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What Is a Steroid Cycle?



Steroid Cycle?

For people who are using steroids to acquire a better physical appearance as well as performance, steroid cycle is very important. Basically, cycling steroids involves alternating the active and in active use of steroids. This means that there would be times where a person would be using the drug as well as times where they would refrain from using them.

What Is a Steroid Cycle?

If you are a heavy steroid user, however, refraining from the use of steroids would basically mean, less use of it. This is because heavy users of the drug are usually bodybuilders or athletes that need to maintain the effects of steroids in their body.

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In short, there have to continue exposing themselves to the effects of the drug or else they would have trouble regaining their physique. Either way, cycling steroids can be very beneficial for anyone who is using the drug. Here are a few reasons for performing steroid cycling.

Reasons for Cycling Steroids:

Reasons for Cycling Steroids:

  • Increasing their Potency – For those who have experienced performing these steroid cycles, increased potency has been experienced during the first 3 cycles. The reason for this is that the body’s own tolerance for the effects of the drug is renewed every time you cycle them. However, the more you use the drugs repeatedly the potency of the drug does diminish in time.
  • Avoiding Side effects – This is also one of the main reasons why steroid users prefer to cycle. Since the longer the drug is taken, the higher risks of getting side effects are, cycling different types of steroids can prevent this from happening. Although most heavy users do experience a few side effects, cycling would still be able to minimize them.
  • Drug Tests – Another reason for cycling is to avoid detection of the excessive use of the drug. There are many steroid users who often fail drug tests because of the excessive amounts of steroids present in their body. By cycling steroids, they are able to avoid getting detected and pass the necessary tests that they need to take. If you are not a heavy user of steroid, then you would not have to worry about this issue at all.

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However, even if many of these steroid users use the cycling method, most of them do not entirely understand how to properly manage it. Besides this, the steroid is a drug, and it does have side effects that could not be avoided especially with continued use.

Another thing is that each person has a different reaction to the drug and personal experiences may vary significantly from one person to another. These things would point out that it is crucial for anyone who is undergoing or planning on undergoing a steroid cycle, to first know the limits of their body and understand the process thoroughly.

As much as possible, the aid of an expert would be highly recommended as well as careful monitoring of the entire cycling process. This is one of the best ways to ensure the success of the cycling as well as the safety of the one undergoing it.

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