Benefits of breathing squats on muscle growth

Benefits of breathing squats on muscle growth

If you aim to increase your muscle mass and seems that nothing works for you, than is time to try something new. Breathing squats are a quite new type of squats, where not only the movement is important but the way you breath as well.

Breathing squats are great for those with experience in the bodybuilding. It fit people who have tried almost all types of exercises for building muscle mass, and reach that point when joining something absolutely new sound very attractive. Learning is the best way for acquiring new useful methods of building muscle mass. Especially, when you want to it in a natural way. That’s why be ready do not only read about squats and get that feeling you know what it is about. Breathing squats are something more, and if done properly, with no cheating, you will be able to pack on in few weeks big amounts of muscle mass. If you do not believe me, you can check for testimonials of bodybuilding communities, where people share their experience with this type of exercises. And there many people very excited about breathing squats.

Despite they are highly effective, breathing squats are disregarded by many people. Maybe because they are a bit hard to do, but in change they give big results in muscle growth. There are many coaches who are still surprised about the way to perform these exercises, but they are very interested to include them in exercises program once they find out about the great benefits they have on muscle growth. Breathing squats are quite difficult to perform and require a strong will power. That's why workouts based on breathing squats include just one or two more exercises and is performed twice a week. It may seem too less, but even so bodybuilder manage to gain 20-25 pound of lean muscle within weeks.

Breathing squats are similar to traditional squats, but with a higher number of repetitions. If you used to do 10 reps, than in case of breath squats you will have to do 20 reps with the same weight as for ten.
For being able to do this type of squats, you have to be familiar with basic squats. If you can not perform ten basic squats, than breathing squats are not for you. But, later you can try it. Using heavy weights is essential for this exercise, so proper execution is important for your safety.

Compare to basic squats, breathing squats require longer rest-in between sets. So, after each set you will have to take three huge breaths, inhaling and exhaling through your mouth. You have to take as much as possible air, and feel how your chest sell up, and then blow it up.  First ten breath squats have to be performed by following  this rule. Once you reach this threshold, it will be difficult for you to go further, because you used to do only this number of reps. You need to gather all your willpower, and do next  reps with longer pauses between reps. If you feel  that you have no more forces, take huge breaths, inhaling and exhaling deeply and you reach 20 rep. When you do it, you will feel drained of power. And this means that all your muscles from feet to head have been involved in work, muscle tissue have been damaged and there will be muscle growth after your rest.

But, this is not the end. For greater muscle stimulation, do some dumbbell pullovers. For this choose a light dumbbell, lie down on a bench and do no less than one set of 20 reps. The main goal of pullovers is to stretch your rib cage and make you shoulder and chest get bigger. Since this is a resistance exercises, there is no need to work with heavy dumbbells.

There are big chances that you will experience a discomfort of breathing while doing these exercises. This is absolutely normal. Just keep training twice a week during 3 weeks and you will see a breath improvement.

Breath squats are perfect for bulking and gaining weight. You will achieve great results after 6-8 weeks of such training. Be persistent, and do not give up if you find it stronger to continue.


It is very important to mention that breathing squats can be combined only with several types of exercises, especially those designed for upper body part. So, you can include in your workout bench presses, bent over rows, military press, stiff-legged deadlift, dips or other type of exercises. The point is do not exaggerate, as breathing squats already put enough load on your muscles, and you do not need to get overtrained. Just remember, breath squats are difficult exercises that require much energy, and there is no need to enter a more complex workout. Also, if you decided to combine breathing squats with other exercises, they will always will be performed first. And only after this comes other exercises.

Do not forget to warm up before entering breathing squats workout. Make it a routine, since this will keep you free of any injury and you will be able to get the most from exercises.

As we mentioned before, the right execution of the exercises is the key to success. Do  not cheat, and go all the way down and back. Do not stop on half of way, since this will not bring you any results. Reaching the end points is very important, as namely in these moment you provide your muscles with big loads.

Breathe deeply between reps. This will ensure much room for growth in your upper body, and will increase the size of your muscles like no other exercises. Inhale every time you lower the weight, and exhale in the way back. This one of the most important rule you have to stick to.

To ensure a continued growth of your muscles, add 5 pounds to the barbell every workout. This is especially important for your legs, as increase of load leads to muscle growth and strength.  if you decided to train twice a week, you have to increase the load with 100 pounds weekly. Maximum times you can train a week is three, exciting this threshold may cause overtraining. And this is bad, as you body will require more time for recovery, and you have to stay out for the gym for a longer time.

Keep in mind that enough rest is essential, as during this period your muscle grow. Sleep at least 8 hours a day. Meantime pay attention to your water intake and diet. All these ingredients made your breathing squats workout successful.

Summarizing the above it can be said that breathing squats are great exercises for packing on some muscle mass.

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