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Why Some Bodybuilders Are So Successful While Others Not




             Have ever thought about how other individuals in the gym managed to get such massive while you seem to get stuck and progression is seen? You are not the only one feeling this.  We wrote down a list of reasons why some bodybuilders reach success so fast while many of us are still in the shade.

1. Getting Big Takes Time:

Getting Big Takes Time

           One of the biggest sins of those who lift weights is the desire to get big fast. In order for muscle to grow exercising and rich diet isn’t enough. Human body needs time because it has natural limits that cannot be passed. The main reason people turn to steroids when it comes to fast muscle gains.

           But if you want to stay natural then don’t ignore time factor. Based on genetics you may need months or years of hard training to make muscle visible. For example, being a hard gainer complicates the situation and it’s wrong to expect building muscle at a speed a mesomorph do.

         Setting realistic goals is a healthy approach toward muscle building that will keep you motivated. Evaluate your pros and drawbacks, get the opinion of a coach, read everything about muscle building and novelties in this field, join peers forums and clubs or anything else that will help to get educated about bodybuilding.

           There are no wonders when it comes to natural muscle building. Don’t believe the ones that promise things to good to be true because they indeed are so. Exercising, diets, resting are tremendously important which over time brings results.

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2. Never Compare Yourself With Other Bodybuilders:

          You are unique. Your body has specific way to burn fat, use calories and build muscle. By this we mean that it does at a personal rate, despite of general recommendations.

        Putting yourself along with other gym colleagues is to help you. When other reach faster results seemingly doing the you do it may be very frustrated. Don’t do it. If there is a person to compare yourself with then it’s you 2-3 weeks ago. Keep track of your results and as long as improvements are seen than you are on the right track.

       The explanation behind this is quite simple. Aside of body type ( mesomorph, ectomorph or endomorph) there are a range of other factors that put you apart among all athletes. Beginning with factors that don’t depend on you like metabolism type, genetics, etc and ending with moments that you can plan like diet and exercising program they all makes you different.

          Keep in mind the general recommendations for weight gaining and try to compare with your progress. It’s important to have refers points and nobody deny this. But stay aware about your individual features and don’t get discouraged if you advance in a much slower rate.

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3. Be a Dedicated Bodybuilder:

gym exercises for muscle building

          On the long path of muscle building you can easily lose faith that you will get really big someday. Returning to your old habits in these moments is very appealing but you need to have the courage to withstand. To stay dedicated and persevere are the key factors that move you further.

      Lack them and you will block to what you are. Get your motivation to go further, learn the way you can do it. A great idea is to visualize your small progress- take photos of you every few weeks and put them around you to see how you looked and what you are now.

4. Don’t Focus On Small Muscles,Target The Biggest Muscle Instead:

Don’t Focus On Small Muscles, Target The Biggest Muscle Instead

           You want big legs or six pack abs or big shoulders. You work hard targeting a specific body zone right from the moment you start visiting gym. And you are unhappy with what you manage to achieve.

        Working out small muscles is the advantage of experienced bodybuilders. As a novice your mission is to train the biggest muscle groups which will subsequently involve in work the small ones.

         Basic exercises like deadlifts, squats, pull-ups, push-ups and others are perfect for a novice and you have not complicate with isolation exercises. It’s works on the same principle as losing belly fat. Losing overall body weight you burn fat abs fat too. And despite of your big efforts to lose weight namely on this site you will not succeed, because abs are the last zone body burn fat.


           The conclusion is that as long as you keep working out, eat healthy, rest enough than  you doing it right and muscles will grow. Faster or slower is another question but it has not to bother you too much if you are aware of your individual characteristics.  Time is needed to get big. You need small but steady gains because what comes fast may go away at the same speed.

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