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Dietary for Newbie Bodybuilders




Food for the bodybuilder is a subject of some important rules, more accurate, the laws, the same as for novice and professional. Nutrition is the key to successful training. The bodybuilders have to follow all these “laws” otherwise they risk not only achieving nothing but harm to their health. The fact that the body of a bodybuilder is experiencing the severe pressure of training loads, and proper nutrition - is the main way for their compensation!

Different Sources of Protein:

Different sources of protein:

As you know, the world around us consists of limited numbers of chemical elements. They are differently connected to each other and form a variety of substances all around us.  In nature, the role of these primary elements plays amino acids.

This is the "building blocks" of protein molecules that can combine in the different order, though details of child constructor. Each combination is a separate type of protein. Thanks to the versatility of amino acids, we can take to eat meat and fruit plants.

In our digestive system break down protein chains alien to the "building blocks" of amino acids, and then they joined a radically different way, forming an internal protein of the body, including muscle protein. As a bodybuilder, you should know that the protein of beef, pork, fish, poultry, legumes, nuts, etc. contain amino acids in the ratio, which is not really good for a human.

Some amino acids are missing; some are in the structure of the protein in unnecessary excess. So if you are to satiety eats chicken, it does not mean that you have enough reinforces yourself after heavy workouts.

Bias in favor of certain amino acids may lead to a chronic shortage of protein synthesis in the body, especially if you decided to eat regularly one chicken. In your diet, you should make the most varied sources of protein, including the products of plant origin.

This is the only way you will be able to provide your muscles with all kinds of amino acids! Some athletes turn into a vicious circle of so-called "best meat" - only eat veal, beef meat and delicious varieties of fish. This is a mistake, costly in every way!

No Meal Before Bedtime:

No Meal Before Bedtime:

In bodybuilding is very tenacious "myth" about the special benefits of a late meal. At night to eat more tightly and be sure to drink a liter and a half of the protein drink. At first glance, this argument does make sense.

Metabolic processes going on in a dream and reach their peak at 4 o'clock in the morning. Is it too risky to leave by this time your stomach empty? No! The really critical needs of the body with energy are only in the early morning when the depleted glycogen reserves in muscle and liver.

Then at the beginning of the early hours of the day and need a good meal, focusing on the high-calorie menu. Please note that you need to put emphasis on the energy component of the food! For breakfast, you should eat more of those products that have a higher energy value!

If you will try to do this way before going to bed, then the subsequent power surge breaks the depth of the sleep. In the morning you'll feel overwhelmed and sleepy.  An ordinary dinner daily diet of a bodybuilder should not exceed 25% of total daily calories. Thus, the maximum calories you should take for breakfast. This is the most important commandment power bodybuilder!

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Eat in Small Portions:

Eat in Small Portions:

The bodybuilder should eat at least 4-5 times a day. After each meal is a brief burst of energy that compensates for the natural "failures" of efficiency, with each occurring at least 2-3 times a day.  Eating small portions have a positive effect on the assimilation of nutrients, including protein.

Food is digested more quickly and efficiently. But most importantly, of course, is that food and frequent small meals have a specific effect on catabolism, i.e., protein breakdown of muscle. Catabolism slows down!

Always Eat on Time:

Always eat on time

It is not only about the regularity of meal. On time means the entry into the body of nutrients exactly when is the biggest need. During the first 30 minutes after the end of the complex, you have to take at least 50-100 GG carbohydrate since your glycogen stores are depleted. Organism perceives this situation as extremely dangerous and begins to destroy the protein of muscle to extract from it the components required for the synthesis of sugar.

Then sugar is sent to replenish glycogen stores. To avoid this, make the carbohydrate within 30 minutes after the workout. During this period the body has a unique ability to assimilate carbohydrates almost instantly and immediately turn them into glycogen! Be late with the reception of glycogen, and you will lose muscle!

Make Use of Supplements:

Make Use of Supplements

The vitamin content of the foods on your table never coincides with the data, listed in the dietary references. This means that vitamins and minerals are extremely unstable. They are destroyed during storage, transportation, food and heat treatment.

Therefore, vitamins microclimates have to be taken extra. Vitamins and multivitamin have to be taken only with the food! The reason is that food intake stimulates the secretion of the digestive tract of specific substances that contribute to the assimilation of vitamins and enter them into the blood.

