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How To Train When You Have Not Too Much Time For This




How to train when you have not too much time for this


Regardless of age, all of us are struggled with deficiency of time. Decision to come to the gym for 3-4 times a week and work out for one hour or more become hard to follow when you are pressed by so many other responsibilities. It can be job, school, family or anything else that make you get out from the gym a bit earlier. This is the time when you begin thinking about how to keep your training effectiveness while reducing the time of training.


A great number of bodybuilders believe that training effectiveness totally depends on its duration. Working out for less time gives less results in terms of burning fat and gaining muscle mass. This is a big misunderstood, another excuse to abandon gym because you have not enough time for this. Strong determination is what you need to get bigger even training 20-30 minutes for 2-3 times a week.

But this is not enough. The knowledge of some very important tricks will help you to make your short workouts as effective and efficient as a long one.


Here are 3 top advices to keep in mind when you are short in time:

-Focus of basic exercises;

-Make use of interval training technique;

-Avoid low effective exercises.


Basic exercises for short workouts

The more use of basic exercises is a great way to keep training large and small muscle meanwhile. There are some kind of exercises that make your whole body working, while others are strictly focusing in very small group of muscle. You will need the same amount of time to perform  either of these exercises, but the results will be very different. Choosing a compound exercise you will get trained a big number of muscles group in short time. Thereby the effects in fat burning and muscle gaining will be noticeable


Let’s take for example the traditional squats. They are good for working leg muscles, while have great effects for entirely body. During squats execution there are targeted three main joints- ankle, knee and hip. Along with this, there are about two hundred of muscles worked out while squatting. This is a quite big number, which impress every person who had no idea about it.


On the other hand, in order to work all these joints separately you will need to perform an isolation exercise for each of them plus several machine movements. It is about machine leg extensions and curls and other for buttoks. They will take much more time, while the final results might be the same as in case of basic exercises.


The main idea here is to focus on exercises that target two or more group of muscle simultaneously. You gain time by performing two times less exercises, while the muscles will be worked even better.


Switch on interval training

Interval training is great for those looking to burn fat, and get muscle definition. Interval training consist in alternating periods of high and low intensity exercises. An example of interval training can be  jumping and running followed by lunges and pushups.  During one training, bodybuilder has to switch from high intensity exercises to low intensity and less energy consumer movements. This interval training is characterized by very intensive work with a heart rate of 80-90% of your maximum heart rate.  Have to be noted that heart rate during aerobics gives 60-75%, so you will have to work more intensively than this. Each interval should take about 10 minutes.


Due to high heart rate that has to be achieved, interval training is considered to fit experienced bodybuilders. However, there are many people who disagree with this, claiming that even reaching lower heart rate great burning fat effects can be achieved. If you are a beginner, you can choose a slower tempo since you body is full of energy and not accustomed to such rythme.


Interval training is also great for keeping you body away from reaching a plateau, while putting load on all body.


Regarding its duration, interval training is not designed for long periods of time. After several weeks of interval training you will have to stay off for at least five weeks, turning to normal training program.


So, if you have less time for training, but want to get great results you can use interval training method. It makes all group of muscles stronger, burn fat and strengthen cardiovascular system.


Take out less useful exercises for your short workout

For effective short training you have to get rid of all useful exercises you use to lose time on. You will be surprised to find out that a list of exercises that you considered indispensable for your workouts, can be with no regrets missed. They simply do not worth the time you spend on them, since you have it very limited.


On the top of these exercises can be easily placed press exercises. Bodybuilders are ready to do dozens of press exercises, just to burn abs fat and get those six packs. The truth is that we do not lose weigh locally, and regardless how hard you train there will be no effects if you do not do overall fat burning exercises. Only losing overall weight, you lose belly fat too.

Also, muscles are covered by fat. You may train hard to get them bigger, but they will still remain invisible under the thick layer of fat.


Of course, this doesn’t means that you do not need press exercises at all. You have to continue performing them but in a few number and not with the goal to burn fat. A number of 2-3 sets of ten or fifty reps is more than enough to get you abs muscle stronger and bigger.


Other less useful exercises that can be easily pull out from your workout routine are squats on Smith machine, upright rows, military press behind the head and others.


Keep close eye on your diet and rest time

What you eat has a greater importance when you train for less time than usually. The main risk is that you could eat more than your body needs. This means that you daily calorie intake have to be carefully calculated. When cutting, be carefully to your carbs intake. You want to get rid of fat, so you will need carbs most for preventing catabolic process, for energy and for replenishing glycogen resources. For these purpose, the bets would be to consume carbs in the morning, before and after workout. To lean out compose your diet from 50% of proteins and others 25 percentage of fats and carbs.

Remember that to get shredded you do not need to be in the gym as long as possible. First of all you need to follow a proper nutrition flaw.


If you want to gain weight, than raise the carbs consume, making it a half of your daily food intake. The percentage of protein should be a bit higher than fats -30%.


Do not overlook the importance of rest for building muscle mass. Sleep 7-8 hours per day, offering your body time to recover and get the muscle tissues repaired. At this rate, you will get your muscle grow faster.


If you have no time for a regular training program, is not the case to miss it at all. Great benefits can be reached by working out 25-30 minutes per day for  three times a week. This can be achieved by using basic exercises, or focusing on interval training. Also, the same importance has to pull out unuseful exercises for your workout routine. Thus you gain more time to focus on those who really give results.

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