to store. That’s why they are an indispensable item in your home, especially if sometimes you have no desire to go to the gym.

Motivate Yourself Before Lifting Dumbbells

You can exercise in front of the TV, watch your favorite movie/show, or listen to your favorite music. This way, you will improve not only your physical but also get positive emotions and eliminate negative energy.

Exercises with dumbbells involve almost all groups of muscles, from the calf muscle to the trapeze one. Continuous dumbbell training brings your muscles into a great tone and improves posture. Meanwhile, dumbbells allow you to do a wide range of exercises, which is not possible with other sports equipment such as barbells. During dumbbell exercises, hands are not limited in movements, and the last are free of each other.

Most Effective Exercise

Dumbbell exercises are considered the most effective in building muscle mass. An important detail must be mentioned: if you do not feel easy fatigue in your muscles after a workout, you should increase the weights.

Even though it may seem relatively easy to choose the right dumbbells, you must know that there are some critical criteria you must be informed about before buying them in the market.
Dumbbells come in different types, sizes, and materials. You have to make your choice depending on your workout goals.

best Dumbells

The most common types of dumbbells are adjustable and fixed weights dumbbells. Adjustable dumbbells are the most comfortable, as you determine the load by choosing weight dumbbells. They have three elements: the short bars, the weights, and clips to fix the consequences in place. That is, in the case of this kind of dumbbell, you can increase from five to fifty pounds. They are perfect if your main goal is to increase muscle mass.

Dumbbells Pricing

The price for adjustable dumbbells is the lowest compared to other dumbbell types. Also, they are straightforward to get with you wherever you want. The main disadvantage of their use is the need to unclip and remove or add weights every time you want to increase or decrease consequences. In other words, this means spending your time from the workout on this routine.

Fixed weights dumbbells are an excellent choice for muscle toning. They come in an extensive range of weights and are easy to use. They are costly and will take you much space in your home gym. Why? Because once you become stronger, you will have to buy new ones to increase weights and thus will need more space too.

The Right Weight

Dumbbells weighing more than 20 kg are made of metal and are perfect for strength training because the weight is adjustable. When choosing a dumbbell, pay attention to the quality of the handle; if the handle is smooth during exercise, it can slip out, and if the surface is rough, it can rub blisters. Also, it would be best if you exercised with gloves. To protect the floor, cover it with a rubber coating.

Metal Dumbbells

Another type of dumbbell is a metal dumbbell, representing a single piece of iron that lasts a long time. Plastic-coated dumbbells are also very popular among bodybuilders. As you can understand from the name, they are filled with sand or concrete. They will not fit for strength training, just for lightweight workouts. They are not so durable but easy to use.

Since adjustable dumbbells are the most common choice among bodybuilders, we would like to stop our attention on weights. First of all, have to be mentioned that consequences come in different forms, as any manufacturer could have to own a dumbbell line designed personally.

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You can find on the market weights covered with paint. Painted weights look old-fashioned but are in the lower price group. They are the most short-lived. Paint peeling, it could be seen from the rust under it, also, in case of striking iron split and spoil the floor.

best Dumbbells

Chrome dumbbells look but make a big noise when striking.

Rubber-coated weights are a prevalent option nowadays. They have a significant advantage - if they fall, they make not so much noise and do not damage your floor covering.


The right dumbbell bar must be made of metal, not from a plastic hollow tube. Its surface has notches so that the hand does not slip. Dumbbell bars can be rubberized or plastic-coated.

Along with bars, very important are clips that fix the weights on dumbbells. They can be made of plastic or metal, with a spring lock and screw stopper, clothespins, and smooth unidirectional stop. In most cases, they are all equally reliable.

Maybe you are asking yourself what will be the correct number of weights to have at home to get the best form of dumbbell exercises. Most coaches recommend having two pieces of weights of 1,5 kg/3kg and 5kg. Do not immediately use large weights. Start with lower weights until you improve your technique, and then move on to heavier weights. Once you have chosen the dumbbells should also buy a rack for them. It would be best if you had a bench to do exercises on your back and abdomen.

Training With Dumbbells

The specific of training with dumbbells. Training with dumbbells is designed firstly for muscle building. If your goal, along with others, is to lose weight, then your dumbbell workout must always be combined with cardio exercises. You should begin with cardio exercises and then move on to the dumbbells.

Suppose you want to build muscle that your workout should begin with the warm-up process. A ten minutes warm-up will keep you away from any injury. Also, during dumbbell exercises is very important to breathe correctly. So, exhale at the moment when you lift the weights and inhale on the way back.

When doing dumbbells, remember proper breathing: a show of hands (actually load) is carried out on the exhale, and return to the starting position hands down - for inspiration.

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Dumbbells Maintenance:

Dumbbells Maintenance

To clean dumbbells and not let them rust, wipe them with machine oil once or twice a year, especially if you live in a humid climate. It is the only kind of service that they will need to serve you for a lifetime.

But if it is too late already, and your dumbbells get rust, then it is not the case to think about buying new ones. You can paint the dumbbells using Rustoleum. Apply the first coat, let them dry, and then apply the second one. You will a very lovely dumbbells, looking like new.

Equipment and Health

Nowadays, people are more conscious about their health and care about how they look. Since bodybuilding is that kind of sport that not only keep you healthy but help you to build a lean muscle body, the number of people who get involved in this kind of sport increases every day. Many like to train at home and buy their equipment.


Dumbbells are among the most preferred sports equipment since they are small, have an affordable price, and allow you to do a large number of exercises that involves almost all group of muscles. If you decide to purchase dumbbells, too, you must read the information shared above carefully. Remember that when it comes to dumbbells, four criteria make the difference: weight, materials they are made from, clips, and grip.

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