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9 Squats Variations For Bigger Muscles



9 Squats Variations For Bigger Muscles

         No doubt squats are one of the most effective exercises for building muscle mass. Perfect for working out leg muscles, squats put a big stress on other muscle groups as well. It, not a strength and hypertrophy exercise only but also a good cardiovascular workout too. If you were to choose one exercise of Squats Variations would be a great choice.

          The wide range of variations allows you to diversify your training making it more challenging and interesting. With some of the most popular forms of squats, you are probably well familiarized. But we bring to you more: top 9 squats exercises that every bodybuilder has to include in his training.

Barbell Squat:

         Learn classic squats technique before going with other variations. You safeness should be your primary concern since the wrong technique leads to injuries. Yes, doing squats improperly will add minimal or no gains at all. To get the most out of squats make sure you have a coach assisting you through the 5-6 squats training.

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Prisoner Squats:

            Great to do when no gym equipment is available at all. Whether you are at home or at the office take prisoner squats are easy to do and benefit your body in a great way.

Watch here how to do prisoner squats properly:

Powerlifting Squats:

         In this case, the bar is placed below the deltoids with a stance wider than shoulders width. This exercise put more stress on the lower back while knees joints are very few stressed out.

Barbell Hack Squats:

         Just like deadlifts, quads, hamstrings, calves and other muscles group are largely involved in work during this kind of exercises. The main difference is that barbell hack squats are more loaded, hence more stress is put on all these muscles.

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Detailed explanation on how to perform barbell hack squats here:

Breathing Squats:

         Breathing squats are a quite new type of squats, where not only the movement is important but the way you breathe as well. They are characterized by in-depth breathing between in and out of squatting and are performed in a high number than classic squats.

        Breath squats are perfect for bulking and gaining weight. You will achieve great results after 6-8 weeks of such training. Be persistent, and do not give up if you find it stronger to continue.

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Watch breathing squats proper technique:

Zercher Squats Variations:

         This kind of exercise is perfect for building quadriceps muscles and not only. Coordination, body strength and endurance are greatly improved too. Being difficult to execute and the use of big weights make Zercher squats an exercise that fit well-advanced bodybuilders and is less recommended for the novice. They carry a high risk of injury so that a very good command of squats technique is mandatory.

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           Don’t run into Zercher squats unless you have at least one year of gym experience and your body is ready to carry such a big load. Delay for others time if it’s not the case and make use of another form of squats that will benefit without any risk for your health.

Barbell Front Squats Variations:

           The biggest load is put on quadriceps, but hamstring and gluteal muscles are also utilized during this exercise. Not recommended for those with back issues as they just worsen the situation.

Goblet Squats:

          Goblet exercises are great for improving the body posture, increasing the core strength too. This happens since the upper body has to keep the balance while you squat keeping the weight tight against your chest. That’s why goblet squats are not only targeting your legs but also benefit your body standing in a great way.


 Jump Squats:

          Another form of squats to use for diversifying your training. Quadriceps are worked at a maximum rate even no weights are used. Just stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, lower your body like in case of classic squats and then jump up with as hard as you can.  Simple to do, recommended for all bodybuilders, with no risk attached but with such a big impact on leg muscles.

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          These are not by far the entire variations of squats. Many other forms are available and you can find them by simply searching on Google. But our mission is completed as we picked up from the squats forms the ones with the biggest impact on muscle mass. Include two-three of them in your workout and within weeks you will be surprised with the results.


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