Ten Rules to Follow for Gaining Muscle Mass

Muscle mass it's not a secret, as many people think. Building it is quite simple if you are aware of the main factors that may influence it. All you have to do is to try to follow these ten basic rules for gaining mass.

The first one is about to use free weights for all heavy sets.
Some of gyms equipment seems to be effective due to hard load, but they do not involve so much support of muscle as they can pump free weights and in addition, gym equipment will not give you a large mass.

Ten Rules to Follow for Gaining Muscle Mass

2. Use basic movement:

Exercises technique is perhaps the most important part of the training process. If you want to get a good muscle, do not concentrate on isolated exercises. Instead, use what Dave Draper calls 'body thrust', i.e. you should engage working all the muscles types of your body.

3. Find your weaknesses and fortified them:

Assess your body constitution to determine which muscle groups should be increased in size, then go to the gym and focus on working with these muscles. Begin your workout with a barbell, and follow with dumbbells. If you warm up using gym equipment move sets in the gym at the end of the workout.

4. Experiment to find the best exercise for you:

Never to be afraid to try out to apply new exercise or to focus your attention on zones that you want to look better. It may happen that standard exercises do not fit you perfectly, and then it will be great if you may do some combination that may get in time greater effects than even you imagine.

5. Always avoid injuries"

Be wary of dangerous exercises. Squats and flat bench presses, for example, have the highest injury potential, so it’s highly advisable to avoid them. There are many examples of those whose careers were ended by torn tendons, slipped discs or strained muscles. With proper knowledge and technique, you can do other exercises that work for those muscle groups thoroughly without placing undue stress on tendons and ligaments.6. Choose the optimal number of sets for you:

As a general rule is recommended to do 16 - 20 sets per muscle group. Be very careful with this advice. For many 16-20 sets (4 exercises for 4-5 sets) for each muscle group will lead to overtraining.

7. Do not count exercises:

There is no optimal amount of exercise. Most bodybuilders prescribe four sets each of four or five different exercises, but for some muscle groups, there are only one or two movements that work them effectively. In this case, you should do 16 - 20 sets of one exercise, or 8 - 10 sets each of two exercises.

8. Follow the optimum number of repetitions:

Some of the bodybuilders love to train heavy, but also love to use lots of reps. If you are not one of them then it is the right time to give it a chance. You can establish your favorite number of reps and do them to the failure. You are, incidentally, should not avoid going as heavy at times.

9. Experiment with the maximum:

Check out your strength, performing one or two reps. Remember, though, when you do bench press on a flat bench with weight more than 405 pounds, you are playing with danger. When you want to test your max, do not go to it with one jerk. It is better to increase the weight gradually to allow the body to adapt to changing loads. For example, you can do two approaches with 500 pounds. You must be sure that you can do 465 pounds for at least four reps before going to the max.

10. Eat more meat:

The more protein you eat, the better, and the best form of protein for muscle mass is meat, especially red meat. This is where you get the nutrients to build muscle, your strength reserves and the necessary fats for joint protection.
In conclusion, we can say that if you will try to not forget these tips and follow them you will gain good solid muscle mass faster.

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