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The Ultimate Chest Workout: Chest Exercises For Awesome Pecs




The Science of Chest Training

Do you want to make your chest perfect? Look no more! This guide is going to give you briefly on it. Let's enlighten first on some mistakes people usually do while exercising. There are two big mistakes people make in their chest workouts. Those mistakes are:

  1. Putting Focus on the Wrong Chest Exercises

A lot of people are focusing too much on isolation exercises and on machines. However, these exercises are of secondary importance in building big and hard Pecs.

  1. Focusing on High-Rep Training

Making this mistake will stunt the development and growth of every important muscle group in the body. Also, making this mistake is detrimental in smaller muscle groups, such as the Pecs.

If you thought that your Pecs will respond well to higher reps and lower weights, you were wrong. You will see no results by doing higher reps and lower weights. Instead of that, consider doing compound exercises and dedicate yourself to heavy lifting. Only then you will see results coming your way.

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When Steroids Enter The Picture:

1. Not getting Enough Education About Steroids.

When the right and recommended steroids enter the picture, achieving pecs muscle growth is simple. In fact, when steroid supplements are involved, only then high-rep training is warmly recommended.

However, there is a downside to using steroids. That downside is that steroids can damage your tendons, ligaments, and other connective tissues. However, luckily, there are ways how to get awesome Pecs without using steroids.

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Building Great Pecs Without Drugs:

Building Great Pecs without Drugs

Believe us when we tell you that you can build great chest muscles without using steroids. How? Well, it only takes a lot of hard work and a bit of know-how. The strategy, though, is pretty simple:

  1. Focus on Lifting Heavy Weights

If you are looking forward to seeing your chest grow strong and big, then we recommend you focusing on 5 to 7 rep range or focusing on 4 to 6 rep range.

  1. Chest Exercises That Allow Progressive Overload

Keep this in mind: if you don’t decide to continue getting stronger, you will see no progress in getting bigger.

The golden rule of natural muscle building is the so-called progressive overload. This means adding some weight to the bar over a certain time. Another aspect of your Pecs training that you just need to get right is volume aka the total amount of reps you perform every week. This is extremely important since the heavier your reps are, the fewer you can do every week.

The Best Chest Exercises:

The Best Chest Exercises

Like with most other muscle groups, there is a plethora of Pecs exercises, but only a few of them are essential. In fact, the list of the best chest exercises is minuscule:

These exercises are everything you need to build attention-worthy Pecs.

However, remember that if you are new to weightlifting, you should stay away from pullovers, dumbbell flies, machines, and cable work. These advanced exercises are only for the pro weightlifters. So, stick up to the essential exercises we featured above.

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What About Supplements?


We saved it to talk about the supplements for last because, frankly, they aren’t that important as the proper diet and training. Look, supplements aren’t capable of allowing people build superb physiques. However, proper nutrition and the dedication to working out and training is what allows people to build great physiques.

Sadly, the whole supplement industry is totally plagued by pseudoscience, misleading advertisements, misleading endorsements, and ridiculous hype. Modern-day supplements are products that are full of waste ingredients, under-dosing ingredients, and full of other shenanigans.

A wide range of supplements companies is producing junk, cheap products. With these products, the supplement companies are trying to dazzle you with their hilarious marketing claims, expensive endorsements, flashy packaging, fancy proprietary blends, and pseudo-scientific babble.

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Although most of the workout supplements are a complete waste of your time and money, there are still some supplements that can help a little bit in building muscle. Finding a high-quality, fairly priced, and effective supplements have always been a challenge for many people. So, for the purpose of this article, we will feature some great supplements that will help you build superb Pecs:

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    Chest workout is one of the things that many people wants to do. The problem is they do not have the proper knowledge. I think its a great idea to share this information to everyone because for sure they will learn something.

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