What Is The Best Workout Schedule For Building Buscle mass

 Are you highly excited to begin your trainings and start building that crazy looking body, but you have no idea how often you should be in the gym? Being confused about which workout routine to follow is understandable, since the training frequency directly affects the speed of gaining muscle mass.

The core idea is that regardless of which training routine you choose,  you will always manage to pack on some muscle mass. But if you want to speed up this process and really stay away of any injures then is better to get informed about what is the best workout routine for you based on your experience.

There are some very common routines used by most of bodybuilders, especially in the start of their training experience.With time you have to pass throughout all these these training routines to find out which one fit your the best and stick to it.

2 day schedule

This is the very basic each bodybuilders start with. It means that you come in the gym twice a week and each training is followed by two or three days off.  Well, if you do not use to train in weekends, than you have one, or two days for rest time between training sessions.

Easy to follow and with great results in the end, this way of training is the most preferred among most of bodybuilders. It allow you enough time for recovery, while you pack on muscle mass on pretty good speed. It is the most enjoyable stage throughout the whole bodybuilding experience, since noticeable results are achieved with modest effort.

During each training session is worked full body, including exercises for upper and lower body parts. Mostly are use compound exercises, involving in work most of major group muscles at once.

3 day schedule

It is also designed for beginners bodybuilders and provide with great results too. Since your are novice, your body provide with better results if you train less. This is the big advantage a beginner has compare to more advanced ones. With time, you will have to work harder and harder to keep gaines coming and put more challenge on your body.

Training three times a week is great for the reasons that it let you get familiar with the exercises and learn the proper way of execution. Since your body strength is not high, your muscles reacts well to loads you put in it. Recovery time is shorter while gains are noticeable.

Times goes on, and after weeks of  training comes moment when you have to turn the page and make your workouts more difficulties. If you ask how long you can consider yourself a beginner bodybuilder, then know this time is maximum six weeks of weights training.

4 day split

If you are no longer a beginner, the next level is exercising four times a week. You reach the intermediary level and should follow it for at least 6 month and up to a year and a half.

There are many workouts templates to follow on this stage. However the most advisable is lower/upper splits workouts. So you begin with upper body workouts followed next day by lower body training and after come a rest day. You get one and two days off for recovery, of course if you do not choose to enter the next week with your schedule. Whatever is your decision, make sure you allow your body enough time for recovery, otherwise you may end up overtrained and put all your gains in a holding position.

You have increased the training days with one, but this will not automatically leads to much more muscle gains. Set realistic goals in order do not get disappointed with the way you are packing on muscle mass. Fast gains will not come once you entered this new level. You need to keep you body challenged do not let it get adapted to stress you put on it. If you miss this point, you may end up locked into plateaus where no muscle gains are seen.

5 day training schedule

This means that you have only two days for rest time, which are usually weekends. Designed for advanced bodybuilders, 5 day split is hard to follow but definitely worth it. Surely there are 7 days split training but in terms of muscle gains this one is most recommended.

After years of training, with high strength and muscle growth indicators, is time to concentrate on training two, three small muscle during each workout. Every day you can focus on special muscle group and rounded them during the week training.

The more advanced you are, the harder it is to add muscle mass. The rate is much slower as it used to be in the beginning and you have to face it. But nobody say it is impossible: it just require more work and proper manipulation of other factors like diet and rest time.

So, “the best” is what fit your training level. Don’t be naive and think that the more you do the better it is. As a newcomer it will not definitely help. You just risk to get overtrained, or in worst cases have an injury.

Take it progressively. Begin with 3 days a week and over time reach the advanced level of five training per week. If you trained for years but not following an intensive workout program than you can switch to 4 days a week trainings. In all other cases, when you have no physical preparedness, is best to schedule your training 2, or 3 times a week.

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