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Best Ways to Rehab After an Advanced Steroid Cycle




            Many individuals, primarily athletes, are concerned with their daily physical performance. And sometimes, they get tempted to use anabolic steroids to improve their performance. The steroids depend on a male hormone, testosterone, which helps build scale and enhance physical appearance and athletic performance. Also, many are interested in finding the best rehab methods after an advanced steroid cycle, so this article is for you.

         As you stop using these anabolic androgenic steroids, you remain in a situation in which your natural testosterone generation gets suppressed, in some cases severely. Moreover, the steroid levels get diminished forever in your body system, leaving you with a high catabolic state after your cycle, which can show their capability to manage the body's muscle mass acquired during the period.

            Please remember that it is easier to conclude that you would need a way to restore your natural production of testosterone to bring around a healthier environment for your overall health and maintain the muscle tissue.

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           Post-cycle rehab is using drugs that work through different mechanisms for restoring and stabilizing your hormones to a reasonable level after a suppressed cycle of anabolic-androgenic steroids has ceased. It can result in a dangerous situation in which your body's hormones suffer from an imbalance and never return to their normal range. So, it is essential to consider rehab after an advanced steroid cycle.

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        The following are some best ways to carry out this rehab process. They also help overcome the side effects of the advanced steroid cycle:

Quitting Steroids Or Cold Turkey

Before and After Steroid Cycle picture

           Make sure that the side effects of quitting steroids aren't life-threatening for you. If you are struggling against this anabolic steroid abuse, the best way to get rehabbed is to withdraw these steroids as soon as possible or cold turkey. But, ceasing the usage of drugs faster can result in shock for your body's system, which has remained connected with the steroid use, causing unusually severe symptoms.

       According to Mental Health Daily, every person has a different symptom after cold turkey. This response depends on various factors like:

  • The time limit of usage of drugs
  • Dose took
  • Health factors
  • Individuals' constitution

         Irrespective of these things, ceasing the use of drugs or cold turkey is much more likely to result in severe symptoms such as stronger cravings, particularly if you have become psychologically or physically addicted to the anabolic steroid.

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Dangerous cravings can more likely cause you to relapse into using these. One method of avoiding this hard withdrawal and relapse problem is tapering off these drugs slowly, allowing your body to adapt to the loss of these drugs with time.

Tapering Off

    you are using a high dose of anabolic or testosterone steroids for a more extended period. The levels of testosterone decrease in your body. According to the Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine and Science. It can result in more significant damage. If you stop using these drugs instantly, your body will suffer from a substantial loss of hormones, causing disastrous symptoms. This risk can handle via tapering off these drugs instead of quitting them abruptly.

        If you taper the use of these drugs with time, your body gets a chance to recover and start to produce its hormones again. In turn, this reduces or even eliminates the side effects of the withdrawal. It thus makes it easy for you to cease drug usage entirely. You have now reduced cravings. The likelihood of other dangerous symptoms will decrease. You are more likely to become able to stop taking these drugs and enter into recovery from anabolic steroids.

How Can You Taper off the Anabolic Steroids?

       You can find the prescribed recommendations for tapering via different sites or other firms that provide a general concept of how you can taper the usage of steroids. Few suggest around 10 to 20% decrease in the amount taken every week unless this amount is negligible and possible to stop completely. Many drug experts who give such recommendations think that this amount lets your body cover in enough time before they finish the usage of drugs.

        But, ceasing drug usage isn't a universal proposition. The generalized recommendation doesn't consider the factors mentioned above like health issues o,r individual constitution. For instance, a user with ka kidney or liver-kidney will have trouble often eliminating the drug from his body, which means that a slow taper is needed. While o r, people with some other issues may cause them to taper less or more as per their health situation.

     The best method of determining the right taper amount for you is to consult a professional and experienced person to help you rehab after your steroid cycle.


       Tamoxifen (Nolvadex) and Clomiphene (Clomid) can use to restore your natural production of testosterone as both medicines. Use for blocking estrogen in the pituitary and hypothalamus, stopping the negative feedback reserve. Some drugs can successfully increase the LH and FSH hormone levels in a male body. The increased LH level can help stimulate your Leydig's cells within the Estes to produce more testosterone.

         Most people only rely upon Nolvadex for recovery from their addiction. And others depend upon both drugs for their improvement in all aspects. Nolvadex, however, is much more helpful for stimulating LHH increase. From a standpoint based on milligram to the milligram, when compared to Clomialongsideide, many complaints from trousers have also been recorded, including rapid mood swings and visual complications.

Clomid Clomiphene citrate



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        When the working principles and methods are analyzed for both the drugs to boost the production of testosterone., it can say that some old-school approaches bear some flaws with the expectation of minimized shut down to increase the production of testosterone. Most of you, during their mid-cycle, take a burst of Clomid. However, Clomid should shut down during the mid-cycle because increased androgen levels stop testosterone production tack to the testes.

Clomid Proprieties

        Clomid is sed with a heavy androgenic cycle and functions as an anti-estrogen. Natural testosterone production falls with increased levels of androgen. Therefore, the aid of Clomid in testosterone production is rather much lesser. With the start of the PCT protocol, its effectiveness is more with the drop in the levels of androgen on steroids. These will depend on the half-life of the compounds used by the user in the cycle.

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        The half-life of Nolvadex and Clomid drops the need for splitting the drug dosage.

Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (HCG)

        For bodybuilders suffering from testicular atrophy during the cycle, HCG is beneficial, beg a peptide hormone.

         Considering it an aid for the restoration of testosterone, but because of a different action mechanism is flawed. The said drug pictures LH effect in the body and subsequently increases testosterone production by triggering Leydig cells. Thus, it is in altogether avoiding or rectifying pre-existing cyclic testicular atrophy. During the post-cycle phase, the recovery process remains unaffected. However, increased estrogen levels in the blood will raise HPTA inhibition in many folds.

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    Therefore, using Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin is recommended to avoid and rectify atrophy in the cycle. And to help the testes come up to normal condition, HCG usage before PCT is a wise decision. It will help increase the production of testosterone. However, cease the usage of HCG at least one week before PCT.

        A small and more frequent dose of HCG for about two weeks is much more fruitful. Also bears almost negligible chances of side effects—ISupposeaccompanied with Nolva dex about 20-4dailyr day and 500-1000IU. Over two weeks help avoid side effects, specifically those related to estrogen.

Medical Detox after Anabolic Steroids

      During detox, medical support is insufficient to provide an individual with a taper schedule to minimize severe withdrawal. Some treatment professionals extend their medical support services to look after symptoms that occur at the time of departure or later.

      Extreme mood swings are most likely to arise. For which anti-anxiety and anti-depressants prescribed. Your doctor can also specify an on-narcotic pain reliever in case of very severe muscle aches. Symptoms of nausea and diarrhea exist catered to y providing relevant medicinal sleeping and resting pills.

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         Stepping into the next level of rehab or addiction treatment is possible during your medical detox. For which it provides in combination with a tapered withdrawal. It increases the chances of completely stopping anabolic steroid usage. Additionally, it is valuable and helps prevent physical damage in the long term. These effects will likely happen with time due to the use of these drugs.

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