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5 Weightlifting Mistakes That Keep People Small, Weak, and Frustrated



5 “Everyday” Weightlifting Mistakes That Keep People Small, Weak, and Frustrated

Doing the Wrong Weightlifting In and Outside the Gym

          There is a reason why the majority of the gym-goers who work out on a regular basis don’t have that much to show for it and why only a small number of them build impressive physiques. If you thought that the reason for it is the lack of steroid usage, you were wrong - even the steroids users are as flabby as the non-drug users, and the reason can be Weightlifting Mistakes.

            The main reason why only a small number of people are able to build a lean, muscular, and healthy body is that they do good things both in and outside the gym. Eating right and training isn’t that complex, but there are several moving parts that need to be coordinated and integrated. And that is not as simple as “eat big and train hard.”

           There aren’t a couple of secrets that will teach you how to get a strong, lean, and healthy body. However, there is a collection of strict principles that need to be consistently and properly applied. In this article of ours, we are about to talk about the training side of the “equation.” To be more precise, we will talk about certain weight lifting mistakes that will probably leave you and that leave other people frustrated, small, and weak.

Mistake No. 1 - Focusing on High-Rep “Burnout” Workouts

Steroids Reduce Body Fat Weightlifting

               Many people who want to go beyond the newbie gym-goer phase opt for doing higher rep ranges in their weightlifting. And by those “higher rep ranges,” we are thinking about the widely recommended so-called “hypertrophic” rep ranges of 10 to 12 reps per set or 8 to 10 reps per set. This is the most common Weightlifting Mistakes.

             However, such people see little progress. However, to see some progress and see yourself getting a lean muscular body more rapidly, we warmly recommend you to work with 85% of your 1RM. This puts you in 5 to 7 rep ranges. This stimulates sarcoplasmic hypertrophy and results in dense and strong muscles that won’t disappear after pumping subsides.

Mistake No. 2 - Doing Isolation Exercises

Compound and Isolation Exercises Weightlifting

          This horrible Weightlifting mistake is the outgrowth of the mistake we featured before. We say this because high-rep workouts leave gym-goers doing a bunch of unnecessary isolation workouts. In case you don’t know what an “isolation workout” is, we can tell you that it a series of exercises that only involves one muscle group. If you want to get that strong, muscular body faster, avoid doing isolation exercises and opt for compound exercises. These exercises, such as Bench Press, Military Press, and Deadlift, involve your whole body.

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Mistake No. 3 - Following the Ascending Pyramid Plan

        So, this “Ascending Pyramid Plan” encourages gym-goers to start their workout with light workouts and then move onto heavy exercises.

          If you follow this plan, instantly forget about it. This workout plan won’t give you impressive results. Instead of doing how APP advocates, we warmly recommend you to start your workout routine with some warm-up exercises. Then, immediately start doing the hardest exercises and after them move onto light exercises. This will cause progressive overload and you will see your body transforming rapidly.

Mistake No. 4 - Resting Briefly Between Sets


           Most of the bodybuilders-to-be consider that resting between the sets is a sign of weakness and that it is counterproductive. However, such “bodybuilders” are wrong. To get that desired body, you will need to rest for several minutes between the sets.

         The truth is that building muscles require and building strength requires lifting heavyweights. And you probably know that when you do lifting that you push muscles in your body to their full contraction capacity. To be able to repeat this Weightlifting process, you need proper rest between the sets. To be more precise, resting between the sets is vital to see the expected results.

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Mistake No. 5 - Using Improper Form


           Look, if you want to get that desired muscular body, you should know how to properly exercise. Nowadays, we can see a lot of egocentric gym-goers that seem to know it all about all the exercises. And those gym-goers are the ones who end up frustrated and furious.

Don’t be like them. Before doing exercises that build muscle, learn how to properly do them.

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