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How To Train Less And Gain More Muscle Mass




            There are 24 hours in a day and you have to manage to do a lot of tasks during it. Job responsibilities, family duties and you already can say that no time for gym visiting. Millions of people are in the same situation, and just a small percentage of them have the power to find time for training. The number one reason people come up with is getting muscular requires gym visits 6 time per week and 2 hours of training.

             Absolutely wrong! Less is more and this is available for muscle building too. Read this article to find out how spending less time in the gym can help you build a nice shipped body.

Training For Less Time Is More Beneficial For Your Muscles:

       Lifting weights for more than 30-45 minutes is going to damage your muscle rather than benefit them. As studies show after this threshold body begins to release cortisol hormone which “eats” the muscle.

        The cortisol hormone is a menace that every bodybuilder is trying to avoid since as it circumvents all your efforts to pack on muscle mass. Not the amount of time spends in the gym matters, but its quality.

         Give your all when exercising and don’t perform just for the sake of checking the exercise list. This is especially important when you short in time and have to limit your workout to even 25 minutes per session.

Minimum 2 Gym Visits Per Week a Needed To Build Muscle:

Minimum 2 Gym Visits Per Week a Needed To Build Muscle

           You still have to hit the gym at least twice a week for packing on muscle mass. Fewer than this will not promote muscle growth, in bets case will help you to keep on the muscles you already have. Of course, if combined with an according to diet routine. Ideal when short in time is to come in the gym for 3 times for 35 minutes each training sessions. The minimum you have to stick to if you intend to become bigger is serious.

Research What A Short Training Program Should Look Like

How Pumps Help you Develop Muscles

          Learn to maximize your workouts to reach great results in a short time. Good planning and knowledge of what you do are mandatory for being successful in the gym. First of all, don’t complicate yourself with different kind of exercises. Stick to basic movements and you will never be wrong. You may want to work out some special parts of your body, but when are pressed by the time the best to follow a compound exercise.

             All biggest muscles groups are involved in work when basic exercises are performed. Moreover, a variety of small muscles are also worked out and all this doing a single type of exercise. Just to know, isolations are good, but they are they are the privilege of more experienced bodybuilders which job is to build muscle and get really big.

Basic Exercises To Include In Your Program:

  • Barbell squat;
  • Pull-ups;
  • Shoulder Press;
  • Deadlifts;
  • Bent over-row;
  • Bench presses.

Basic exercises for building muscle

         Of course, the list can be completed with many other compound exercises, but for a short and productive workout, these are more than enough. Your mission is to perform them properly and with free weights. Machines will not benefit you the way free weight exercise do.

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            Since you will train for 2 times a week, you can split the workouts into upper body training on the first day, and lower body training on the second day. Or you can mix exercises that train antagonists muscle groups in both training sessions. Choose the one that fits you better and performs with maximum dedication.

How Many Sets And Reps To Do?

          Stick to 3-5 sets for each exercise and 5-7 reps for each set. Start from this level and gradually increase the weight you lift and a number of sets and reps. Do it on a weekly basis or longer frame of time. The most important is to do it, to have your muscle continuously stimulated.  Otherwise occurs muscle adaptation and no muscle growth is registered.

More Reps For More Strength

          If you are looking to get stronger, a high number of reps is not what you need. Work with bigger weights to achieve more muscle strengthener. The stronger you become, the larger weights you can lift, hence the more muscle you build. This is the right path of getting stronger and muscular for natural bodybuilders.

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           In the case of steroids use, any link between these phases is broken up. With steroids, you can be really big, but weak. A higher number of reps have to pump up effect on muscle, helping to get shredded. Nothing of this can be achieved when according to diet is missed.

Muscle Grow In The Kitchen And Bedroom


           Diet and resting are as important as the training itself. A rich in protein diet with 5-6 meals per day is a must for helping the body to build muscle mass. As for resting you know- muscles don’t growth while you lift weights, but when you sleep. During sleeping, body repairs muscle tissues broken down during the training and twice their volume.

        So, what you have to remember? Training less doesn’t mean you cannot get bigger. Just make sure you use the right exercise, follow a rich diet and get enough sleep and you will be rewarded for all your efforts better than you even imagine.

          Bodybuilding is not about endless training. It’s about the smart combination of weights exercises that workout the biggest group of muscle mass and cause amazing muscle tissue breakdown. And this means bigger muscles and more strength with a lot of free time for you.

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