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Goblet Squats For Increasing Lower Body Flexibility And Strength




Over the time, squats have proved to be one of the most useful exercises for increasing body strength and building the lower body muscles especially. There are many variations of squats performed with or without equipment. However the most common of them are front, back, overhead squats which can be done using a barbell or simple dumbbells. These are the most used types of squats included in each bodybuilder’s workout, but if you will do a search you will find dozens of articles on squatting and its variations.

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Goblet Squats For Increasing Lower Body Flexibility And Strength

When doing squats is very important to follow the right technique of execution. Only this way you can get results and most important stay away from any injury. Since squats put a big load on your back, you have to closely watch how to do the proper and stick to the rules. And all this till you get used to right body position when squatting.

In order to learn to squat well, Dan John has been invented a new type of squat exercise called goblet squat. This was the main purpose of this exercise, but during the time it shows great benefits for improving lower body strength and flexibility. The name comes from the position the weight you work with is handled. Instead of the barbell is used a kettlebell, but if you do not have one you can easily replace it with a dumbbell.

The advantage of this exercise is that you can do it everywhere at any time since you do not need a rack like in case of barbell squats. Along with this, goblet squats almost don’t put stress on back or shoulders in case of the wrong of execution. Hence, there is no risk of injuries.

Goblet exercises are great for improving the body posture, increasing the core strength too. This happens since the upper body has to keep the balance while you squat keeping the weight tight against your chest. That’s why goblet squats are not only targeting your legs but also greatly in improving body standing.

Goblet Squat Exercise Technique:

Goblet Squat Exercise Technique:

If you are new to squatting, you are advised to begin with this type of squatting. It will be a great and easy way to learn the right technique of how to do all types of squats. To do it, make sure you have at hand a kettlebell or a dumbbell. First of all, position your feet at shoulder width apart. With both hands grab the kettlebell with hands on each of its sides.

It is quite simple, right like keeping a goblet of wine with both hands in front of you. Bent your elbows until the weight is positioned tightly against the center of your chest.  Further, all things go as in the case of barbell squats. Slowly, go down until your hips get parallel to the floor. With every rep, you do try to go as lower as you can.

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Remember that during the whole movement the back has to be straight,  and all your body weight rely on heels. Do not lean on forward from your hips.  In the lowest position, make sure the elbows are inside of thighs slightly directed to the ground.

To come back to upright position push your heels. Repeat the movement as many times as necessary. There are bodybuilders who recommended to perform this exercise using a narrow standing position of the foot. This way muscles around the knees benefits in a greater way, getting stronger faster. In most, you have to choose a position that is comfortable to train with. You may have your own natural position that fits you best.

When to Do Goblet Squats:

When to do Goblet Squats:

There are many bodybuilders who use this type of exercises for warming-up. Since the weight you work with is quite light, it can be a great tool to get your body ready for a fool workout program. If you do so, make sure that you keep the number of sets lower, as do not need to get tired. Also, remember that warm-up should take up to 15 minutes.

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On the other hand, not few are those who reported great flexibility and strength improvements of hamstrings, hips, and glutes within of several weeks of goblet squats. Hence, goblet squats can be successfully incorporated into a workout program. Especially, when you train at home and have no rack at hand to barbell squats.

For better effect, follow the goblet squats with other high-intensity exercises, such as swings or pullovers. Doing a few sets of each type of these exercises with no pause between them is a great way to make your whole body working at full capacity.

Since goblet squats are easy to exercise and have a low risk of injury you can begin with 5 sets of 6-8 reps. Such a number mixed with other exercises for lower body part will give you noticeable results in a few weeks.

 Do not take goblet squats as substitutes of barbell squats. They are not. Goblet squats are designed to improve the squat form and depth. The best would be to mix them during leg training day, doing goblet squats before barbell squats. Right proper of breathing while squatting help you to get the most from your training. That’s why it is worth to be mentioned how to inhale and exhale each time you are doing squats.

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When it comes to goblet squats, the way you should breathe is the same as in normal squats. Inhale during your downward motion, and exhale on the way back to standing position. You can choose to breathe through nose or mouth since there is no difference the way you do it.

As you see, goblet squats are one of the many variations of normal squats. It consists in squatting with a weight, usually kettlebell or dumbbell, which is kept tight against the chest. This is a great exercise for learning the proper way of squatting, since in case of wrong execution back and shoulders are not affected.

Goblet squats are perfect for improving the flexibility and strength of hamstrings, hips, and glutes. They can be used during warm-up processor greatly included in a circuit workout program.



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  2. Juan Lugo

    July 16, 2016 at 8:12 pm

    I agree with the statement: “Goblet squats are designed to improve the squat form and depth.” I think this is a very teachable exercise. Most people can improve their mobility and flexibility with the goblet squat and then transfer their skills and abilities to more advanced squat variations.

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