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Larger or Smaller Muscles: What To Start Your Training With





Larger or smaller muscles: what to start your training with


When a newbie comes in the gym he or she is looking to work out some very special group of muscles or to improve overall body shape. Since they burn of desire to get bigger arms, wider shoulder they will not more probably ask their self if there is a order in which muscle groups have to be trained. And they will begin training hard without knowing that muscle group have not to be trained aleatory.


There are general information in bodybuilding that everyone should know about. Basic versus isolation exercises, large and small group of muscles are just two subjects that have to be understand if you want to make your training a success. Moreover, knowing these basic stuff will help you do not lose energy and time for things that give no results.


Before proceeding to explain the above mentioned stuff, bodybuilders, especially newbies, have to keep in mind some very important moments. When lifting weights is very important to keep the right posture and follow the right technique of execution. Doing so you will manage not only to make your muscle grow, but keep you safe during the long way of building muscle mass.


If your goal is to add lean muscle mass, than focus on lifting more weights than usually while keeping the number reps up to 8 times for each exercises. For getting shredded add more cardio movements to your workout. Perform cardio after weight training for better effects.


Diversify your training once in awhile, in order do not let your body reach a plateau. Very effective for this purpose are deloaded weeks, which consist in a lighter training during seven days. You can choose to reduce at half the weights you work with, or cut off the number of sets and reps you regularly do. If deloaded week is not for you, than you should remember than once in a few weeks you need a break for letting your body to recover.


Training for two, three times a week for 45 minutes is enough. Do not go for more, only if you feel that you are able to do it. But most of bodybuilders requires one day off after working out for recovery. Breaking this rule can get you to overtraining, during which the risks of injuries are very high. Also, the research have shown that after 45 minutes of training the catabolic process occurs. This is the moment when your muscles are depleting and you have to avoid it.


Our bodies are composed from larger and smaller group of muscles. Large muscles are considered chest, back, thighs, abs. In the category of small group of muscles enter forearms, biceps, triceps, shoulders and many others.

When you have to choose which group of muscles you have to begin with your training then you have to do with biggest ones. The truth is that when you train big muscles automatically are worked smaller muscles too. Ending with this, you will have enough power for working out smaller muscles.


The truth is that the same thing can not be said about small muscles. Begging you training with smaller ones will make you feel weak when you will have to do more complex exercises for large muscles.


Aside of this, is very important to prioritize your goals. If you want to developed legs while back and chest are still smaller , then you have to begin your weekly workout with exercises for legs. In this regard, the researcher of Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro have found that the muscles trained in the first day of workout grow and gain strength relatively faster than other group of muscles.

So the proper path of training will be to start with bigger muscles and then turn to smaller ones.


There are basic exercises and isolation ones. Basic exercises are designed to make a big amounts of muscle group to work simultaneously. It mostly include in work one large muscle and several smaller. On the other hand, through isolation exercises are developed a very specific muscle.

Basic exercises have an overall good effect on your muscles, focusing primarily on big muscles, but not neglecting the smaller too.  The most beneficial basic exercises  for muscle growth are push ups, crunches, squats, pullups or chinups. Isolation exercises are usually performed at machines, like smith machines.


Split workouts

You can split your workout into three or two times a week. When you train three times a week you are advised to combine opposing muscles. This will help you to concentrate in work more muscles putting more load on them, and thus making them grow. Mix back and chest muscle on the first day of training. On the next training work shoulder and legs, and in the final day concentrate on triceps and abs. Such a scheduling gives large muscle enough time to recover, while smaller muscles are greatly involved in work.


Training twice a week is based on working out  upper and lower body parts alternatively. When training upper part beggin with bigger muscles as chest and back and switch to arms.

Another option would be training the supporting muscles together.  It is about training back with biceps, chest with triceps. Do a number of 3-4 sets of 7 reps for larger muscles, and then continue with the same number of sets and reps for smaller ones.


Regardless of what split you will choose, the most important is to understand why you need to begin your training with bigger muscles. The main reason is that it allow to reach a high intensity through training, helping your body to save energy for training smaller muscles too. The higher is the intensity, the better is the hormonal response, and in result noticeable muscle growth.

Aside of this, such an approach help you to stay safe while lifting weights.  And all this due to the fact that smaller muscles are not tired and help you to keep the control of weights.


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