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Bodybuilding For Beginners




Bodybuilding is what takes an ordinary guy and turns him into an athlete. It’s an individual science that takes incredible skill and drives to keep making gains and advancing the body. Pushing the human body to the limit for sizeable muscles and strength is no easy feat putting bodybuilders at the top of their game.

Because bodybuilding is such an advanced way of life and exercising it’s hard to know where to start and definitely feel daunting for the beginner. Luckily we’ve put together your go-to guide for beginning your bodybuilding lifestyle.

What to Know Before You Start Bodybuilding?

What to Know Before you Start Bodybuilding?

Bodybuilding will take plenty of focus, and a great amount of time, it’s important to go into it knowing that there are no overnight wonders in the world of bodybuilding. But with dedication, you’ll be able to turn those sore post-workout muscles into bulked up muscles of pure strength.

The most important things to know before you jump into bodybuilding is to know the safety tips to keep you going and keep you from having to endure any long-term injuries. Here’s what to know to keep you safe in the weight room:
-          Warm up: If your muscles aren’t properly warmed up you’re sure to hurt yourself. Stretch every muscle thoroughly before anything else. After stretching you’ll need to get your body warmed up to exercise by some light cardio like a quick 10-minute jog or a considerable number of jumping jacks. This will make sure your lungs are primed for exercise so you get enough air later on in your work out.

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-          Take safety precautions: Sometimes it can seem easy to overlook weight belts and gloves but they’re very important for avoiding injury and keeping you in good form. Weight belts restrict the motion in your lower back to keep yourself from lifting with your back and falling into poor form or posture. Gloves aren’t quite as vital as a belt and are more of a personal choice, however, they’re great to consider if you worry about slippage.
-          Know the right form: Before you try any new equipment at your gym you should research form beforehand, or if your gym has experienced trainers ask about how your form should look. This is a sure-fire way to keep yourself on your feet and out of the doctor’s office.
-          Have a partner: Finding a like-minded individual in bodybuilding to join you in your workouts can not only improve your dedication but can be very beneficial in keeping yourself safe. A training partner can spot you during your lifts and watch for any signs that you may be pushing yourself too hard while encouraging you to still do your best.
-          Join a quality gym: No matter how many safety precautions you take and rigidly you stick to them you can never be safer than the gym you’re a member of. If your gym isn’t up to code and doesn’t follow practical safety procedures you’re putting yourself at risk for serious injuries. Visit each gym you consider joining to check out their equipment and ask the employees about their safety standards.

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-          Don’t use too much weight: If you’re unable to perform several reps in perfect form than that’s a sign you’re using too much weight. It can be tempting to push yourself as much as possible and lift as much as you can; you aren’t getting the most out of your workouts if you can’t use perfect form.

Steroids and Bodybuilding:

Steroids and Bodybuilding:

Steroids and bodybuilding typically go hand in hand. Though they should only be considered if you’ve attained as much muscle gain as possible naturally first. After working up your strength and maintaining the proper diet for a considerable period of time you can start a low dose of synthetic testosterone.

Steroids are taken in cycles, typically for several weeks to see results, and they are discontinued for a period of off-weeks to balance out your system before continuing again. You can take steroids in cycles for as long as you want to maintain your growth and muscle mass so long as you aren’t seeing any serious side effects.

Natural Bodybuilding:

Natural Bodybuilding:

Though bodybuilding is often attributed to steroids you can become a serious force to be reckoned with even without the use of steroids. Natural bodybuilding takes a fierce amount of drive but is entirely possible to still see serious muscle growth.

You’ll need to make sure your exercise routine is as efficient as possible so your muscles get the most out of your workout and that your diet is flawless. You can even consider seeing a nutritionist ensure your diet is on par with your bodybuilding needs.

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Women and Bodybuilding:

Women and Bodybuilding:

Bodybuilding for women is an incredibly safe and popular lifestyle. Though women will usually have a tougher time attaining muscles as large and bulky as men because of lower testosterone levels it’s still possible for women to achieve a great degree of strength. A word of caution for women in bodybuilding is to not hold their bodies to the same standards of strength as men.

While male and female forms weren’t made to attain the same levels of weightlifting women have many areas where they excel over men. Women will find they have heightened endurance and that their bodies can recover more quickly. Women should also note that increased muscle mass can result in reduced breast size and menstrual issues.

Consult your physician if you become concerned about these side effects. Shine in the weight room by going into it as thinking it’s your place of work. Bodybuilding will not only help you see results within your current phase of life but will also pass over into other stages as you age.

Your longevity will surely increase and give you greater motivation to keep yourself in top shape and form which will not only help with any physical ailments that come with aging but also lessen your chances of mental issues like dementia. Bodybuilding has a high reward for those who wish to attain greatness through their bodies. Gaining muscle mass will help you see yourself in a whole new light and turn you into the person of strength you were meant to be.

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