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When Were Steroids Banned?



When Were Steroids Banned?

The excessive use of steroids by athletes to further improve their athletic capabilities has indeed caught the attention of many people all around the entire world. With this attention, a few controversies arose, and these controversies lead to steroids being banned in some countries all over the world.

One of the main arguments against the use of steroids is the idea of them being unfair when it comes to other athletes who do not use it. Besides this, there are also issues regarding the negative effects that it has on the body as well as some unfortunate crime of violence that was also attributed to the use of the drug.

When Was It Banned In The US?

When Was It Banned In The US?

Everything started after the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul where the sprinter and steroid user Ben Johnson achieved his controversial victory. Following this event, the US Congress decided to place anabolic steroids under the list of Controlled Substances.

Within no time, the drug was included among the other drugs under the Controlled Substances Act. The Anabolic Steroid Control Act was fully active during the 1990’s. Besides the illegal possession of these anabolic steroids, distribution, as well as production, was also prohibited.

This prohibition made a few pharmaceutical companies stop the production of the said drug in the US soils. During 2004, prohormones were also added to the controlled substances list and were in effect at January 20, 2005.

Steroid Legality:

The legality of steroids is pretty much dependent on which country you have or carry it. This is because there are some countries that have not banned the use of this substance at all as well as there are those that are very strict about it.

Countries such as the US are one of the countries that have considered steroids as a substance that needs to be controlled and they have bills passed that signify the banning of its use as well as possession, distribution, and manufacturing. Other Countries that Have Banned Steroids without proper Prescription:

  • Argentina
  • Portugal
  • Canada
  • Brazil
  • Australia

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Punishments for violations of bills passed against these drugs are also different from a country to another. In the case of the United States of America, the first Offense which involves, the possession of the said drug without any prescriptions can end you up in 1-year imprisonment.

If you are found illegally distributing the said drug, you can be imprisoned for 10 years. If you are found in possession, or into the illegal distribution of this drug in Canada you may end up getting in prison for about 18 months or so.

If you are using steroids, it may be important that you become aware of certain laws that are set against its use within the country you are staying at. This is even more important if you are someone who often travels from country to country.

You may end up getting imprisoned for years just for the simple mistake of overlooking the rules that the country has passed against the drug.

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