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How To Gain Muscle Size And Strength Fast




As a bodybuilder, you know that gaining strength and muscle size can go hand in hand either apart of each other. Most probably you have seen two big guys in the gym who struggle to handle some not as big weights. On the other hand, there are guys who manage to lift immense amount of weights despite they look pretty thin. Adding muscle size is more for appearance, but a real man will always to be strong as well.

Getting these indicators at the high point is the goal each bodybuilder has. Working hard in the gym is absolutely the keyway toward a massive and strong body, but it is not enough. WIth some other manipulations, you can be able to enjoy great results that will last for a long time.

Work Out Intensively:

The foremost principle every bodybuilder should follow for bulking and gaining strength. And I mean no cardio exercises, but strength exercises that put high loads on your muscles. According to your physical preparedness level, choose the workout routine that fits you and allows you to grow without any damage to your health.

Set a clear goal and stick to it. You will not see muscle and strength gains from day to day, so it is better to evaluate your performance on a regular basis. This will keep you motivated, as made gains will be noticeable. It will keep on the road and able to run further for greater results.

However be ready for weeks when not achievements will be made. This is a normal stage every bodybuilder pass through. It is time to back off and take a deloaded pause after which you will be able to work more intensively. Pushups, squats and barbell movements are very basic exercises that have not to miss your workout. The wide range of exercises to include in your training allow you to diversify your workouts making them more enjoyable.

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But if you are really short in time you can choose some of the basic exercises that train more than one group muscles at once. Make your training 45 minutes or maximum one-hour length and avoid exercising till failure, unless you are an advanced bodybuilder and you know what you do. If not, you risk to get injured and stay out of the gym for a longer time to recover.

Getting bigger and strengthen faster translates into more work in the gym. You get as much effort you put on it. Wondering why no gains are seen when your gym visits are limited to once a week including more cardio exercise (which are easy to perform) is meaningless.

You will tell me that there is a genetics factor who prevent for making big muscle and size gains. It is true to some extent since even hardgainers manage to get big and strong with a lot of work done in the gym. It is the willing power which plays a huge role, and if you are determined to win the game with loads than you will definitely succeed.

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Follow a Proper Diet:

What you eat is definitely going to help you with bulking and getting stronger. You need to fuel your muscles, and you take it all from food. Being on calorie deficit will not allow you to put on muscle mass. If you are about to lose weight and gain lean muscle mass and strength then is better to prioritize your goals. Cut off weight and them think about adding some muscle mass.

In order to grow muscles, you need protein. Take about 1-2 gr of protein for each pound of body weight. The best is to increase meal frequency throughout the day as to have 5-6 small portions meals. Also, take some protein right after the workouts when muscles can intake more energy and nutrients.  Secondly, you have to increase the calorie intake with about 500 calories to give your muscles extra energy.

If you are not sure how many calories men or women should eat per day in order to promote muscle growth than here is the answer: about 3000 calories per day for men and 2500 calories for women. Divide this amount of calories to a number of meals you plan to have per day, but make sure it has not less than 500 calories.

The last, but not the least concentrated on healthy foods like vegetables, fruits and add some multivitamins too. You can consider adding some muscle building supplements like creatine. But be careful too much protein may damage your kidney. There is no room for fast food, soda drinks or alcohol. All of them will just slow down the muscle gaining process and cause you to add more fat than lean muscle mass. And surely do not want it.

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Rest Enough:

Your muscles do not grow when you exercise, but when you rest. Through training, you broke down you muscles tissues. The time off is the period when muscle tissues repair and get bigger. Working out without enough rest time doesn't allow your body to recover and thus the muscle gains are poor.

So, make sure you take at least a rest day between training sessions. Also, after 8-10 weeks of intensive training is advisable to have a one week for deloading. A short nap during the day is a great way to relax your body and get a lot of energy for the entire day.

Get 8-9 hours of sleep per night, as minimal amounts of sleep are not able to promote big muscle gains. Just go for your dream and do the best you can to reach it. Getting bigger and stronger is always possible if you have strong determination.

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Building muscle mass is what I like to talk about. If your aim is to build a solid body, then my posts would be very beneficial to you. I always want to know your opinion, so don't hesitate to drop a line below or contact me.

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