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Why Taking Clomid and Tamoxifen Together?




         If you are an enthusiast of muscle building, you would understand the hot debate that is ongoing around the prolonged use of either the(tamoxifen) Nolvadex and Clomid together. But basically, what are these?

Clomid and Tamoxifen

Clomid and Tamoxifen

         They are two very popular SERMS or only, the Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators. And mostly, they are usually recommended for the;

  • Fertility programs in which case, both the male and the female can use them.
  • They act as a supplement plan for performing athletes.
  • They are a common feature if you walk in a post cycle therapy with most of the anabolic steroid users.

       Since we are only concerned with the anabolic part of the drugs, we are only to discuss the effects of taking the Clomid and the tamoxifen together and their long-term effect.

The Functionalities of The Drugs During PCT:

Functionalities of The Drugs During PCT

        If you were to consider this, you would realize that the two drugs are usually taken during PCT majorly for two purposes only.

  • Augmenting and triggering the natural production of the testosterone hormone in the body
  • To retrieve the body to homeostasis.

     Therefore, they are essential, and under the post cycle therapy, you should try to use these drugs.

The Steroid Cycle:

During The Steroid Cycle

          What is a steroid?  It is a pre-hormone injecting synthetic testosterone supplement in the body. When the body starts to receive this foreign compound, it automatically recognizes it to be an androgenic hormone. Therefore, it shuts its production of the testosterone compound to avoid overproduction in the body, which would lead to over-accumulation of the hormone in the body.

            If you look at the whole process, you’d realize that this is the negative effect and usually triggered indigenously and inadvertently. The user is not aware of the low testosterone level in the body because the drug supplements the hormone. In some cases, both the androgenic and anabolic qualities gain at the same time.

Adverse Effects of Low Testosterone:

Negative Effects of Low Testosterone

        During the on cycle, the user will go into a low testosterone level at the end of the period when the supply if the steroid inhibited. It could have adverse effects which include;

  • Low or reduced sex drive.
  • Depression is a standard feature for people with low testosterone.
  • Loss of the muscle ton.
  • Increase in fatty weight.
  • Balding among some other people.

        What you should understand about these steroid is that consistency use would eventually lead to lower production of the testosterone. Which on the other leads to an increase in the Estrogen levels. It would then lead to woman-like characteristics in the man’s body — for example, an increase in the size of the man-boobs.

The Role of Nolvadex and Clomid Together in PCT:

The Role of Nolvadex and Clomid Together in PCT

            You probably would be asking what PCT is all about. Well, it is the period off the steroids to give the body time to reach the hormonal stability and therefore, enable the body to maintain homeostasis. It would mean that the body provides a period for neutralizing the levels of the testosterone in the body. It would also mean that the adverse side effects that would have otherwise started to show due to the impact of low testosterone would be minimized.

          Most of the men out there will have a tough time during the post cycle therapy because their body is taking too long to respond and bring the body back to its typical functionalities or the body is incapable of catalyzing the production of the testosterone hormone.

      For those people who are steroids, there are at times when the Clomid and the Tamoxifen are recommended for use by the doctors and in as much as releasing the Luteinizing Hormone is concerned, both of these steroids are a better choice. Furthermore, they are recommended by most doctors as an anti-estrogen and aanHDL cholesterol supporter in the body.

The negativity of These Drugs over a Long Usage:

        We should not disregard the fact that both the Clomid and the tamoxifen are carcinogenic and therefore when it comes to prolonged usage, they are never recommended. If you look into research, you will realize that there has been a limited study about the daily consumption of the Clomid or the tamoxifen. What has been there though is a limited study of the Clomid use for over a year which can be used to combat infertility, but that is too tiny to be generalized.

           In regards to the usage of the drugs, only a few weeks per year. It should be done during the PTC period should include the Nolvadex or the clomid in steroid should be taken to bring the testosterone levels to normality. However, depending on the person at hand. The risks posed to them over the benefits is something that has to take with keen interest. It has to be assessed.

How to Take The Drugs?

         Building muscle fast requires the coordinated intake of the clomid and tamoxifen in the body. Therefore, as long as this coordination exists, then there will be a positive influence of the drugs on the body.

             A general misconception with the intake of the drug comes where people think that they can mix the two drugs for a higher gain. There are many side effects that you will get with the mixing of the drugs. Once the threshold passed, expect the worse to come. Therefore, this means that you should dosage them as lower as possible. Also, take a close cross inspection of the signs that your body shows.


        If through the benefits of taking the drugs are worth throwing dice for, the risks are somewhat overwhelming. You should only take the pills if you have to and only during the PCT session. When you notice something randomly alarming to your body, stop the usage of the drugs.

           However, if you notice some great vibes happening, then it becomes worthwhile taking the tamoxifen in combination with clomid.  Again, there is a substantial risk associated with the prolonged intake of the drug; therefore, be careful on the amount you take.


Building muscle mass is what I like to talk about. If your aim is to build a solid body, then my posts would be very beneficial to you. I always want to know your opinion, so don't hesitate to drop a line below or contact me.

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