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Compound and Isolation Exercises



Compound and Isolation Exercises

In the previous post, we mentioned about basic and isolation exercises and now we would like to detail this subject and to how they work. You have to know that success in strength training depends largely on what exercises make up your exercise program and whether are you performing them in the right way in the gym.

Compound and Isolation Exercises

All the exercises in bodybuilding are divided into two main categories:

  • Compound
  • Isolation

Compound exercises are such a training program, under which are involved all major muscle groups. Their implementation requires, as a rule, the work of several joints and a great physical exertion of the body. That is why the basic exercises are the main foundation of strength training and are a major component of all programs.

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In contrast to the base, isolation exercises are mainly for one muscle, involve a joint, and are complementary, providing a good work on the specific muscle.

The Squats are the classic example of compound exercises in the training program because it "works" multiple joints (knee and hip). Extension legs, i.e., its extension in a sitting position, on the contrary, are an isolated exercise since it affects only one joint (knee).

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It is obvious that setting up the program training in a gym from the basic exercises; you get a huge saving in time and "forces" savings. To pump all the muscles, you need just a few of these exercises and half an hour. But if you take isolated movements that focus on one at best - two muscles, then you will have to stay in the gym "about a couple of hours and the effectiveness of your workout will fall.

Many new bodybuilders often make the typical mistake which consists in ignoring the basic exercises in their exercise program in the gym and focus on isolating. Although for beginners basic exercises are particularly important as developing the muscles of the body.

Isolation exercises are loaded only one muscle. It’s usually carried out in the gym on the blocks or with dumbbells. All these exercises are of little use. The mechanic of isolated movements works this way, to take the weight, which is sufficient to stimulate the growth of muscles, there can not be.

Then why to practice them? All these movements are in the arsenal of professional athletes because with their help made the “grinding" of already solid muscle.

So Let’s Mention Which are The Main Compound Exercises:

For the front of the thigh: squats, leg presses.
For the back of the thigh: deadlift round.

For Latissimus Dorsi Muscle You can do:

  • leverage gym
  • bent over barbell row
  • bent over dumbbell row
  • pull-ups
  • downdraft.

For Deltoid Muscle, Most Useful Exercise is:

  • press the bar directly above the head;
  • dumbbell bench press;
  • rolling barbell  up to chin with the straight back

Chest (Upper part) can be Worked Efficiently Doing These Exercises:

  • press barbell at an angle of 30-45 °
  • dumbbell bench press at an angle of 30-45 °

Chest (Lower part) Best Exercises are:

  • barbell or dumbbells incline bench press.

Chest (Middle part):

  • barbell or dumbbells flat bench presses.

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Biceps: the rise of the biceps standing.
Triceps: push-ups and bench presses of all kinds. Now it’s time to mention best isolation exercises largely used by professional bodybuilders. The back surface of the hip: legs extension lying or standing. The front of the thigh: leg extension in the seating position.Deltoid muscle: lifting dumbbells in front of you
Chest: execution of all types and exercises that are performed on blocks.
Biceps: "Concentrated bending" with dumbbells or a barbell, bend of one arm.

  • extension of the hands standing
  • extension of one arm over the head
  • extension arms with the dumbbells back to the slope.

There is a big confusion that has to be explained. Not all compound exercises are polyarticular. Let's say lifting the barbell exercise for biceps is considered a classical base, although with good technique involves only one joint (elbow), and accordingly should be called isolated.

Hopefully, this post helps you to understand the main differences between compound and isolated exercises and provide you with best types of exercises for most important body muscles.

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