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Off Time Between Steroids Cycles During Testosterone Replacement Therapy



Off Time Between Steroids Cycles During Testosterone Replacement Therapy

             What’s the recommended recovery time between anabolic steroid cycles is a subject discussed in details in one of our previous posts. Click on the text link to read it entirely. What we are going to talk about further is a problem that interests many men which try to find out whether the off time during cycles has to be long or short in case of Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT). Aging men on Testosterone Replacement Therapy report an increase in energy, sex drive and improved mood after testosterone treatment.

              In order to keep testosterone level up, many individuals keep cycling without any pause at all. The worst decision ever and you definitely have to stay away from it. Cycling for several weeks and taking off time is more correctly with minimal side effects in long run.

            For those who use testosterone for building muscle mass, ceasing steroids use for several weeks will help the body to restore testosterone production function. In case of those who take it for TRT, whose bodies don't produce testosterone or do it in a very low degree, what’s the reason behind taking pauses?

             Taking off time between steroid cycles is not only for the sole purpose to maintain body’s ability to produce natural testosterone. As you should know, the use of steroids come with a range of side effects that put a big stress on overall health. Being off for at least the same time you were on allow your body to get rid of toxins you poured in with steroids.

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Improve Blood Lipid Profile:

The Effects of Steroids Use on Blood Lipids

Longer pauses between cycles improve the body healthy blood lipid profile. The effects of steroids use on blood lipids can be very destructive if taken for a long time and in high dosage.

               They lower the density of good cholesterol ( lipoprotein cholesterol HDL) and raise the level of bad cholesterol (LDL). Good cholesterol brings unused cholesterol to the liver, where it is broken down, protecting this way the arteries. Bad cholesterol has the opposite effect of a good one. That’s why taking pauses from steroids use even if you not worried about your natural testosterone production is very important.

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Strengthen Your Heart:

             Long-term use of steroids weakens the heart. This is a fact, whether you like it or not. Off periods normalize the androgen level allowing the heart to work better. What may happen if you keep on with steroids use without pauses? You put yourself at risk to develop left ventricular hypertrophy.

Lower The Hematocrit Level:

              Prolonged use of steroids causes an increase of Hematocrit levels, which in turn leads to high blood pressure and excessive thickening of the blood. From this to heart attack and stroke is very little space. Extended pauses between steroids use are meant to keep Hematocrit healthy and avoid all the above-mentioned risks.

             So, far we have at least 3 very important reasons to take off time when cycling evenyouru main concern is not restoring natural testosterone production. And these are not the only ones. Every time you are off steroids you give the chance to your body to get clean and stay healthy.

How Long The Time Off Should Be?

off time between steroid cylcles

              Don’t look for scientific answers to this questions, because you will not find it. There are individuals being on steroids for decades, apparently being healthy and living a happy life. There are cases of deaths among young steroids user and of young bodybuilders who never took anabolics. No right or wrong formula for healthy steroid use is available. Only recommendations from experience. So, you will no be wrong if you follow the same OFF Time standards as in case of regular use of steroids.

Three options are available:

  1. Least aggressive: Off time is doubled the time On steroids. 3 weeks of orals are followed by at least 6 weeks of pause. The longer you are off, the healthier you will be and higher chances do not preserve gained muscle mass, but also keep adding a great amount of muscle during next cycling. Why so? Because of body ability to get addicted and stop reacting to substances.
  2. More aggressive: Off time is equal with On time. Bigger gains come packed with a higher chance to develop unwanted side effects.
  3. Very aggressive: Off time is half of the On time. Be ready for amazing gains, but be aware of the negative impact of steroids on your health.

        Being on TRT doesn’t change the game too much. Choosing a very aggressive way of cycling will definitely cause a spike in testosterone level, but does it worth the associated health risks? Most probably not. Therefore, our recommendation for optimal time off between steroids cycles during Testosterone Replacement Therapy is twice as much as on time. This will help you to keep blood lipids profile along with other health indicators in normal ranges.

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