Remember, though vitamins are like regular pills, they can not take on an empty stomach with a glass of water. First of all, it's pointless to reason already described, and secondly, they can cause serious illness if the stomach is empty!

Prepare Food Properly:

Prepare Food Properly

Storage of products leads to the disintegration of these important vitamins and minerals electrons. This means that the cooking needs to use only fresh ingredients. After cooking a dish eat it, and not keep it in reserve in the refrigerator. Cooking vegetables require compliance with the following rules:

- need to cook vegetables easy of softening, but no longer,
- discoloration of vegetables during cooking shows on the loss of most vitamins and minerals;
- cook vegetables should be in a little water, not allowing the active boiling and evaporation;
- let down the vegetables to the already boiling water.
About the meat, then you as a bodybuilder should avoid all meat dishes that are prepared in a frying pan with lots of fat. The best way of cooking meat is over an open fire or in the microwave. The general rule for all meals says that they need to be eaten as soon as possible after preparation.

Chew Longer:

Grinding food in your mouth - this is the first stage of digestion. In this stage produces the selection of amylase - an enzyme that gives a start of digestion of carbohydrates. But the main thing, of course, that leads to a refinement of chewing food.

This, in turn, is essential for good digestion. Of chemistry, it is known that the reaction is better than more surface contact of the reactants. This fully applies to the digestion, where the most important agent is hydrochloric acid gastric juice.  Do not rush to the table, carefully, up to 20 times chew one piece, and you will increase the degree of assimilation of the same protein for at least 20-25%.

Drink Enough:

drink enough water.
The bodybuilders should not limit the amount of water they drink, though they should divide the intake of water by some rules. You should be aware that water - it is part of the diet. Water is a member of the metabolism of fats, digestion of protein and of the vital organs.
You can not drink less than the actual physiological needs! When you come to workout, you have an equally strong wish to eat and drink. It makes you eat and drink at the same time, and leads to the dissolution of the digestive acids and enzymes to low concentrations. Instead, you should carefully drink before a meal in about 10 minutes before taking the main dishes.
During this time the water has time to digest, and digestive problems will not be. As for the water intake during the rest of the day, there is approximately 80-90% of the daily diet you should drink in between meals. You should not drink coffee, tea, etc.
All these drinks contribute to the excretion of the most important bodybuilding substances, including calcium, sodium, and potassium. The special danger to the bodybuilder is a carbonated beverage. They neutralize the acid digestion! Remember, there is nothing better than plain water. Bodybuilder drinks only pure water!

Natural Products:


The difference between natural products and those that are sold in stores is huge. Judge for yourself, with all the fragility of the product raw materials, such as milk, which sours during the day, you buy the products, the shelf life of over several months! It is clear that such a "success" is possible only through the processing of products in special ways that leave them little useful and adding a special preservative.

That is why the majority of products on store shelves are not for you! You need a healthy diet, well, much of that. Prepare yourself using the products of peasant market. Be especially picky about the meat. Once frozen meat loses up to 70% of its biological value!

Fresh Fruits and Vegetable:

Fresh Fruits and Vegetable:

Fiber fresh fruits and vegetables greatly enhance digestion. Eat more salads, prepared from the same cabbage. It is much more useful than cabbage braised or boiled in soups. Eat more fresh fruits. Sometimes we hear that a complete substitute for fruits and vegetables are cooked in their juices.

No, it's not. Factory juices contain the same preservative, in addition, there is added sugar, and the concentration of natural ingredients is not above 40-50%. Everything else is water. More useful juices, cooked at home with a juicer. These juices contain vitamins and minerals, but quickly turn sour.

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1 Comment

  1. Ethelyn Luers

    March 29, 2013 at 4:07 am

    Whey protein is naturally present in cow’s milk and is separated from the milk during the cheese-making process. Enzymes are added to the milk to help separate the liquid whey from the curds. The liquid whey that is separated is then pasteurized and dried into a powder. Whey protein powder is present in certain health foods and is also sold as a supplement that you can add to your own foods. Whey protein has certain advantages in a senior diet because it might benefit the health of your heart and muscles and help protect your memory. Whey protein is also high in calcium, which might reduce your risk of osteoporosis, a bone-thinning disorder that most commonly affects older people…

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