What to Choose Between Natural Bodybuilding And Steroids?

What to choose between natural bodybuilding and steroids?
Nowadays having a nice lean muscle is fashionable. Everyone wants to build big muscles and get a beautiful figure. Bodybuilding is the only sport whose main task is to promote harmony and proportion to all the muscle groups in accordance with the standard. Like in almost all types of sport, in bodybuilding are organized events, where people are invited to show the beauty of their body. In case of this kind of competition the accent is put on how body look, and less in body power or strength.

Namely here appear the difference between a natural and chemical bodybuilder. Professional bodybuilders are involved in taking steroids for getting that crazy bodies, while natural bodybuilder is more focused on strength and power. However, there are exceptions from the rule, when bodybuilders achieved great results in muscle growth without taking steroids. Although it may seem impossible, it can happen. Is the case of bodybuilders who are naturally gifted with a massive body.

But let’s see further the main differences between a chemical and a natural bodybuilder. The main priority of professional bodybuilding is to build a beautiful body. They take chemical additives which accelerate protein synthesis and recovery of the body, so that muscle growth is much faster.

The most pressing problem of professional bodybuilders is the use of doping. Anabolic steroids and other drugs are addictive and undermining the health of athletes. True, many known personality in the sport say that we have achieved their success without the use of anabolic steroids, but, unfortunately, the reality of sports is different.

Natural bodybuilding is a sport where people do not wish to take pharmacology.
The main goal is the same like in chemical bodybuilding: to shape a nice body. In natural bodybuilding in order to pump up big and beautiful muscle athletes have to spend much more time and effort.

You have to be aware of the fact that doing only exercises, you will never be able to have such a body like athletes using anabolic steroids have.
Choosing natural bodybuilding, you have to train hard for a long time to achieved desired results. But the advantage is that your body will stay healthy. Because the use of chemical additives have a negative effect on the heart, kidneys and liver.

From medicine point of view, a strong increase in muscle due to steroid use, is called hypertrophy of muscle tissue. Many newbie in the gym when see the photo of professional bodybuilders begin to think seriously about how to start taking steroids. However, not all of them are aware of steroids use side effects, but more important have no knowledge about the right doses and cycles. And namely this is the most common cause of serious side effects of steroids use.
Most of beginners in bodybuilding consume numerous amounts of steroids. Without using chemicals, he just would not have such a body. An example can be Arnold Schwarzenegger, who get such a nice lean muscle through steroids use.

That’ s why if you want to start training in bodybuilding, then you have firstly to determine what results you want and how you want to get them.

Using steroids will allow you to quickly achieve significant results, but you will have to be very well informed about right doses, cycles and types of steroids, as big doses can make regret later this decision.

Natural bodybuilding it is an opportunity to build a beautiful and proportionate body without harm. However, results will be visible after years of hard work in the gym. Also, if you are hardgainer that it would be difficult to you to add muscle mass even during long periods of time. You may consider steroids, being aware of all their advantages and side effects.

It’s up to you to make the right choice. Just keep you informed, and read more information about each type of training.

Despite steroid and natural bodybuilding are so different, there are some factors that put them together. In both cases bodybuilder have to follow the appropriate diet, and sleep regime. Also increase weights progressively for each muscle group.

Even you take steroids, you will have to train intensively in the gm as natural bodybuilders do. Also, you have to pay maximum attention to what you eat, as poor diet can keep you away from getting results.
Ignoring the role of food significantly reduces the anabolic effect and maximize the corresponding side effects in professional bodybuilding. And, accordingly, may also adversely affect the health of people who choose natural.

The effectiveness of steroids increases significantly during the  consumption of energy and protein. For athletes who have chosen to take anabolics the optimal daily intake of calories will be around 5000-6000 calories.
In both cases the proportion is as following:
-60% of food - simple carbohydrates
-20% of complete proteins
-20% fat

The violation of this natural bodybuilders diet can lead to overload the cardiovascular system. This happens because the body does not receive enough energy required for training.

But for bodybuilders taking steroids malnutrition or poor diet can lead to malfunction of steroids. If we break the proportion in favor of fatty foods, it can lead to a serious increase in blood cholesterol levels and serious heart condition.
Bodybuilders who take steroids have to avoid to eat too much. This significantly increases the risk of heart disease, which is already affected by steroid use.

Along with right diet, both category of bodybuilders require proper training regime. Wrong training does not give the desired results in bodybuilding with steroids and may be harmful in natural bodybuilding.

So, as you see both group of bodybuilders face the similar obstacles. Summarizing, here they are:
-Perform the maximum number of repetitions;
-Provide the body with the appropriate nutrients necessary for muscle growth.

One of the most important substances needed to meet both of these conditions is testosterone. Without this hormone potency is quite low, and bodybuilder risks to have no erection. In other words, a successful bodybuilding requires the same things, and sex. So every bodybuilder sooner or later faces the question of how to increase testosterone level in his body? People who use steroids can take different drugs designed to increase testosterone level, while natural bodybuilder have to do it through natural way.

As you know good health and well-chosen diet is the key to good potency. Important signal for the bodybuilder is the lack of morning erections, indicating that he get overtraining. In other words, there will be no muscle growth.

Because natural bodybuilding means eating healthy and improve the health of the whole body, it therefore improves and potency. Regular sex also increases testosterone levels. It was proved that one other do not preclude. Neverless, professional bodybuilders avoid having sex before competition in order do not exhaust the supply of this hormone.

Have to be said that HGH is not used alone. It is taken in combination with other drugs such as thyroid hormones, insulin, anabolic steroids; anadrol, sustanon, omnadren , testosterone propionate, who makes it more effective. Also, it have few times a day, since it has a short life.

Once we mentioned how testosterone level can be increased through using drugs, let’s see if there are any possibilities to increase it naturally.

There have been done research by Scandinavian scientists, who monitored the relationship between physical activity and testosterone levels.
The result was very interesting and relevant for natural bodybuilders. Performing exercises for large group of muscles with a big number of reps significantly increase the testosterone level in the body.

Also, it was observed that working big group of muscles determine the growth of small muscles. This is because during exercise on the large muscles HGH is produced in big amounts, which determine the muscles grow.

An example of exercise for large group of muscles which makes small muscles growth and increase the level of HGH in your body is dumbell squats with weights.

Thus, the choice between natural and chemical bodybuilding is yours. Remember that in both cases, you need to ensure proper nutrition and stress on your muscles. Keep in mind that a beautiful body is primarily the result of long and careful following of the sport regime, and only the result of steroids use.

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