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Anabolic Steroids

Why People Die from Steroids These Days



Why People Die from Steroids These Days

Using steroids is considered the last option to treat a disorder. Steroids are the hormones that the human
body produces naturally. To perform regular functions of the body such as inflammation, sleep patterns,
body growth and muscle repair, it is essential. These are categorized as legal and illegal on the basis of its
harms. Sportsmen, bodybuilders, and athletes use these drugs to boost up their stamina. These are
available in the market in the form of pills and injections. Without the prescription or suggestion of the
doctors, it should not be used. Due to carelessness in the use of the steroids and its severe side effects,
people may die these days.

Why use Steroids?

Treating the muscle and other disorders, this is the best against tension medication. Some steroids
contain tranylcypromine, isocarboxazid, selegiline, linezolid, phenelzine, methylene blue infusion, and
rasagiline. All these components are harmful to health. Steroids boost the functions of the body. These
are competent and operative to cure the physical disorders. The players use it to improve their
performance. But the question is that How many people die from steroids? or How can you die from steroids?


Steroid provides strength and boosts the growth of muscles. Users take this product to increase stamina
in the gym. Doing hard work or intense workout is difficult. The brain produces a chemical that
stimulates body for the feeling of tiredness. This the chemical makes you feel tired and increases fatigue
in the body. Due to some ingredients, it stops the excretion of that chemical in the brain.


It reduces your sleep by increasing the metabolism. Your brain may be more active by using a steroid. It
is quite safe for all these conditions. It reduces the fatigue and weakness in some cases. You may reduce
your dosage if you have mental mood disorders, abnormal family history, drug addiction, and use of
alcohol, liver problem, enlarged heart, heart problems, amphetamines, high blood pressure and others.
A steroid shows its harm after regular use of two months or 60 days. It leaves a negative impact on your
HGH. It causes breast enlargement in men and menstrual problems in women.

Why be Careful?

Before using steroid for any treatments, it is important to realize its harmful effects on the body. the
With any type of drug doctor consultation is a must. It is vital to recognize outcomes of the products.
Some products are efficient in displaying top results but those products may leave a negative impact on
the body. Same is the case with illegal steroid because it has some side effects in case of wrong or

• Dizziness
• Headache
• Nausea
• Chest pain
• Irregular heartbeat
• Hallucination
• Nervousness

Side effects

The harmful effects of the medicine appear in the form of healing reactions. It can cause extraordinary
energy, changes in heart rate, optimal headaches, swelling, increased discomfort, skin irritation, changes
in bowel movement and others. As per the modern research, some of its side effects are temporary and
finishes by the time. It leaves toxins in the body that can be harmful to the liver. Some of the important
symptoms to visit the doctors are given below:

• Daytime sleepiness and fatigue
• waking up with dry mouth and sore throat
• waking up with short breath in the night
• Discomfort in sleeping
• Disturbed sleep
• Breath pauses
• Frequent urination in the night
• Memory issues and forgetfulness
• Difficulty in concentration
• Chocking during sleep, snoring and grasping

Reduces efficiency of immune system

Steroids speed up the body functions and it can reduce the efficiency of the immune system. It makes
human body more susceptible to infection.
• Causes gynecomastia, enlargement of breast tissue in men
• Muscles and joint pain
• Edema, Swelling in legs and arms
• Rise in insulin resistance
• Carpal tunnel syndrome
Produces Insomnia
The patient faces the problem in night sleep by using this steroid. This problem is Insomnia. Regular use
of the steroid increases anxiety in the nerves and produces mental stress. These things and pressure on
nerves cause insomnia due to restless nerves and muscles.

High Blood Pressure

The use of the steroid can boost blood pressure. Hypertension is the other name of this problem in
medical terms. Doctors measure it with the diastolic and systolic movements. It is due to many other
health issues and some other diet problems. It can cause kidney diseases, adrenal diseases, abortion,
heart failure and much more.

Due to lack of physical activity, high alcohol intake, obesity, excessive intake of salt, genetic factors and
stress patients may suffer this issue. The high-blood pressure can damage arteries and damage the

Increases the risk of kidney and liver disorders With frequent use of steroids, the patient may face sudden heart failure, Kidney failure, and liver tumor. Kidney disorders are common in people. There are several reasons of kidney infection. Infections in thebody are very common. Maintaining your lifestyle will help in getting rid of the kidney infections.

You must be careful in your diet while taking this steroid. Always eat diuretic food as well as fruits for
cleansing your kidneys. It prevents them from infection and other kidney infections. It is an exceptional
item for burning fat and contains no reactions. It increases the stress on liver and kidney.

Dry Throat

Some steroids produce dry throat. If someone has a dry and sore throat, it is an annoying condition. It
happens due to the inflammation of the pharynx. It is the tube that starts from the back of the mouth
and esophagus leads to the stomach. There are several reasons that are the causes of the discomfort. It
is a painful situation for the majority of the users. It can cause different other problems. Avoid smoking,
use of alcohol and spices during taking a steroid. These things multiply this situation.

• Smoking and drinking alcohol is the main reason for dry throat
• Bacterial and viral infections
• Acidity in stomach and Acid reflux

Do not ignore precautions and the information about the drug. Precautions will save you from initial
symptoms of the heart problem, breathing problems, anxiety, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, irregular
heartbeat and much more in the patients. It is harmful to their other physical health issues.

Below you can fine Top Known Names in Body Building that died because of steroids overdose :

  1. Rich Piana ( Insulin issue, too much HGH )
  2. Mike Matarazzo ( waiting for a Heart transplant, died in hospital )
  3. Dan Puckett ( died from heart failure in 2007, age 22 )
  4. Scott Klein ( Four-time NPC Heavyweight competitor (1995 and 1997) Died from kidney failure in 2003, age 30 )
  5. Robert Benavente ( heart attack )
  6. Greg Kovacs ( heart attack 45 years old )
  7. Art Atwood ( heart attack - died on 11 Sep 2011 )
  8. Dallas 'Big Country' McCarver ( 26 years old )


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