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Steroids and Athletes – Benefits and Side Effects of Steroids




People who are engaged in sports are the ones who are most likely to work out hard. They to be in the best shape possible and maintain their body figure and muscles as healthy as possible. However, others want to have fast results and grow those muscles fast. Because of their eagerness to obtain results fast, they use steroids. The drugs can be beneficial in developing great powers but can also bring devastating side effects when used frequently and affect your career as an athlete. Here are the facts between steroids and athletes.

How Can Steroids Affect Athletes – Benefits and Side Effects of Steroids

Building Strength

We cannot deny that steroids can grow those massive muscles for a short period. This method works, and many athletes gain good results because steroids act as hormones inside the body and allow muscle tissue to grow fast. Our bodies produce hormones such as testosterone but in smaller quantities. Unlike the rest of the population, bodybuilders need this hormone in considerably larger quantities to build strength and muscle. For this reason, scientists have found a way of producing a synthetic form of steroid to boost the existing natural one.

However, prolonged use of steroids for muscle building can do more harm than good results. There are two types of steroids. The first is the Corticosteroids used to treat inflammatory diseases, and the other is Anabolic steroids used for building up muscles fast.

According to experts, steroids can significantly cause devastating effects not only on your career as an athlete but can cause physical problems such as:

  • Acne or skin problems-steroids accelerate oil secretion in our bodies, and with too much oil, you are most likely to have skin problems because bacteria are everywhere. N short excess fat plus bacteria is equal to skin disease.
  • Baldness or hair loss-according to research, steroids can result in hair loss because it induces male hormones.
  • Heart and Liver Problems
  • In some cases, the steroids make your skin age faster; you might notice wrinkles on the face, back of your hand, and neck region.
  • Makes you Aggressive
  • It lessens your possibility of having children because it reduces sperm count and can make you sterile.

Hard Work Vs. Steroid Use

If you are already using steroids to speed up the process of growing your muscles, then it is time for you to stop and think again. Remember that steroids can affect you as an athlete considering they can do more damage to your body rather than do good. The only exception is prescription hormones meant to cure certain health conditions. But in such a case, you may be required to carry along a note or report from the doctor confirming the same. Some sports do not allow the use of any steroid substance, whether it is a prescription or not. Athletes in this position have to choose between their health and sporting careers. Ideally, your health comes first so you might want to pause sports until such a time when your body no longer needs the prescription.

Sportsmen and women who develop heart conditions due to steroids have also affected the training and steroid use aspects. Unfortunately, most heart conditions are terminal, and there is no better way to handle them than to forfeit your favorite sport. The good news is that you can still perform simple exercises that do not strain your cardiovascular system. Ultimately, it is up to an individual to choose between training hard and using steroids, but some have managed both and got outstanding results.

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Managing Steroid Use

Yes, we cannot negate that we get fast results when it comes to using steroids to grow that muscles, but you also need to consider its side effects. Longed ingestion of steroids can result in all the physical problems mentioned above. Using steroids is like firing a gun, and it backfires. Importantly, steroids and athletes are contentious issues for several reasons. First, most steroid drugs some athletes use are illegal and can potentially destroy careers. Secondly, athletes should not use steroids because of the numerous health risks that come with using them, even though they are not immediately noticeable. That is not to mention that these substances give users an unfair advantage over athletes who entirely depend on their hard work.

There is a way out if you are having a hard time n overcoming the side effects of steroids. You can substitute steroid intake with targeted physical exercises. While this is a route not many athletes wish to take, it is a much better approach to strength training if you compare it to taking steroids. For instance, if you are a footballer, you should do more exercises that strengthen the lower body s, such as leg raises.

Steroids and Athletes: The Bad Outweighs the Good

As you can see, the positive effect of steroids is minimal compared to their adverse effects. You can grow those muscles fast, alright, but it can ruin your career as an athlete with just one wrong decision. Lately, steroids increase the level of testosterone, which can increase the female hormones in men and vice-versa. Sports regulating bodies have developed foolproof testing techniques to catch athletes who use banned substances. It is improbable that you will use an illegal substance for a long without getting caught. It is even worse if one buys the product from an unreliable source. You will put your entire career at risk not only but also your health.

In the long run, the benefits of using a performance-enhancing drug are quite a few if you compare them with the risks. While some athletes have mastered the art of responsible steroid use, it doesn't always work out for everyone.


The Internet is one good place to learn more about the adverse effects of steroids. We suggest you research how it can significantly affect your career as an athlete and end up regretting your whole life. The web also offers a lot of workout training centers online that can help you grow muscles fast and in a healthy way.

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