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Best Post Steroid Cycle Products




What are They?

  • - Sometimes identified as anti-estrogen drugs, the drugs do not only help minimize the side effects while on a steroid cycle but also in post steroid cycle therapy.
  • - The drugs can be used to reduce the estrogenic activity or the level of estrogen in the body.
  • - The aromatase inhibitors are activated to inhibit the aromatase enzyme that converts androgens into estrogens by a process called aromatization.

Importance of Post Cycle Therapy:


This could just be the most important part of your steroid cycle as you work towards maintaining the hard gained muscle through the best Post steroid cycle activities that should be both safely and effectively beneficial to you.

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Types of Post Cycle Products:

Unlike 10-15 years back where there were little but expensive products to assist with the post-steroid cycle, the advance in technology has allowed for a better playing field as users are now able to buy and choose from a range of products. Some of the products that are well known are:

    • - Arimidex which is chemically known as Anastrozole
    • - Clomid which is known as Clomiphene Citrate
    • - Femara which is known as Letrozole.
    • - HCG which stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin
    • - Nolvadex which stands for Tamoxifen Citrate

With these helpful drugs, there is no point in being ripped for only halfway through the year as you turn out to become the exact opposite of what your body was during the cycle.

Clomiphene (Clomid Common Name) Best Products For PCT are:

  • - Clomid is the general title for (Clomiphene citrate).
  • - It is also a synthetic estrogen. Medically, this is referred to help low fecundity females in their ovulation period.
  • - Clomid actually works by stimulating the hypothalamus which in turn stimulates the anterior pituitary gland. This stimulation results in the release of the gonadotrophic hormones. These hormones are known as follicle stimulating hormones (abbreviated as FSH) as well as the luteinizing hormone (abbreviated as LH) where the FSH is used to stimulate the testes for more testosterone production and LH works to stimulate the secretion of testosterone.
  • - It also functions against estrogen to minimize the harmful effects such as gynecomastia as well as water maintenance/retention which could be a consequence of the aromatized estrogen from testosterone.
  • - It does not function as stimulating the discharge of normal testosterone but reduces the estrogen hang-up rooted by the steroid cycle.

The best time for taking Clomid depends on the cycle and type of steroids used as there are different steroids which have different half-lives which is the time a substance disappears from the blood system.

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At first, day, when taking Clomid, one should use 300mg then 100mg for the remaining 10 days and 50mg on the next 10 days.



  • - A substitute to the Clomid, this product is actually a business title for the medicine Tamoxifen. Actually, the half life of the drug Nolvadex is comparatively long which gives the user a chance to administer one day daily dose. Administration starts according to outlined schedule as well as the period of this dosage is similar to Clomid.
  • - For a normal mass cycle, the dosages will be taken in the following order:

100mg on day 1

60mg on the following 10 days

40mg: the dose of next following 10 days

A few of the users who take both Clomid as well as Nolvadex during their PCT where dosages may be administered as:

- Day 1:

Clomid 200miligram + Nolvadex 40miligram

- Following 10 Days:

Clomid 50miligram + Nolvadex 20miligram

-Again following 10 days:

Clomid 50mg + Nolvadex 20mg

These examples do not imitate a standard dosage as adjustments can be done depending on what is needed as the end result.

The Use of HCG:

  • - Being one of the nearly everyone misused and misunderstood substances in bodybuilding; the substance is a short form for a Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin plus it is not anything close to being a steroid. Instead, it is a natural hormone that is developed during the pregnancy period in the placenta of women.
  • - In the human male body, it acts like the LH where the Leydig cells in the testes are enthused to generate hormone (testosterone).
  • - It is used during mass steroid phases just to keep up a testicular size and the condition of the testicle. It is also used to bring back emaciated testicles reverse to their actual state. This is a preparatory measure for post-steroid therapy as shrunken testicles generate abridged levels of the normal hormone (testosterone).

HCG Administration:

  • This is a common practice amongst bodybuilders who believe that using the substance may aid in recovering the normal level of testosterone, but this is a theory that is unsubstantiated as well as counterproductive.
  • It is the most excellent used for the duration of a cycle to:
  • Avoid testicular shrinking, and also.
  • To set right the predicament of existing testicular atrophy.

For the dosage of HCG, smaller and frequent doses for a period of a cycle gives the most excellent on the whole consequences along with the slightest chances of unwanted harmful effects where for about 2 weeks one should consume between 500IU to 1000IU daily

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