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Exercises for Building Tricep Muscles



Exercises for Building Tricep Muscles

This article provides a list of exercises that can be done to build triceps muscles. It includes pushups, dips, and kickbacks. These exercises target the triceps by working the power in different ways.

How Important Are Triceps Exercises

These exercises work by targeting the triceps' long head, activated when you extend your arm behind your body or in front of your body with a straight arm. The article also explains how to target the short head of the triceps by bending your elbow at 90 degrees and bringing it close to your ribs.

Push-Ups To Build Triceps

Pushups are a common way to target your triceps muscles, mainly if performed with good form. To target the long head of the triceps, you would need to keep your arm straight and push your body up into the ground.

A variation of this exercise is done by keeping your left arm straight and pushing down on it. This is a way for people who may have trouble with their wrists or elbows bearing weight to work their triceps muscles without discomfort from their joints. The ball is hinged at the top with a handle, making it easy to pick up and move around.

More Exercises Used By Pros To Build Triceps

The following is a basic description of the exercises that can be done with the ball:

1. Ball Push-ups

This variation of pushup places your body weight on your forearms and balls of your feet instead of your hands and toes. It targets just the triceps muscle group. , and is an excellent exercise to use with the handles in the chest press machine.

2. Ball Bicep Curls

This will target your biceps, as well as your wrist flexors.

3. Ball Shoulder Press

This exercise works the muscles of your shoulders and upper back, including your rhomboids, traps, and even deltoids.

4. Ball Reverse-Cross Sit-ups

Place a ball between both ankles while lying on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the ground. Balancing on your elbows, perform a reverse-cross sit-up by dragging the ball across your chest, bending at the hips and knees to keep your back straight.

Importance of Triceps To Bodybuilders

Although biceps are trained firmly by all young people who come to the gym hoping to have great arms, triceps should receive more attention. The triceps is usually two-thirds of the arm muscles, and the biceps only one-third. In conclusion, if you have massive triceps, you, you, you automatically have huge arms, too; this is also also also not true for the biceps.

Exercises for Building Tricep Muscles

Pay Special Attention To Triceps

Therefore always try to pay special attention to the triceps. Dedication and hard work are undoubtedly two crucial elements needed for building massive triceps and arms, but not only. Training smart is just as important.

You are choosing the combination of the correct exercises and transforming some ordinary triceps into terrific triceps, of course, if you have the right genetic potential. This means if you have a mesomorph body characterized by a genetic predisposition for bodybuilding, you can achieve great results.

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Best Exercises To Build Triceps

The most effective way to build triceps muscle is by doing pushups or dips. Pushups are done on your toes with your hands on a floor, bench, or chair for support. Drops are done by sitting on a chair with your hands on its edge and lifting yourself off it so that you can lower yourself down into a dip position and then push yourself back up again using only your arms.

There are also two types of exercises to consider for building triceps muscles:

·Parallel dips

·Bench presses

These are the most essential exercises for the triceps,, and keep them in mind. Many young people in the gym are losing time with overhead dumbbell extensions in standing. They will not get massive triceps ever. This type of exercise is not too good because it is isolated and does not allow using the greater weights. The more important is fact that it's also dangerous because it puts more stress on the tendon above the elbow.

Advice to Newbies

Once we discussed building massive triceps for newbie bodybuilders,,,,, it's time to analyze some excellent training triceps types for professionals. If you are one of those experimented bodybuilders,,,,,,,, you can opt for doing three different exercises for the triceps.

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Each workout is made up of two exercises that are different from those used in other training. Thus, ensure variety in training. The first workout will consist of parallel dips, followed by overhead extensions at the pulley, bent with the back to the pulley.

Bench Presses

The second training may consist of exercises of : Lying flat on the back, pushing the bar,,,, followed by extensions to the pulley. On the third workout, you can do pushups between two banks, with heels on a bench and hands on the other. Using additional weight, sit 1-2 feet discs, followed by extensions of the bar lying.

It is not necessary to train the triceps more than one time per week. Do not forget that many exercises on the pectoral muscles stress the triceps; therefore, compose a training program so that the triceps and chest muscles will be trained differently and distant from each other days. To improve efficiency, do triceps training of different intensities: light-medium - hard, and so on. After a heavy workout,,,, let,,,, rest for at least one week.

Balancing Loads On Triceps

In the classical split,,,, the triceps, as a rule, is the most overloaded muscle because of the particular training on split programs. To increase your triceps,, it is enough to perform  8-15 repetitions. The total number of sets for the triceps should be around (the sum of all the stages of exercises for the triceps) 1-3.


Always remember that it is a mistake to believe that for the muscles of the hands,, the best choice is isolation. Triceps and other muscles best pumped by doing basic exercises, including bench presses and parallel dips. As a general rule for athletes with less than two years of experience, the best advice does not to use insulating exercises.

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